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Pathfinders, Outcasts and the Unfortunate

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The Pathfinders

In the last faction ad I already talked about the plans of the Dead Road. One of them is the search for new hyperlanes, be it by exploring, stealing or simply by chance. Another is the search for places where new shadow societies can be founded. The people responsible for this are called the Pathfinders. Smugglers, explores, pirates and anyone else with a ship and the braveness to walk along the paths not walked before.

Duties of the Pathfinders: The Pathfinders of the Dead Road are the first line of the frontier. They find the paths the rest of Road will follow behind, through . Dangerous anomalies in space, tribal cultures on backwater worlds as well the law are the things a Pathfinder has to be ready to stand against on their way, without the chance of any backup most of the time.

Advantages of being a Pathfinder: Being a Pathfinder is no easy task, but that is why they get an unusual amount of support from the Road itself. Pathfinders are given all the ships, gear and credits they could need to reach their goal. Beyond that Pathfinders are the ones to pick where the Road settles and therefore have a large say in how the society there shapes up.

The Outcasts

There are more people that live outside the law besides common criminals. These Outcasts find a place in the Road as well. While the Pathfinders search for places, the Outcasts are those to settle them.

Duties of the Outcasts: The Outcasts are there to make something out of nothing. Hostile worlds, shadowports on the edges of the galaxy, scrap and dirt everywhere, and yet society has to flourish. The Road is run by criminals, but that doesn't mean that everyone can simply run wild. Some sort of order has to exist. No Outcasts society is like the other, some are tribal in nature, others are run by trade and crime or any other system that can be enforced. While the Pathfinders are the eyes and ears of the Road, the Outcasts are its heart. They make sure that there are havens for the rest of the Road to come back to.

Advantages of being a Outcasts: Like the Pathfinders the Outcasts play a vital role in the frontier. They shape the society by being the society. They make their own rules to live by. And besides that they can make good credits by satisfying the needs of Criminals all around the galaxy, be it self made weapons, deranged bars and clubs or just some herbs picked up on a backwater world. The possibilities for the Outcasts are near endless.

The Unfortunate

You ever meet a smuggler with just a bit of edge above the others, with a hint of luck that almost felt like an intervention from an outside power? Chances are that he or she had a gift that remains largely unused, the gift of the force. The Unfortunate are not a single order or group, but simply a name given to the members of the Road that want to embrace their gift. As with all criminals the Unfortunate found their way to the Road from all ways of live, some as former or even current members of an order, while others are barely aware of their power.

Duties of the Unfortunate: The Unfortunate are not united by a single task as they are no united at all. They can be criminals, Pathfinders, Outcasts or whatever else they see fit. But because of that they also hold no special rank inside the Road until they earn it.

Advantages of the Unfortunate: Without a single code to live by, the Unfortunate can draw their skills from all over the place. Jedi skills, sith skills, witches, shapers and whatever else that can be used in a practical way and helps with survival gets taught to the Unfortunate willing to learn.
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