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passing of the guard (ASK)

Jonathon Patches

Information Broker
Walking into an old cantina on the planet of correllia she had come here due to someone requesting her for a contract, she had no idea what the contract would be but she came and sat at the bar, she informed the man she would wear a pink arm band to be recognized for and she did, she waited for him to arrive.

@Niki Manson

"Call?" he asked the Rodian across from him, turning to the Gand to his right as Patches gave him a light elbow as he spoked, "Can you believe the nerve of that guy?" he asked the Gand, whom was clearly unamused with Patches antics. "The nerve of that guy, calling when he is probably sittinng there with a seventeen, eighteen at most!" he exclaimed, throwing the required chips into the pot, his tone and voice loud bordering on obnoxious. Patches shifted the cigarillo perched between his lips from left to right, plumes of smoke wafting in the air as he studied his opponent, the Rodian's big, beady eyes just staring back at him.

The Rodian smiled -if one could describe what they do as a smile - as he layed down his cards, and showed his hand to be a solid twenty. "Not bad..." came Patches reply, a smirk drawing across his lips, as he laid down his own cards - a even more solid negative twenty-two - and began pooling his pot of chips, much to the dismay of one Gand and the anger of the Rodian. Both aliens threw their cards down in disgust, rose to their feet and left in anger, as Patches began counting the credit chips piece by piece, removing the cigar from his mouth only to holler at the bartender, "Barkeep... round of drinks for my..." he paused, looking to see that his 'friends' had abandoned him, "for me, I suppose," he said, shrugging his shoulders as he continued to count his chips.

She witnessed a possibly drunk human at the sabaac table making a scene and then smirked his way, as she watched him she noticed the scenery and moments later watched as the rodian and gand nodded toward the door and she got a partial ear shot of what they had said, something about a "lick" whatever that was, she watched as they left and looked back at the man at the table and seemingly glares and then turned around and exited, she got a bad feeling from the two and then watched the bar closely, it was her job as an enforcer to notice things, there was a wookiee, a gran, and a dug that rose and started to walk toward the bar...they apparently were bounty hunters since they wore the symbols of the BHG, but it could be they stole the armor to try and make it appear the BHG were at fault should they do anything illegal.

@Jonathon Patches

After counting the last credit - a small fortune, but nothing to retire off of - Patches leaned back in his chair, taking a large puff of his cigar and just smiled at the credits that lay before him. His hand reached for his glass, raising it to his lips, and found it was still dry. "Barkeep?" he asked, to no response, "Barkeep!" he said a bit louder, his eyes turning to the bar, noticing the bartender appeared occupied with another customer.

His eyes scanned the crowd for a server, until they settled on @Niki Manson , Patches removed the cigar from his lips and waved her over, "You there, waitress... sorry, I didn't catch your name earlier..." he said, gesturing to his empty glass of Corellian Whiskey.

(Lol! Waitress?)

She heard him and took a sip off her berry-smoothie-cocktail, it was a preferred alcoholic drink of the Vortek species, as she did she looked over to him and still noticed the slow approach of the three, she didn't even have to look in their direction to know about them approaching the bar...she rose and then smirked at @Jonathon Patches and walked over with a sway of her hips she got to him and grabbed his beverage and then dribbled it on him and remarked oops, are we a little tispy now may I help you? she said with a child-like voice mocking him and then took his drink and walked back to the bar, she talked with the bar keep and he begrudgingly handed her a new one and she brought it back and handed it off to him have a great day sir she said with a sly and mocking grin.

The three watched her closely now and walked over to the bar and began to ask the bar keep questions, some he apparently didn't like...she watched credits exchange hands and then the fun started as the bar keep walked in the back and closed the door.

@Niki Manson (Only the beginning :p )

He cast her a mild glare as the fragments of ice and a few droplets of water and fine Whiskey found it's way on top of his hair. Well... there went her tip, he mused to himself, as he licked a bead of water from the corner of his mouth. He watched the young woman head to the bar and grab him a fresh drink, but more importantly, he watched the three rather large, anything but friendly looking individuals take a keen interest in Patches new barkeep as well.

As she brought him his drink, and wished him a good day, he spoke in a less obnoxious tone as he said, "You might want to join me, Young Miss..." he said, pausing for a moment as he noticed the bartender go out "for a break". His feet slid the chair out beside him, offering it up to her as he added, "I insist," he said, nodding to the three gentleman taking a keen interest in his new found wench.

She smirked at him and seated herself while watching the bar, everybody started to hurry up and get their business she watched silently and without looking she looked at him and asked what is the kindly gentlemans name? she asked with a hint of a flirt.

@Jonathon Patches

@Niki Manson

He barked out a laugh, and nodded to the gentleman at the bar as he quipped, "I hardly think my name is going to matter; If I were you, I would be more concerned with the names of the three men that have been watching you with more interest than a Krayt Dragon shows a Bantha," he said, checking the level of his blaster casually, as he raised his drink to the young woman next to him.

"Domestic troubles?" he asked, then added, "Spurned ex lover?"

She chuckled when he made the observation and then leaned back, she knew about them the whole time, especially after the two he had taunted stormed she leaned back she wished 13 was here, the dark sider would definitely love this one, he was her partner in crime and team mate.

as she leaned back she silently regarded @Jonathon Patches with a cold stone gaze and then remarked wouldn't amaze me, I have been known to attract the wrong kind of morons to my bed side she half joked, half flirted and then rested her hands over her pockets and stealthily pulled out a cryoban grenades from the inside and set the detonation, she then slowly lobbed it off toward them and waited....given the right momentum and if they noticed it could either set off a serious distraction or freeze the would-be aggressors completely.

@Jonathon Patches

@Niki Manson

"Well..." he said, a smirk drawing upon his lips as he leaned in a bit closer, "I HAVE been called a 'Moron' on more than a few occasions," he said playfully, pointing out that if that's all the criteria required, some would say he fit the bill. However, when the cryoban grenade came out, he leaned back quickly, and said "Hey, no need to get hostile," in mock surrender. However, the grenade appeared destined for another group - namely the one at the bar - and Patches wasn't too keen on waiting to see if it went off.

He grabbed his drink and flipped the table on it's side, pulling the young woman down with him as they took cover behind the table, motioning with his glass, he simply said "Cheers," with a grin, and waited for the grenade to go off.

several seconds after she lobbed the grenade he pulled her over the shielding table and she laid there with the table shielding her, she waited for the words of the day when it suddenly happened, she sipped on her drink when the crackling noise of an explosion appeared in the noisy bar and then a big BOOM! echoed through the place, she heard the noise die down and tables being quickly flipped over, possibly them trying to escape the icy echoes of death.

She looked at @Jonathon Patches and smirked and then tore one of her guns from her hips and rose quickly while looking, she had a quick 3 seconds to peek out and then she fired on heads popping up, she cared not of who they were, especially since her guns stun setting was active and she quickly fired off shots, the hunters came out from corners they were somehow able to secure and she ducked into the cover of the table, considering pulling a stun grenade she decided against it and as soon as they stopped firing she rose and fired pot shots at them, she missed and ducked again.

You kriffin kath hound! we been sent here to tan yo hide, witch! echoed the voice of the dug hunter, it was very idiotic and she replied with a alarming suck it wermo! she then rose quickly and fired taking out two gun toting twileks that somehow were not only hunters but also snuck into the bar at one point.

@Niki Manson

Patches remained perched behind the table, carefully sipping his drink while all the drama ensued. The young woman snapped off some shots at some would be attackers, while throwing verbal insults back and forth with them. Ok, if he was being honest, her trash talk needed a bit of word, but he saw the pair of Twi'leks go down, and he decided with a shot like that, you didn't need to be great with words.

Note to self... do not upset the woman with the blaster, he mused to himself, finally setting his glass down and pulling his own blaster out from it's holster. "You seem to have a good handle on things," he quipped with a smile, still taking cover behind the table, "You just let me know when you want me to do something," he said with a chuckle and amused grin.

She chuckled to him and then took out another grenade this time it was to stun them and lobbed it near the door, when they dove for cover she took two of them out, it was sheer strategy and she hadn't even activated it, yet the grenades also could b set off by shooting it.

as she took a pot shot at the dug she missed again and then ducked under the cover and looked at him and seen an alternate How good are you with stealth tactics? she asked while pointing out he could go around through the kitchen and take out some of the targets that are behind the wall and using it for cover I'll cover you, get to them and take them out...but be stealth like she said waiting for his approval.

@Jonathon Patches