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Approved Starship Partition-class Interdiction Frigate

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Mereel Vaun

Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy

  • Manufacturer: Republic Remnant Industries
  • Affiliation: Republic Remnant
  • Model: Partition-class Interdiction Frigate

  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Alusteel frame, Durasteel hull, starship components
  • Classification: Interdiction Frigate
  • Length: 500 meters
  • Width: 177 meters
  • Height: 80 meters
  • Armament: Low
- 16 Flak Guns
- 16 Megamasers
- 1 Tractor Beam Emitter
  • Defenses: Moderate
- Alusteel frame
- Durasteel hull plating
- Deflector Shields
  • Hangar: Very Low: 0
- Hangar Bay capable of holding two average sized captured fighters or a single small freighter
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2

Communication Systems

- Military Grade Sensor Array
- Military Grade Subspace Transceiver
- Military Grade Hyperspace Transceiver
- Military Grade Holonet Transceiver

Movement and Navigational Systems:

- Ion Engines
- Navigational Thrusters
- Class 2.0 Hyperdrive
- Inertial Dampeners
- Navigation Systems

Weapon and Defense Systems:

- Deflector Shields
- Alusteel Frame
- Durasteel Hull Plating
- 16 Megamasers
- 16 Flak Guns
- 1 Tractor Beam Emitter

Crew-Oriented Systems:

- Life Support & Artificial Gravity Systems
- Captain's Quarters
- Physical Training Facilities
- Crew Quarters
- Mess Halls
- Medbays


- Cargo Hold
- 2x External Docking Rings (1 Port, 1 Starboard)
- Powerplant
- Escape Pods
- Distress Beacon


- 4x Gravity Well Projectors (2 ventral, 2 dorsal)

  • Gravity Well Projectors: The Partition's four gravity well projectors make it quite capable of separating enemy ships from the cozy confines of hyperspace and preventing them from jumping back into hyperspace.
  • Built Around the Projectors: Unlike interdiction vessels using classical imperial designs, the gravity well projectors on the Partition-class do not jut out grandly on the sides of the vessel's superstructure. Instead, the gravity well projectors are positioned centrally in a dip in the ship's external hull with a trench connecting the two projectors on top of the vessel and the same layout is found on the bottom of vessel. This can make the gravity well projectors somewhat difficult to target unless a ship is firing on the projectors from above or below the Partition-class.
  • Low Armament: The Partition class lacks the armament typically found on frigate sized military vessels. If the Partition is pulling hostile ships out of hyperspace, it will likely require weapons support from other allied vessels to destroy interdicted hostiles.
  • No Fighter Compliment: The Partition class has a hangar bay, but it is for storing small captured enemy vessels, such as starfighters and small freighters. On its own, a Partition can bring zero fighter squadrons into battle.

Designed by Chiss, Kuati, and Brokellian shipwrights and engineers, the Partition-class interdictor was created to provide the Republic Remnant Navy with a dedicated interdiction vessel. Equipped with four gravity well projectors, two dorsal mounted and two mounted ventrally, the Partition can simultaneously pull a number of vessels out of hyperspace while keeping other ships from jumping out of the system. Once hostile vessels have been pulled out of hyperspace, the Partition's main task is survival. Armament has been sacrificed to improve shield capacity and power prioritization toward shielding.

  • Minimum Crew Compliment: 350
  • Optimal Crew Compliment: 1,050
  • Passenger Capacity: 100 Troops
  • Consumables: 1 Year
  • Cargo Capacity: 3,200 Metric Tons
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