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Approved Tech Paragon Enterprises Type-10 Force Lance

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Alarah Kel

Intent: To create a new Melee weapon that can give non-force-senstives a chance to ward off or contend with Force sensitives on the battlefeild

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Paragon Enterprises

Model: Melee Weapon

Affiliation: Hapes Consortium/Republic

Modularity: None

Production: Mass

Material: Business-ends are composed of 9095-T8511 Grade Durasteel woven with ionite. Hilt is made of durasteel coated in chromium.

Description: The PE-Type 10 Force Lance is built around the principals of the common force pike, but with a little inspiration from double-ended lightsabres and double-bladed swords. It is a 35 centimetre long hilt containing two metre-long pikes topped with pointed tips, static discharge contacts, and slashing micro-blades. The pikes can extend form the hilt when the weapon is readied by simply making a sharp flicking movement and retracted back into the hilt by briefly twisting the hilt at the middle when sheathing it.

There is a small ray shield generator in the hilt to help the pikes withstand excessive heat for brief periods. The Ionite lacing makes them effective even against droids or powered armour and the tough material can withstand quite some physical abuse.

Note: The Force Lance was originally intended to be exclusively available to Chume'doro (the Hapan Royal Guards) and thus little expense was spared in the realisation of the original concept. However, with the the Republic entering more heated conflict with the Empire, The Force Lance has been tested to stand up to a lightsabre for brief periods and passes the minimum standard requirements for the Royal Navy's Marine Corp to field as a back up melee weapon. It is, however, more easily available to Charubah Cyborg warriors.
Not open for further replies.