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Approved Vehicle Panzerkampfwagen VII "Panther Meduim Tank"

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Harley Fenstermacher

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Side View

  • Manufacturer: HLCS in conjunction with Zayne Industries
  • Model: Pz-No7
  • Affiliation: HLCS Rebuplic Rement
  • Availability: Open-Market
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material:
    Ferrocarbon Frame,
  • Composite thermally superconducting armor [Ferrocarbon Rolled Armor & Trimantium Armor Plating]
  • Duranium side skirts

  • Classification:: Repulsor Tank
  • Role: Medium Tank
  • Size: Average
    8.6m long
  • 3.4m wide
  • 3m high

[*]Weight: Average 44 Tonnes
[*]Minimum Crew: 3 1xPilot 1xGunner 1XOperator
[*]Optimal Crew: 4 1xPilot and 1xOperator 1xCommander 1xGunner
[*]Propulsion: Repulsorlift
[*]Speed: Average 90Km/hr
[*]Maneuverability: Average able to turn on spot
[*]Transmission: Repulsor
[*]Armaments: Low

[*]Defenses: High

[*]Squadron Count: Low: 10 Average
[*]Passenger Capacity: 3 snug (no proper seats)
[*]Cargo Capacity: Very Low 200 kg
[*]Cost: 160,000 credits (for RR members 100,000)
  • Ping: Sloped armor and side skirts make the Panther well armored when compared to more average main battle takes, able to deflect shots that would penetrate normal flat armor.
  • Energy: Once more the FFE shielding a sloped armor along with it being super conductive makes the Panther hard to take down with laser based weapons.
  • Low Attack: Only one main cannon and an average anti-personal armaments means that the Panther needs to be supported to operate at full use, or risk being outgunned.
To continue on the promise to fill the ground combat market need Harley, after finishing off the production of several new systems and weapons turned attention back to vehicles. Along with the IX series the CEO went about planning the next instillation in the Pz line of tanks, putting the long awaited 'Panther' tank into design and production as an all purpose main battle/Infantry support tank.

Operating Use
The PzNo7 works best when supported bu infantry of in formations with other tanks, if so making it a hard craft to overcome even despite it's rather plain design. Users of this tank should mainly use them in front line attacks and advances through enemy lines, or defensive tactics due to their decent armor and versatility. They should not really be used for scouting or flanking attacks unless needed, but can work decent enough in these regards if used correctly.

Défense Spec
Like it's older brother the 'Maus' the 'Panther' uses sloped armor to deflect kinetic rounds, but also comes equipped side side skirting to increase this effect. This allow the use of the FFE energy shield which focuses on deflecting energy based attacks over ballistic. This make the PzNo7 more resilient to most weapons on the battlefield. Though pilots should remember that a TD, AT mines or rockets can still cause major damage.


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