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Panic at the Disco

Charlyn Nairne

Little Miss Sunshine
Chloe didn't know what the word "break" meant. She had always worked hard long hours just to get half of the things she wanted. It was rather frustrating to see people make it easily but she didn't allow it to bother her. Chloe wasn't afraid of hard work, in fact she enjoyed working for what she wanted. It made her appreciate everything she had more and smile even brighter when she got the next level of her career still she was looking for a big break so she did odd and end jobs.

Normally Chloe wouldn't be caught dead in a club unless she was on business but here she was dressed in a checkered black and white dress with white boots to match out on a social occasion. It was disco night and a few of her colleagues had invited her out for the night the only trouble was she couldn't find them anywhere.

A sigh escaped her lips as she managed to squeeze her way though the crowd to the bar. Taking a seat she ordered herself some fruity drink as she waited her friends to arrive. Hopefully they would be here soon as she hated being in places like this alone.

@[member="Jared Ovmar"]
The Admiralty
Being the Lord of the Fringe was hard work, no matter what they had said to him during his job interview. Not that there had been much of an interview, mind. The Grand Admiral had simply told him that she had important business to attend to and that she would need a replacement to fill her shoes while she was gone. Little did the Lord suspect that his appointment would stand even after she would return. Seemingly he had done an amiable job keeping everything together while she had been doing Force knows what. Not that it was all bad, being a Lord gives you certain perks that a common thug of the Understreets would never have had. A Capital ship, for example, that would fly you anywhere you chose to. An almost unlimited line of credit to buy whatever you needed, in proportion of course. But for Jared the most important perk was the fact that he could take a day off and delegate some of the work to an underling.

Leading a whole nation was not just fun and play, sometimes you actually needed to do things. The unending stream of paperwork for one, was not something he enjoyed doing. But if the Lord of the Fringe was anything, he was diligent. Except today, today he decided to have some good old fashion fun. It did not take him long to pick out a fashionable outfit, the dusty old rag that he had called a robe was being cleaned so that had not been a real choice. He had been half of mind to put on a mask, to give himself just that extra level of drama. But in the end he decided to give his face some freedom.

As such the disco he had picked out for this evening was allowed to take a rare look at the handsome face that was Jared Ovmar. A strong manly jawline, that looked like it was made out of marble and icy-blue eyes that could pierce right through your soul.

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Phoebe Draclau

After twenty minutes had past Phoebe was certain that she was alone which sucked beyond belief. They must have ditched her to go somewhere else or truly believed that she needed this night out. Phoebe could be a social butterfly when she wished to be but she much rather be working. She had the hardest time connecting with people it seemed now a days but it was because she was different. Phoebe at least thought that she was more focused now and less of a party girl.

When she was younger she used to go to places like this and party the night away however thing were different now. She was all work and really no play anymore. It was in part because sometimes when she drank she couldn't get herself back under control and she ended up on the table dancing. That was not what she intended to do now or ever really.

With or without friends tonight she was determined to have fun without getting totally plastered and as such decided to go dance before getting that second drink she had been eyeing and as such Phoebe made her way to the dance floor.

@[member="Jared Ovmar"]
The Admiralty
Dancing had never been his thing, not that he was not good at it. In his time with the Fringe he had taken especial care to make sure he was well-versed in all manners of courtesy, etiquette and the other high jinxes the Nobleborns had been brought up with. Sadly that also meant he had to learn to dance, as already said he was quite good at dancing. But he always felt a little bit awkward to stand in the spotlights, too few shadows to hide in and too much attention directed at his humble persona. Operating from the dark, having minions do his work and be anonymous that was the way of the Lord of the Fringe. Regardless, he had come here to have some fun, instead of moping around by the side lines. As such he ordered himself a drink, gulped it down for some mental support and then headed to the dance floor.

At first he just listened to the music, slowly moving around trying to get a feel for the rhythm. Then he noticed the feint outlines of the Force in the background, vibrating to the beat of the song. Without a second thought he closed his eyes and started to.. dance, his body moved to the cadence of the Force and the music was forgotten to him. Only the energy of the world meant something to him, it did not take long for people to notice and start cheering him on. A graceful smile was playing on his lips, as he continued his movements. If only he had a partner who was as well-versed into the pulse of life as he was.

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