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Approved Tech Paired Pivot Blades

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Intent: To afford Seroth a close-quarters back-up in case of weaponry loss.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Denon Underground Tool-smiths
Model: Thorn of Ryloth
Affiliation: N/A, Underground, Mercenaries, Assassins
Modularity: No.
Production: Minor/Public
Material: Type 098z-5 Standard Industrial Duraplast, Type F6Z Standard Industrial Flexisteel, Kashyyyk Katarn Leather
Hidden weapons as the likes of hold-out blasters and gauntlet blades are nothing quite new to what’s become an extensive and variant weapon’s market. However, frequently, such designs are specialty kits. Some deride them for being aspects of showmanship gimmicks, rarely as effect as urban tales spell out. That is, until examples of high battle effect began circulating millennia prior with the advent of the infamous Thorn of Ryloth. The design’s been adapted into a score of similar designs, some outright mimicking while a few take the scant template and modify down to more simple mechanics. Such are the Paired Pivot Blades.

787 ABY saw Denon script legislature that rendered significant portions of local industrial labour pools redundant, obsolete. Despite a promise that the measure was designed to curtail excessive in-system expenses with a promise to recirculate the labour force, sixteen million protestors went to march. What followed was an undisclosed hidden war, blotted from intergalactic media eyes as local government strained to bring the protestor’s to heel. Riots worked simple demonstrations into fierce conflagrations. A rise of home-made weaponry, mixed with churlish guerrilla tactics, drew nightmares for special authorities.

One example of particular note was the pivot blade. Essential ejection mechanics were borrowed from the Rylothan example. Springing, telescoping rods attached via flexisteel cords delivers a duraplast knife into the hand, to be gripped either straight through the knuckles, reversed into a pick-hold, or held in a standard axe-grip. Their easy concealment and lack of electronic components meant a degree of anonymity from visual scanning, though any decent visor or helm-suite could mark out the metallic components. Rioters and out-of-work dissidents betrayed by clumsy legislature used them to fear effect in close quarter ambushes against patrol officers, unguarded politicians, and pro-government ‘white masks.’

Though the riots eventually drew to a closed and decisions reversed, the pivot blade remained a visceral symbol of civil disobedience. Since then, a tradition’s been maintained amidst various ghetto work-shops to occasionally outsource the notorious gauntlets to certain ‘enterprising’ individuals. They can be found mostly in similarly shanty-spots across the Outer, Mid, and Colonial Rim worlds, though they’ve been confiscated in scatter-shot arrests as far core as Coruscant. They’re not particularly flamboyant or frilled, but are doubtless handy when your particular ‘tools’ are too much out of reach.

However, the attached gauntlets are forged from little more than oiled Katarn leathers and a few strapping buckles. The wearer’s afforded no more than a mild sneak-attack weapon for taking advantage of armour seams or exposed flesh. There’s no possessing energy coating or otherwise high-frequency modification to the blades themselves, thus they are not well suited against armour above cheap underweave.

Classification: Dagger
Size: One Handed
Length: Gauntlet – 21 Centimeters; Blade – 18 Centimeters
Weight: 30g
Other Features: Compiled from cheap industrial manufacturing metals and materials – Oft worn paired – Concealable but detectable – Blade may detach from telescopic delivery rod.
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