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Approved Tech Pain[Purged Submission]

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Reyven Samoth

Grand Lord of the Tribe
©2013-2014 Licataknives
Intent: Create stats for a custom sword idea.
Development Thread: Lost
Manufacturer: Reyven Samoth
Model: Sith Sword/Devaronian Edge
Affiliation: Reyven Samoth
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Sith Alchemy-enhanced Durasteel, Devaronian Blood-Poison
Description: A complimenting blade to go with Fury, Pain is a heavier sword meant for stronger blows to work in tandem with Fury's quick strikes, making for varried combat. As such, the blade is heavy for one-handed use, and most effective when used with two hands. The sword is able to withstand the heat of lightsabers and blasters, but the impact force behind blaster and slugthrower shots can damage and eventually break the blade if it is used to block these. Ultimately the two are designed to inflict pain and hate upon the target and turn them towards the Dark Side, rather than kill the target.

Classification: Sword
Size: One and a half-handed
Length: 1.12 meters
Weight: 2 kg
Other Features: Lightsaber-proof, Devaronian Edge

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Not open for further replies.