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Paega Anginous

Paige Argous

Paige Argous
NAME: Paige Argous (Previously: Paega Anginous)
A (Previously: the Sith Empire)
RANK: Force-User, Knight-Level
AGE: 27 years old
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 145 lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Fair



+) Long-lasting Stamina: Paega developed her stamina by excercising and training constantly during attending the Korriban Sith Academy as well as from training under various Sith Lords.

+) Fast and Agile: Her slender body allows Paega to be fast and agile, useful a lot of times in dodging attacks.

+) Extremely Loyal: Despite the fact that Paega does not hold much love towards the clump of greedy and the selfish Sith Lords that make up the Sith Empire, she holds extreme loyalty towards the select individuals that are loyal to her.

+) Determined Mindset & Persistent: When Paega becomes determined to do something, often times she would do everything to see that it is done. When given a mission, she'll put her life at risk to get it done if necessary.

+/- Bold and Brazen: Paega believes that she fears nothing. This often leads her to acting overly confident or otherwise brazen at times, and sometimes it can lead to Paega picking an enemy much more powerful than her.

-) Gullible & Naive: Although Paega is smart enough to differentiate truth from fact, enemies from allies, and right from wrong, she has a tendency to often trust first, a characteristic not very advantageous in regards to the backstabbing dark Force-Users she often interact with.



Form VI: Niman


Paega's earliest memory was of living in the slums in the lower levels of the planet Coruscant. It is unknown where she had been born, who the parents were, or why she had been left in the Coruscant slums to fend for herself. She recieved very little education, and she spent a big chunk of her childhood roaming the streets in search for anything edible, and to try and survive. The girl grew to slowly despise the wealthy, who seemed to care nothing for the suffering poor that filled the Galaxy's slums. When she was around the age of nine, Paega was taken by an Imperial agent that was on a search to find Force-Sensitive children to recruit for the Empire. The agent flew her out of the planet, and delivered her to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

Paige Argous

As Apprentice:

Fresh Out of the Academy

Summary: After endless training in the Sith Academy on Korriban, Paega is finally on her way to becoming a Sith Apprentice. She meets her very first mentor, who is a muscular Sith called Drayus Siodmak. He questions her about what being a Sith meant, then assigns her a mission to go kill a Jedi Padawan and bring back the padawan's lightsaber.

Fav. Quote: "Weakness is a plague, Paega. It must be cured, eradicated from the galaxy, something our Jedi counterparts cling so dearly onto. The weak will serve, and the strong will prevail. For that very reason, weakness is not tolerated in the Sith Empire. You either prove yourself, or you will die. - Drayus Siodmak
Proving Myself Worthy of an Apprentice

Summary: Upon Drayus Siodmak's instructions, Paega set off to Coruscant to find a Jedi Padawan and kill him to retrieve his lightsaber. She tricks a Jedi Padawan into letting his guards down a bit to attack, but she fails to defeat him. Upon failing the assingment, Drayus Siodmak does not choose Paega as his apprentice. She vows to never fail again.

Fav. Quote: The Padawan dropped his thumb a fraction, tuning the saber's intensity down by a large margin, bringing the effectiveness of it down to a training saber's stun. With knowledge that he wouldn't hurt her too bad, he swung out in a standard Shii-Cho down and up fake move, slashing it across at the last moment to catch her across her forearms with a forest-green blade that would produce more than a big bruise. - Ronnie Vexis
Learning to Land a Punch, or Throw a Chair

Summary: Paega encounters a Sith Knight visiting the academy on Korriban in the midst of her self-training. The Sith Knight introduces himself as Gregor Gideon, and tells Paega that "the Force may guide your hand, but only the Dark Side can make your hand a hammer" after observing her practice on beating up the training dummy with her fists.

Fav. Quote: "Forgive me of this interruption of your training, Paega Anginous. I was merely reflecting to myself on how swiftly the passage of time occurs when we are dedicated to the service of our Empire." - Gregor Gideon
Teach Me a Thing or Two

Summary: Paega meets a girl who appears to be a fellow typical Sith Apprentice. In the end, the higher level Kära Vi'dreya (who only introduces herself to Paega by her first name) ends up training Paega the basics of Force Sight.

Fav. Quote: "Now, you're going to feel the emotions, fuel them and allow them to grow within you. Do not hold back, Paega, you are not a weak little Jedi now, are you? And then you will expel the build up of Bogan energy you have acquired, into the very air but more so than that into your surroundings. Feel each and every thing in this room, the walls, the door, the ceiling - even the items and the people. Let the Force make a map of it within your minds eye." - Kära Vi'dreya
The Beginning of a Journey

Summary: Paega is selected by Dranok Lussk (who was Sith Master at the time) to be trained as his apprentice. She undergoes months of vigorous training with the Sith Lord, (the Forgotten Blades campaign occur around the time in which Paega was Lussk's apprentice), and at the end is given a final trial of executing a guilty prisoner before being knighted by him.

Fav. Quote: "Did you know that a lightsaber is a useless weapon? Rather it isn't a weapon, a tool, if you will. It is an extension of your being. Your being comes from your mind and soul, two interconnected sources of will and strength. If you want to ascend to power, then you must sharpen your mind. That, my apprentice, is the only tool that you will wield." - Dranok Lussk
Forgotten Blades Part I - "Lost and Missed"

Summary: Paega, as an apprentice training under Sith Master Dranok Lussk, accompanies him along with other Force-User companions Kära Vi'dreya and Jared Ovmar in what was supposed to be a simple diplomatic mission to the Chiss Homeworld ends up becoming something much, much greater. Paega befriends Lieutenant Reece onboard Lussk's ship.

Fav. Quote: N/A
"Wear and Rust" [Forgotten Blades Campaign Part II]

Summary: Due to a fire, Lussk's ship crashes onto an unknown planet. The only survivors of the ship crash are Dranok Lussk, Jared Ovmar, Kära Vi'dreya, and Paega.

Fav. Quote: N/A
Forgotten Blades Campaign Part III
Summary: N/A

Fav. Quote: N/A

As Knight:

Knight Vs. Knight, Sith Vs. Sith

Summary: Newly having been made a Sith Knight, Paega challenges a practice duel against fellow Sith Knight called Nezuel, where she utilizes basic Shii-Cho lightsaber form to combat Nezuel's Soresu stance.

Fav. Quote: When his opponent came to him with a vertical strike he adopted once more a soresu stance, blocking the move by a matter of milimeters. When she switched to horizontal slashes she simply had to move the vertical blade slightly from side to side. Compared to her wide swings and his short movements so far he was coming out ahead when it came to saving energy. - Nezuel
Scratching Names Off The Naughty List

Summary: The Sith Empire launches an invasion on the Mandalorian-controlled planet of Yaga Minor. Paega as a part of the Imperial ground forces, leads a few dozen Stormtroopers against Mandalorian defense. She slaughters dozens of Mandalorians, before going into one-on-one combat against a super droid named Moira Skaldi, who gave Paega grave injuries on her shoulder as well as other parts of the body. Paega manages to use the Force to throw two gunships in the air towards Moira, one of the gunships accurately hitting Moira and successfully trapping the droid and giving Paega enough time to be flown out of the fighting zone alive. She later joins Admiral Aken Bosch onboard an Imperial destroyer.

Fav. Quote: Anticipating them was difficult for a machine. Organic forcers could sense such things, a droid could not, so she had to be reactive for the most part. Regardless two Gunships were racing towards her through the air and Moira, calculating their trajectory and speed, ran, with a blinding, inhumane speed that no mundane could muster, dodging, leaping, racing as she sought cover. It was with blinding speed, and she dodged one Gunship as it crashed onto the ground hard, a powerful explosion tearing through it as flames swept across. However, while an HRD was good, it still had its limitations, and she was caught by the force of the shockwave and thrown for several metres, landing hard upon the ground. She pulled herself back up, eyes flaring up for a moment, but then the second Gunship came and though Moira rolled to the side the cockpit slammed into her and she fell, seemingly buried by it. - Moira Skaldi
Knowledge is the Key

Summary: Inside ancient tombs on the planet Korriban, Paega fights a rogue Sith Lord for the control of some sort of Sith relic. The more powerful Sith Master defeats her but gives Pagea his name, Christian Slade, which she later then use to track him down.

Fav. Quote: "Why do you allow yourself to be used by stronger Sith than you?" "The Sith Empire has trained and raised me to become who I am ...and for that I owe it my loyalty." "You owe them nothing! They raised you like game on a reserve only to be slaughtered later on and eaten when you're nice and fat! They strengthen you until you reach a point in your training that you become a liability. No Sith wishes to be surpassed by their student. If they allow this, their fates will be sealed. That is why they send young men and women like you in droves to die for a cause you never really knew to begin with." - Christian Slade
Summary: Paega meets Circe Savan, who is interested in having Paega participate in one of her experiments. In exchange for being Experiment 23 for Circe, Paega learns the basics in Force Illusion and utilizing 'energy weapons'.

Fav. Quote: "It's an energy construct, made of Force energy, shaped like a weapon. It's sharp like a weapon, able to defend against a lightsaber for as long as you have the willpower. Of course, making one that lasts more than a few seconds is difficult. Even still, I typically form a new defensive weapon to block each strike. It's the easiest method, after all." - Circe Savan
Crash Landing in Lunar Meadow
Summary: Paega crash lands on the planet of Lunar Meadow. She is gravely injured, and a Force-User by the name Lilith Mae Lancaster heals her.

Fav. Quote: "I hope she doesn't die!" - Lilith Mae Lancaster
Friend or Foe? Decisions... Decisions...

Summary: Paega finally finds Christian Slade after her last defeat against the Sith Lord on Korriban. She tracks him down to his private property on Zeltros for revenge, but alcohol changes that.

Fav. Quote: "...yet the galaxy holds so many secrets, and although it might not be the most exciting thing to tour it excavating ancient items from lost civilizations, it is amazing in the same regard when you realize just how much a holocron can hold within itself." - Christian Slade
The Way of the Sith

Summary: Paega trains her first apprentice, a red skinned Twi'lek named Talon.

Fav. Quote: "I was born and raised on Korriban, my parents gave me to the Sith when they discovered I was Force Sensitive, My education isn't very good. I have spent the last few years looking for a mentor, and that is where you come in..." - Talon
Training in the Party Planet

Summary: After being accepted into being trained by rogue Sith Master Christian Slade, Paega is taught some basics in regards to Sith alchemy, including the ability to control flames.

Fav. Quote: "Alchemy is the scientific side to spell weaving. It is the most broad and open to possibility forms of force manipulation that we have at our disposal. It is the law of equivalent exchange that it abides by, the law that we adhere to. Alchemy was founded on the basis that to create something or summon something, something of equal or greater value must first be offered or sacrificed in exchange. It is giving something precious, in order to receive something precious as well. With this knowledge... this... magic powered by the living force, we can do great and unimaginable things. It holds infinite possibilities, but, you must be careful not to risk too much." - Christian Slade
Choose Your Fate
Summary: Paega finds a young woman named Token Waters to be Force-sensitive, and offers her control over her powers by training in the ways of the dark side. She takes Token to Korriban to be trained into becoming a Sith.

Fav. Quote: “I didn’t mean to hurt my family! I really didn’t mean to hurt anyone… I was just…” - Token Waters
The Dark Ways

Summary: Paega trains a new Sith Apprentice in the Sith Temple on Korriban, and teaches basics of utilizing Force Push as well as lightsaber combat.

Fav. Quote: N/A
The Mandalorian Invasion of Dromund Kaas

Summary: Paega fends off Mandalorian invaders from the Sith Temple on Dromund Kaas during the Mandalorian invasion of the planet. She keeps Ordo the Mandalorian from destroying the temple.

Fav. Quote: He watched quietly as the Sith lunged with the speed and ferocity of a Sand Panther. She fired her fist like pistons raining blows faster than Ordo had dealt with in the past but he kept his cool. He blocked punches by keeping his hands up and his chin tucked but none the less the Sith was just too fast and more than a few cracked against his helmet. - Ordo
The Secrets of Felucia

Summary: Paega, along with Christian Slade, journey across the forests and mountains of the planet Felucia in search for ancient artifacts. She gets to learn more about her companion in the process.

Fav. Quote: "So your heart yearns for love, your soul seeks purpose and your very being craves knowledge and power. Well I hope I can help you with that." - Christian Slade
The Size of the Problem

Summary: Paega accompanys Sith Apprentice Dalansa to Felucia on a mission to hunt down rancors. This is her first mission, working for the Sith Council.

Fav. Quote: N/A
A Devious Plan in Action [TSC Dominion of Ruuria]


Fav. Quote: N/A
The New Acolyte in Town

Fav. Quote: N/A
Into the Jungle

Fav. Quote: N/A
A Familiar Blonde Girl

Fav. Quote: N/A