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Padawan Learner

Avy Valla

After taking a bit to think about it; I've decided for Avy Valla to take on her second Padawan learner (her first having been described and talked about in length in her bio.) Either way. It is likely though that if your character is a guns blazing, swinging sword, learn all the forms of combat possible; it might not be a great fit, or it could make for a great one.

As a Jedi Master, and much throughout her Knight years, she is more of a motherly figure and one that is often seen in the Jedi Archives constantly. I'm also slowly shifting her towards becoming a Jedi Artisan. If there are any Padawan's looking for a Master to train them though, Avy is open.

Askrut Fey'ra

If you'll take a padawan who's spent enough time in the archives to learn more than the average college student, I'm up for it. Askrut is a pacifist, and doesn't have a lightsaber. Not exactly a guns-blazing character.