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Our Mechanical Children

Sebastian Thel

Cipher Thel
Dawn broke over the factory, an orange line seeping between chimneys and rafters as the sector awoke. Having received an anonymous message from Imperial intelligence, Sebastian still had not properly woken up and processed the information contained within the order. When he arrived at the droid factory in the industrial sector of Balmorra, his immediate reaction was towards the makeshift coffee stand in the center of the construction yards.

"Morning, Bas!" Kasey, the Twi'lek with tangerine skin who worked at the stand, called to him from afar. A dark speeder car of Imperial design was parked only a short distance away. Only passing the car a swift glance, Sebastian continued to walk towards the coffee stand.

"Just a cappuccino, Kasey." With an observing tilt of his head, Sebastian leaned on the corner as the woman prepared his usual order. She wore goggles on top of a head scarf and an array of tools strapped to a utility belt. The grind of machinery traveled from the site, along with the beep of droids as they were being tested.

"You know what's going on over there?" Kasey inquired about the parked speeder. While she made his coffee, Sebastian placed a credit chit on the counter and squinted as the sun hit his eyes.

"Oh, it's nothing." Shaking his head, he gripped the coffee cup as she slid it over, keeping an eye on the speeder as he left. He nodded to Kasey and waved, walking behind the stand and towards the factory. As he approached the entrance, a cloaked figure stepped out of the speeder and Sebastian immediately quickened his pace.

Reaching the enormous entrance of the factory, he strode inside and smiled to the receptionist, who seemed wary of the Imperial presence. He used the elevator and traveled to the level which housed his office. Much, to his delight, he had recently been transferred from accounting to the engineering department, with close access to the projects of the factory.

The elevator pinged upon his arrival, where the manager of the department was speaking to a group of men, rough in appearance and armed, making Sebastian assume that they were criminals. Shifting his eyes in suspicion, he paid them no heed as he walked towards his office. Once inside, he closed the door and beheld the sunrise.

Sebastian placed his briefcase on his desk and unhooked the latches. He shuffled graph paper and all manner of mechanical design, along with the letter from Imperial intelligence. Sitting down, he slid his glasses over his ears and read the message for a second time. A crime syndicate had infiltrated the factory and the Sith Assassins were rooting them out, on the condition that all holdings were handed over to the Empire.

Swallowing a gulp of coffee, Sebastian shifted in discomfort. They had hand-picked him from the employees to override the computer system and reprogram the droid forces in construction. Taking a breath, he set the letter down and rose to his feet. The hiss of a lightsaber echoed from the corridor outside.

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Xevek Nekonis

From The Shadows
The sound so similar to a lightsaber's hissing ignition echoing out from outside of the room was the cue that Xevek had been waiting for to reveal himself to the boy before him; sure he was of age to be an adult but Xevek had yet to witness anything that would have meant that he would have passed his Res'selenoren should the boy have been born of Iridonia and, as such, he was still a kep in the Assassin's mind. The Iridonian had been stood patiently waiting, obscured in shadows and hidden within the Force, in the corner of Sebastian's office and had silently watched him bustle into the office and sit himself at his desk, nervously sipping his coffee. Now, though, he saw fit to reveal himself and did so by stepping forwards on soundless feet from behind Sebastian, the shadows of the corner of the office falling away from around his shoulders as the Force imbued within the Cloak he wore was peeled away and allowed for him to be perceived once more.

"Sebastian Thel. Temperary operative under the Saraaishash and Assassins for the purpose of routing out dissidents that would strike against the Emperor." Cold and emotionsless, Xevek's voice would growl out into the quiet of Sebastian's office as he slowly paced around the desk to seat himself opposite the kep with very little sound. Settling into one of the seats opposite Sebsatian, Xevek glared out from behind the bone mask he wore, amber eye piercing the shadows cast by the mask to leer out with a sense of icy fury, fury that was carefully checked and yet ready to be unleashed at a moments notice. "No current signs that you would seek to betray the Empire, not truly. Practically eager to volunteer, no?" The smirk within he voice made it clear that he had witnessed the discomfort just displayed.

"So, you understand your role in this? Eliminate the threat of the droids and turn them against their owners should the need to do so come about. Otherwise, you are to neutralise them only. Other goals are to relocate the funds recently paid to the manager for their cooperation with this Syndicate and divert them to these accounts." From within his robes, a cybernetic hand reached out to deposit two slips of paper containing a series of numbers and letter before retreating into the folds of the cloak once more. "Are we clear on this?"

Without waiting for a reply, for if Sebastian did not preform as required Xevek was more than willing to eliminate the incompetence, the Assassin stood with a bow, tossing a comm unit onto the desk, before turning and striding to the door. Before exiting he paused for a moment to briefly remove his mask and place his own comm unit in his ear before resecuring his mask and stepping out of the room as the Force once more reared up to surround him, hiding him from the focus of his targets. As the door slid shut behind him, a single sentence would drift through Sebastian's mind, a thought that was not his own. "Screw up and you shall find out the punishment for incompetence, kep."

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Sebastian Thel

Cipher Thel
A sound which Sebastian could only identify as a lightsaber, hissed outside of the door as he approached his desk. He took a sip of his coffee, then set down the cup and turned around, walking to the door to inspect the source of the sound. When he pushed open the door, he saw nothing and could only hear the hiss of metal being welded together as he poked his head through the ajar space. Stepping backwards, he closed the door, only to turn around and see a fearsome mask staring back at him.

The masked figure mentioned Sebastian's name, making him realize that this was the Sith Assassin sent to oversee the operation. Turning around abruptly, he planted his back against the closed door and looked the Sith up and down with a discerning glare. With the sarcastic smirk of the assassin, Sebastian felt his anger rile. The Sith plucked him out of the civilian populace for their operation, with or without his permission as they chose.

"I'm happy to lend my skills to removing the syndicate from this factory, my lord." The mathematician answered with a tone devoid of nuance. Pulling his palms away from the door, he slowly walked towards the Sith and approached the file containing the details of the operation on his desk. Exchanging one glance with the fearsome man, Sebastian selected the file and read over the details, before nodding in confirmation the the Assassin sent to command him.

"I understand." Sebastian said as he placed the file back on his desk. He reached forward and gripped the paper which the Sith handed to him, placing his glasses over his ears and committed the numbers to memory, placing the details with the file containing the operation and sliding his glasses back into his coat pocket. As the Sith walked towards the door, Sebastian followed him and beheld his true features as he briefly removed the mask.

Suddenly, Sebastian heard a voice in his head. A cruel, menacing voice which threatened to punish him if he failed in his assigned task. Swallowing a gulp, he froze in the doorway as he listened to the Sith hiss in his mind, holding back all the words he would have liked to say in response.

"What is a "kep", My Lord? I do not speak Iridonian." Was all Sebastian managed to say in response to the Sith as he lead him out of the door. "... and what is your name? If you don't mind me asking." He asked as they strode through the corridor. The engineers talking with the members of the syndicate had left and the hallway was sparse, disrupted only by the grind of machinery.

"I think relocating the funds beforehand would be the best solution." With an affirming nod, Sebsatian walked out of the room with the Sith following behind him. "Then I'll reprogram the droids." He said as they walked through the corridor of the factory, which was now sparse. The engineers and the members of the syndicate had left, leaving the space clear for Sebastian and Xevek to make their way to the accounting department.

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