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Our Calling to Arms

Basic Description

The vanguard is not a rebellion. We are no reformation of a Rebellion from Canon, or from any governments currently. We will never be a rebellion, but act as a Galactic police force that answers to no government powers. Galactic Alliance, Iron Empire, Silver Jedi, Sith, or otherwise. We are free to do as we please with the idea that we aid those whose intentions are to protect those who are considered a minority, or to defend the planets or systems who cannot defend themselves.

We are not a forceable military. If they deny our aid, then we are to step down, and let them fend for themselves. We accept the decisions of governments who have the same ideals as we do. We tend to ally ourselves with governments that have Jedi, neutral or sometimes, Dark Jedi qualities. Rarely, if ever we defend a Sith homeworld, or a Sith owned world.

The following set of codes, are the rules that every member agrees to, and will adhere to. Should they be broken, a court of Wardens convene, as well as members of the individuals peers to determine a punishment of the man.

We draw heavily from many factions, and cultures. Having a basis, or a code that can be followed. One that allows any member, to reach any rank, Including Seneschal of the Vanguard. The Following code, or Oath of the Vanguard, acts much like the Jedi Code, or the Sith Creed, or even the Resol'nare that the Mandalorians have.

Oath of the Vanguard

Our word is our vow,​
Our Vow becomes our Duty​
Duty to all who are oppressed.​
Duty to Family, To allies, and to the Vanguard​
Follow in the footsteps of our Seneschal​
The Calling of our need across the galaxy​
Wield our swords and shields​
Battered and broken​
We Stand​
May our senses stay sharp​
Our blades strong​
and our Will intact​
We Stand forever more​
As One​

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