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Approved Species ourániapapilio

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  • Intent: A steed that can live temporarily outside of a breathable atmosphere , and to expand TDN
  • Image Credit: X
  • Canon: No
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: TDN
  • Name: Ourániapapilio (a-ray-nee-a-pap-e-o)
  • Designation: Semi-sentient
  • Origins: Outer Rim
  • Average Lifespan: 90 years
  • Estimated Population: Rare(over a few planets)
  • Description: A medium sized wyvern that can transfer oxygen on contact,and hold oxygen stored in the lungs meaning it can live without atmosphere temporarily, and keep its self and its rider respiring for a shorter period of time
  • Breathes: Type I and II (partially uses oxygen stores in type 2 ,predominantly uses oxygen stores in type III so it isn't common)
  • Average Height of Adults: 4 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 12 meters
  • Average Wingspan of Adults: 15 meters
  • Skin color: shades of blue for base ,creams for belly,dark blue/black for markings
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: Males have larger head frills and tails fins than females.Females also have slightly more pink bellys than males.An older one has virtually no distinctions other than physical strength is lesser than that of a youngling.
  • Races:
  • Abyssal darker colors and 'lamps'(like angler fish) on their head frills to help with vision in deep waters ,they live predominantly underwater 4,000 meters and below, rarely surface
  • Dune:yellow and cream ONLY, 3rd eye membrane to protect from sand.Absorb water through skin to store it.
  • Force Sensitivity: High
  • +space explorer, due to the fact that they can store oxygen in large pockets, they use it to breathe whilst they do not have a breathable atmosphere or are in space
  • +oxygen transfer,they can transfer oxygen through skin contact,as they release it from their skin a d soak it into another brings skin
  • -Running out of air,their oxygen is limited to around 6 hours(with average use ,not working hard) or 4 hours of they transfer some to their rider,which will last 4 hours for a average size humanoid(ourániapapilio need double the air) . If they're running out of oxygen they will stop transferring,therefore you will die.
  • -Transfer troubles,It takes a lot of practice to transfer properly, so if any faults arise in space itcould kill you almost instantly
  • Diet: Omnivore,though mainly eats meat
  • Communication: applies to dune and normal) they do not have any sort of audible communication, instead very subtle body language
  • Abyssal ) they use high frequency icks and whistles that are easily heard by others, as body language wouldn't work in such little light.
  • Technology level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: they dont have much of a 'family life' as eggs are laid and parents leave and the young raise themsthemselves, it is something they know how to do very well as soon as they are born. When rheyre trytrying to find a mate ,Males brings gifts to the female that they like most,this may be food,gems,stones ect if the female likes it they will mate for life.All Ourániapapilio burrow holes in the ground (even the Abyssal variant) and lay eggs.They do not build nest and once they have burrowed they are free to hunt again.again.They are neither noctural or durinal,they are Crepuscular.
This is a newly discovered species so they havent been involved in much,and due to their aggression their discovery hasnt changed that.that.Despite their amazing abilities very few have been tamed, after all very few have been found.However,just like any other creature,galactic events include the, the gulag pluage hit them harder than some other species,due to their abilty to glide through space, and the fact that they breathe through their skin,they were able to catch it a lot easier and it killed the quickly too.After the neither incursion,another galactic events that killed many of their kind,they werent seen for decades and believed to be extinct,luckily whilst visiting a home planet of their, some body sighted one playing around in dome sand.
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I'll be doing this review for you. There's just two things that I think will help to clarify this before we move it on.

1. Origins:
Origins: Outer rim
Please link Outer Rim here.

2. History.
This is a newly discovered species so they havent been involved in much,and due to their aggression their discovery hasnt changed that.that.Despite their amazinf abilitues very few have been tamed, after all very few have been found.
Two sentences is very minimal for this. Referring back to the template, include major events relevant to the species in how they evolved and developed into what they are today where appropriate. Including Chaos canon events, where they impacted the history of this species, is a plus. What planets in the Outer Rim have they traveled to? What happened when they arrived there? Are they known to frequent any particular planet or region in the Outer Rim territories?

Some additional questions to consider, in terms of our timeline, how were they impacted by the Gulag Plague? The 400 Years Darkness? What about the Netherworld incursion? Those incidents impacted the entire Chaos universe, to include the Outer Rim worlds.

Those are my thoughts and I look forward to yours in reply. Please tag me when you have completed your edits.
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