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Orrazerus rehab


Chew Toy
The thrusters on Racket's ship scorched the scarred surface of the planets crust while lowering him to a soft gentle landing. His butt was sore from sitting in the chair for, the exact amount of time he didn't know, but the adventure had been more than worth it. Two bounty Hunters on your tail made life a little more exciting. At least that was what his little head told him. His fingers snapped the keys with effortless precision turning on and off every function of his ship bringing it to a peaceful rest and lowering the cargo bay hatch. A new planet. Another job. Frack; life.

Blasters were on each hip with the mando blade snug beside the holster on his right hip though he wore no other weapons or armor. No point in his mind. If things got hairy he'd find a way to fix the situation to his advantage. A smell hit him stopping his thoughts. He shook his head thinking to sneeze but not being able to. The air was thick to his sensitive nostrils. It would take getting use to for sure. Through watering eyes Racket noticed a person who thought they were in charge of the landing pad moving towards him. Surely needing details about his reason for landing. Blah, blah, blah. A few credits shut him up. The guy started talking but Racket walked away. He needed to meet up with someone in charge who had sent him the message of the Rangers; but where to start? The bar more than tempted him. A gust of wind whipped across the ground pushing his body to the left forcing him to brace himself. Frack this planet. It left as soon as it had come. Or so he had thought right before another dose of Orrazerus stink hit him two fold. "FRaCk mE!!!" He stumbled quickly towards a tunnel which would lead him into the city and free him from the chemical warfare his head was being subject to.

[Open to anyone who wants to further our little meeting along. You have full control to do whatever you see fit]