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Oron Verd

Darth Rixas

Unto the Knife
Filed Information:
  • Name: Oron Verd
  • Alias: Darth Angrel(Former), Ashogo-Kel(Former)
  • Alignment: True-Neutral?
  • Faction: Mandalorians/Crusaders?
  • Rank: High Knight
  • Species: Near-Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 205
  • Eyes: High Knight
  • Hair: Short and Shaggy
  • Skin: Mocha
  • Force Sensitive? Quite


+ War Centric- His upbringings in combination with the lessons incorporated from his training in the force has resulted in a man whose hand-to-hand combat is formidable for his experience while maintaining an extremely high affinity for bladed weapons as well. He is an exceptional lightsaber duelist, and thanks to further training with the Confederacy of Independent Systems in combination with his activity with the Mandalorians his firearm proficiency is respectable also.

+ Intelligence- Despite his harsh upbringing and violent attitude, Oron has a certain knack for deductive reasoning, as well as being an astute judge of character, especially in the dark side of the morality spectrum. He's also incredibly patient, observant, and displays excellent problem solving skills.

-/+ Cold- Oron tends to turn a blind eye to others in danger.

-Not Empathic- He has very strict logic. If someone is in a situation that he's never experienced or can't understand(why not get a new empress, bro?) he'll find it hard to generate sympathy.

-Short Sighted and Scatter brained- Oron only sees the here-and-now. He has no particular foresight and fails to see the repercussions of his actions. He also often forgets things, puts them off, get distracted, etc. Although intelligent, he has very little control over his mind.

Force Powers: Learned- ∆∆▲ Versed- ∆▲▲ Mastered- ▲▲▲

Telekenesis- ∆▲▲
Telepathy- ∆▲▲
Breath Control- ∆∆▲
Force Bubble- ∆▲▲
Force Speed- ∆▲▲
Force Sense- ∆▲▲
Force Crush- ∆∆▲
Force Jump- ∆▲▲
Force Concealment- ∆▲▲
Tutaminis- ∆▲▲
Force Rage- ∆∆▲
Force Track- ∆∆▲
Mind Trick- ∆▲▲
Force Combustion- ∆▲▲
Drain Life: ∆∆▲



One Harpy Sniper Rifle
One Heavy Blaster Pistol
One Light Machine Pistol

Two curved lightsabers, with violet crystals and waterproof casings.
One Dauntless Blade
Two Energy Swords

Anti-Armor Caltrops

A Pair of HUD-G's
One OBL-3 Attack Drone
BANG Slugs for my Heavy Blaster^
Basic Slugs for my Machine Pistol^