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Approved Location Ord Biniir Science Facility

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂

Intent: To Create Lore for Ord Biniir

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Structure Name: Ord Biniir Science Facility

Classification: Cloning Facility

Location: Ord Biniir

Affiliation: Dr. Tabitha Crowe (Sith Ascendancy by proxy)

Accessibility: It is situated in the center of the city, possessing private accessibility only.

Security: One platoon, consisting of 30 soldiers disguised as a local privatized security force, from the TAIC


The oldest structure in all of Dascoria (605 ABY), the cloning facility resides in the middle of the city. The building is a massive domed facility that is 17 meters in height and 60 meters in width. Disguised as a science lab, the facility is used to fabricate clones of all species; if the credits match the request.

The building is known as a science lab to the citizens of Dascoria but it is unknown to them that its a cloning facility. The structure is white in color with tinted windows preventing people from seeing inside. Several labs fill the inside of facility, with each lab assigned a specific category of species that can be cloned.

To prevent unrest or questions from the citizens, the Circle of Lords hold little association with the facility in terms of the Sith Ascendancy; thus the disguise of the troops that protect it. However, whatever the Sith Ascendancy requires, the facility provides free of charge; with an understanding between the TSA and the independent scientists that any independent contracts must be discussed between both parties. To ensure the operations and agreement is carried out properly, Dr. Tabitha Crowe, partner to Satia the Cruel, was put in charge of the facility.


Hofka Lab: There are 21 labs sprawled throughout the facility, but it's the Hofka lab that is the most interesting. One of the heavily guarded secrets, it is this lab that the scientists clone Force users. For fear of them turning against the TSA, the clones are engineered with an accelerated growth gene, plus to further any betrayal; the clones while in their infant stage are implanted with a tiny explosive chip in their brain. This lab, specifically, is for TSA use only.

Gerdon Grand Archives: The archives possesses a complete work of all past and present cloning projects. The archives are forbidden to all except those with the highest level of clearance. Within the archives, a computer brain encased in glass is the sole security of the room. The moment the archives are breached, the computer brain activates the self-destruct sequence (which cannot be shut off even if the computer brain is destroyed) which locks down all computers while erasing all projects (past and present) with a computer virus. The virus, when released, takes one second to start.


The rogue Mandalorians that set in motion for Dascoria city to be created recalled how Kaminoan scientists once used Jango Fett to establish a clone army for the Republic. Several Kaminoans were "captured" and brought to Ord Biniir, where the two groups decided on the structural design of the facility; and what was and wasn't allowed to be cloned. At first, the Mandalorians wanted the scientists to clone only them (Mandalorians), providing a strong warrior-like caste of citizens. However, the head Kaminoan scientist swayed the Mandalorians into allowing the facility to clone anything for the right amount of credits, providing facts that this could ensure a financial base for Ord Biniir.

The Kaminoan scientists, backed by unknown supporters to them, began setting up the facility to almost mimic the one on Kamino, but differed in outer appearances.

As the city began to see an influx of newcomers, and the facility still under construction, the Mandos opted out of the cloners creating 'life" from them, charging them with the task of cloning whatever brought in credits to aid in covering the costs of the growing Dascoria city.

By the year 692 ABY, the facility was no longer "employing" Kaminoans as human scientists with the cloning knowledge began to filter out the alien species. The reasoning for this, as decided by the Mandos, was for security purposes. Most of the galaxy knew what Kaminoans did, and the Mandos didn't want to cause civil unrest within the minds of the new arrivals to the city.

​Over the years, the facility maintained a steady flow of credits for both the city and planet; and with the influx of new arrivals escaping planets gripped in war or other political reasons, the Mandos themselves saw themselves begin to filter out or assimilate into the new identity of the city.
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