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Opnemr Pehie Bomb

Baifa Monü Zhuan
Intent: To create a weapon foro combatting force users and their sabers.
Development Thread: Valen Dominions
Manufacturer: Junko Ike
Model: Cortosis Bomb
Affiliation: The Galactic Empire (Atrisia)
Modularity: Yes logo's can be applied to the sides
Production: Unique
  • Quadranian steel (frame)
  • Durasteel (internal casing)
  • Cortosis (finely made powder)
  • Internal components
  • Electrum (External plating)
  • Fine Ixetal Cilona powder
  • Accelerometer
  • Turadium (control casing)
Description: Before the Galactic empire pulled out of Valen they managed to snag enough of the cortosis to create something. Or two somethings, in this case at the behest of Je'gan the cortosis was ground down into a fine powder and housed in a shell. The internal mechanisms designed using the components of Hevana Martin's anti force user and Mandalorian forcebreaker grenades. When launched if the speed or direction is changed it will explode.

The rest of the bomb was created by Junko from salvaged tech and some tinkering and research. The technology used by Omega Protectorate proving more invaluable while she researching it. The more she got into the technology they used the more a creative solution came to be. With a smile it all came together while taking into account other applications of the technology. Ixetal Cilona powder was stored between the inner working bomb shell housing the cortosis powder and under the electrum plating.

The detonation was set to work two fold with the first explosion dispersing the Ixetal Cilona powder over an area of 500ms to disrupt force users connection while providing a sense of euphoria. Then a second detonation to spread the cortosis powder to deactivate blades. The hopeful effect since the bomb is unable to be tested outright is a near complete incapacitation of force users and saber wielders while providing an advantage to the soldiers of the Galactic Empire.

The Junko worked what little magic she could to ensure its triggering couldn't be set off by just anyone. The controlled were put into a casing of turadium imbedded in the side of the bomb, with biometric scanners to make sure a person was who they say they were. The ones programmed to detonate it becoming herself and the Emperor though she was never told if he did all the procedures. Finally a small white current illusion was placed to obscure from most peoples sight the controls to keep them from trying. A command code and voice recognition needed.