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Character OOM-3 "Captain"

OOM-3 "Captain"

Droid Commander

OOM-3 "Captain"

  • Model:
    OOM-Series Battle Droid, Commander Sub-Series, TFD-N3338901-0112, OOM-(6612)-3

    Gender Programming:

    193 cm

    65 kg

    Body is primarily a light tan, maintained by the droid itself to ensure Federation protocols. Yellow markings on its head, arms, communications/battery pack, and chest.

    Photo Receptor:

    Scars or Distinctive Features:

    Thin and tall, with lanky limbs and a slender neck.

  • Alignment:
    True Neutral

    OOM-3 is the embodiment of a Free Spirit. It is simple, carefree, and overly happy by design. That isn't to say it is incapable of greed or violence; as a former Federation battle droid, OOM-3 is quite capable of both with a cheery disposition. OOM-3 is neither constrained by morality, nor does it go out of its way to be cruel. The droid merely moves from job to job, driven by a goal unknown even to it.

    Perspectives on other alignments:

    Lawful Good:
    "Well, if that makes you feel better!"

    OOM-3 finds those radically adherent to laws extremely bemusing, despite the fact that it follows the dictates of the Trade Federation handbook nearly religiously. As it views the concept of morality with a very "horseshoe" perspective, the Lawful Good appear stifling and haughty.

    Neutral Good:
    "It makes my circuits happy when you feel happy!"

    Of all proponents of the 'Good' alignment, OOM-3 clicks the best with the adherents of Neutral Good. The lack of a stifling moral code means that OOM-3 is forced to conform its own lack of morality, and thus can work at a higher efficiency. While the unending drive to do 'good', a subjective goal, was nonsensical to the droid, it still accepts one's right to do so.

    Chaotic Good:
    "Your tactics confuse and scare me!"

    The concept of 'conscious' to a battle droid is as alien as generosity is to a Hutt, doubly so when it comes to the proponents of Chaotic Good. Being driven entirely by the concept of 'what is right' based on something as subjective as an organic's conscious makes no sense to a droid, and thus leaves OOM-3 confused and befuddled as to how to proceed.

    Lawful Neutral:
    Rules? I didn't see that in the Federation handbook!"

    The personal codes and lawfulness of the Lawful Neutral sect often fly in face of OOM-3's personal code: obtain profit, destroy the opposition. As a droid driven by its own whims, OOM-3 struggles to comprehend any sense from the 'laws' that this Alignment might try to enforce upon it. Unless those laws were in the Trade Federation Standard Codex, in which case it agreed entirely!

    Chaotic Neutral:
    "Hey! You can't do that, it isn't in the handbook!

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, OOM-3 finds proponents of the
    Chaotic Neutral alignment to be little more than unhinged lunatics. The mere thought of someone openly defying the handbook would cause the droid nightmares, if it had the ability to dream... or sleep in the first place. Though the lack of care for common law is shared, OOM-3 at least has some code it follows.

    Lawful Evil:
    "I like your style! (Now if only you weren't such a dick about it)"

    In many ways, OOM-3 is very similar to the
    Lawful Evil alignment. It is driven by its own code, and cares little for who it has to harm to reach whatever goal has its attention at that moment, at least within reason. However, OOM-3 does not take pleasure in such actions and more often than not just pursues the path of least resistance. It finds this alignment to be needlessly cruel.

    Neutral Evil:
    "How rude..."

    Neutral Evil is viewed with ever deepening confusion by OOM-3, for reasons that have become obvious. Being cruel or evil for the sake of it makes little sense to a droid rooted in the logic and reason dictated by the handbook.

    Chaotic Evil:
    "But... why?"

    Everything OOM-3 disliked about Chaotic Good is reflected in Chaotic Evil.

    Personality Traits
    • Always Optimistic
    • Fearless

    = Lacks Conventional Morality
    = Chatter Box
    = Always Happy
    = Mildly Sarcastic

    - Incapable of Considering Failure


  • Age:

    All Spoken Languages (Officially Recognized) - Fluent

    Place of Construction:


    Baktoid Combat Automata

    Factional Affiliations:
    Trade Federation (Defunct)

    Droid Commander (Commodore/Colonel)


    38 BBY - 33 BBY:

    OOM-3, better known by it full batch designation of OOM-66123, was selected from one-hundred thousand of its fellows to receive Commander designation. As such, OOM-3 was instantaneously transferred all the knowledge and abilities of the Commander Sub-Series and received its rebranding. From there, OOM-3 spent five years in reserve, awaiting deployment to one of the Trade Federation purse worlds.

    32 BBY:
    OOM-3 was activated and attached the Task Force Omega during the Naboo Crisis. While OOM-9 focused on the capital of Theed, OOM-3 was deployed in the southern hemisphere to oversee the pacification of the large cities in that region. OOM-3 spent much of the occupation under that directive, unaware of the events transpiring a hemisphere away. By the time OOM-3 had been made aware of what was happening, the droid was deactivated by the conclusion of the battle.

    31 BBY - 30 BBY:
    OOM-3 was one of the lucky few Commanders spared destruction by the victorious Nubians, though it was slated for such after it was reclaimed by the Trade Federation. Whether out of some long term plan or mere spite, Nute Gunray personally ordered the droid be spared but shuffled back into the reserves until the head on the Federation died down. OOM-3 spent two years in shutdown.

    29 BBY - 22 BBY:
    OOM-3 was reactivated and made a Commander of the Cato Neimoidian garrison. The droid did not see any deployment outside of the planet.

    21 BBY - 19 BBY:
    OOM-3 was not gifted to the Confederacy at the onset of the war, but was shuffled from Cato Neimoidia as there was some fear the large presence of droids would cause issues on Coruscant. OOM-3 spent much of the war moving from world to world, protecting Federation interests. The one notable deployment was on Pantora. During the blockade, a several day affair between the Federation and the Pantoran government, OOM-3 was deployed to the planet's surface to protect Federation assets. A protest of Pantorans marched on one of the corporate buildings, where OOM-3 was stationed. The official transcript for the event was lost, but it is believed that OOM-3 ordered its droids to push the crowd back. During this confrontation, someone in the crowd shot and hit OOM-3 with a small blaster. Though much of the droid was salvageable, its logic motor had been fried by the shot. OOM-3 was condemned for recycling as the fleet lacked the resources to repair its outdated logic motor without replacing significant systems, but Sib Canay - commander of the blockade - did not wish to pay the resulting fee in replacing OOM-3. As such, the repair officers refit OOM-3 with a B-series logic motor. Luckily, the droid worked! Unfortunately, OOM-3 became unbearably positive and talked almost constantly, much to the horror of Canay.

    19 BBY - 18 BBY:
    With the closing of the Clone Wars, OOM-3 and its fleet were recalled to Cato Neimoidia. The Galactic Empire, wishing to nationalize the 'treasonous companies' had begun to attack Federation assets across the galaxy. OOM-3 did not arrive in time, not that it would have matter. The deactivation order for the Federation armies was given, and OOM-3 fell back into its slumber. The next year OOM-3 spent deactivated was a busy one across the galaxy, so it wasn't until much later that Imperial scavengers came across the deactivated Lucrehulk that OOM-3 commanded. Figuring the ship would be far more effective at moving their scrap, the scavengers commandeered the warship and jumped into hyperspace. Unfortunately, the lack of maintenance on a decades-old Lucrehulk did not make for a stable hyperdrive, and so the ship was dropped in the middle of a hyperlane. The resulting damage wiped out the communication array, leaving the ship floating uselessly in the empty vacuum of space.

    OOM-3 was activated an estimated four years after its ship was lost in space. The Imperials had long since burned through whatever supplies they had and were running out of food and water on the ship itself. Desperate, they reactivated the battle droid in the hopes that it could repair the hyperdrive. OOM-3, quite positively, informed the Imperials that the hyperdrive could be repaired once they reached a dockyard is [ERROR] years. Quite curiously, the Imperials took offence to this revelation, and spent the following weeks killing one-another. Eventually, OOM-3 was left alone with the deactivated bodies of its ilk. Seeing as it was, once again, the sole officer aboard the Leviathan, OOM-3 reactivated the sub-light engines and set course for the nearest system.

    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    Where am I:
    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    I am alone:
    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    It is so quiet:
    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    I don't want to be alone anymore:
    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    I am a good droid, please:
    OOM-3 continued to the nearest system.

    Good droids follow orders:
    OOM-3... continued...

    OOM-3 is a good droid:

    OOM-3 arrived in system.
    OOM-3 could not communicate with the Trade Federation.
    OOM-3 could not communicate with anyone.
    Good droids follow orders, OOM-3 is a good droid. OOM-3 follows orders.
    The Codex has orders, OOM-3 follows orders.

    After millennia lost in space, OOM-3 eventually managed the pilot the hulking wreckage of its old flagship into a 'nearby' system. Thankfully, the system had a dockyard and OOM-3 was carrying enough 'antique' equipment to pay for repairs. Refit with a new and modern hyperdrive, OOM-3 had the means to go anywhere in the galaxy... but it had nowhere to go. OOM-3 had no orders, no masters, no directives left after thousands of years. All OOM-3 had left was its codebook, its reactivated crew, and its desire to never be alone again its corporate directives.

  • Strengths:
    - Mechanical
    - Eidetic Memory
    • Commander Programming
    • Capable of Numerous Tasks

    • Droid
    • Thin Stature

    • Poor Combatant
    • Physically Unimpressive
    • Poor Shot
    • Simplistic Commander

  • Ships:
    1x "Leviathan" Modified Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 Cargo Freighter
    2000x "Vulture" Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I

    Company (Mostly flavour, the number likely won't ever matter or be relevant):
    6,000x OOM-Series Battle Droids, Pilot Sub-Series
    30,000x OOM-Series Battle Droids
    500x B2-Series Super Battle Droids
    37x P-Series Destroyer Droids "Droideka"

  • Weapons:
    E-5 Blaster Rifle
    RG-4D Security Blaster Pistol

    Communication/Battery Pack
    Officer Override Code Cylinder

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