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Character OOM-008-LOLLIPOP




FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
RANK: Blaster Fodder

PRODUCT LINE: B-Series Battle Droid
CONDITION: Mint – Not a Scratch [Freshly Released From Storage]

HEIGHT: 1.93 Meters
WEIGHT: 65 Kilograms
PHOTORECEPTORS: Soulless Black [When 0-0-0 Activates – Neon Violet]
PLATING COLOR: Bone-White with Ultraviolet Accents


+ Independent Thinker: As the typical upgraded models go these days, this unit is not dependent on a central command signal, and possesses the capacity for autonomous, mostly rational, thought.

+ Small Package: This droid can fold into a small bundle to allow easy transportation, storage, and subsequent deployment.

+ Cheap Date: The relatively inexpensive price tag of this droid means that its parts can be replaced relatively easily if damaged. No matter how many improvements have been made to original models it is still very cost efficient to produce. A new chassis would be easy to find, and the droid could retain its experiences, if some essential

+ Dumb Luck: Somehow, despite holding very little prowess when it comes to a battlefield, this B1 Droid can be quite the menace to an enemy. There is a very high chance that this unit could trip its way to success.

+ Triple-Zero[x]: This B1 performs all functions of a typical B1, especially, when they are beyond their purview. On top of that it can also launch into a deadly assassin mode at random. When this activates it can barely tell friend from foe. Dumb Luck only enhances this, as suddenly their blaster fire becomes terribly, scarily accurate.

+ Total Patriotism: Within the confines of its programming it will often sing the praises of the Confederacy to anyone who will listen. They will preach about the virility of the Vicelord and sanctity of their nation, all the while, reveling in a mysterious place where Droids can be free called Zhar. This unit is very pleased to serve.


- Legion: This droid is often ineffective alone. It needs others, generally speaking, to overwhelm their enemies in mass assaults.

- Smooth Jazz: At any point in time if this unit detects the subtle sounds of smooth jazz it will immediately fold down and launch into sleep and begin to recharge. Even if it is in the middle of a blaster fight.

- Quirk Artist: These units are subject to a variety of untimely “quirks” due to their programming. They can range from butterfingers, to inexplicably yelling, twitching, and or cursing surprisingly creatively. Any attempts to fix these quirks voids the warranty.


- EMP: Well…Duh.


This unit stands at a rather average height with a long neck, elongated head, that rests atop a slender neck. Jellybean was kept in the mirror-image of the original models that were designed to resemble a withered Neimoidian’s skull after desiccation. Indeed, they are a little disturbing, no matter how new they are. This unit has a powdery-white shade for its durasteel plating with deep violet markings.


Congratulations! Welcome to the User Manual!

Your recently activated B1 Battle Droid is ready to join the Confederacy in their warmongering at home and abroad! Remember, your B1, is not a toy. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure its operation for many gratuitous battles to come. With an innate need to expand and protect our allies we have developed a user friendly, inexpensive, and permanent solution to all of your manpower woes. It is advised that this unit be stored in a nearby, cool, and dry place when not in use. Do your best to keep them away from aggravating influences. Some models have adorable quirks that can be triggered when a particular stressor is applied.

Warning: Tampering with the unit in any way will void the warranty. Please, use your B1 as is intended. The Techno Union is not responsible for any harm endured if improper use is engaged deliberately or accidentally. It is YOUR responsibility to know the protocols within Jellybean and how to activate and or deactivate them. Should you fail? Your death, is on you.

. . . CAUTION . . .

- Touching the OOM model while it is in operation can lead to serious injury. Please ensure the following conditions are maintained and that the cautions listed from here onwards are followed when any wartime efforts are being performed.

- Do not enter the droid's restricted space when the droid is in operation or when it is powered on. We are not responsible if it drops an anvil on you.

- As a precaution against malfunction, if entering the droid's restricted space, refrain from activating any variety of phobias and/or triggering schizophrenic like episodes by jarring it’s programmed sensitivities.

- Be aware that there is no “Maximum Recommendation” for safe distance.

- Breach protocol at your own risk.



Party Bus: Usually, with hundreds of thousands of their cousin, brother, and sister models. These units do not like to travel alone. Ever. Infact, they move in ravenous, unstable packs.


A few droid cousins. A healthy sprinkling of organic superiors. Sometimes, these units can be more dangerous to their owns than their enemies.

Credit for the leg work of this profile goes to [B]Srina Talon[/B] / OOM-001-JELLYBEAN
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