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OOC Rules

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The Rebel Alliance is different from the other factions on Chaos in that we go about almost everything ICly.

We plan our dominions ICly. We plan our invasions ICly. We promote our faction admins ICly. Recruitment is done strictly through IC threads. Almost everything this faction does, or will ever do shall be done from an IC perspective. The reasoning for this is so that we may provide the most immersive experience possible, with the least amount of salt accrued.

That being said, our rules are relatively straightforward.


1. Do not make plans for the faction OOCly beyond theorizing as to where the story will go. We want all of our roleplay to develop organically in such a way that it evokes real emotions from the reader, and the writers putting it all together. Planning private arcs with other faction members is entirely up to you, but we will never discuss invasions, dominions, etc outside of a thread.

2. We do not punish our members for roleplaying. Faction members will not be punished or removed OOCly should they act against us ICly. Opposition creates good story, and if someone wants to, for example, betray us ICly, then that is their IC prerogative. That being said, IC actions incur IC consequences. If your character is thrown in a prison for bombing a civilian settlement, then you have to understand that you bought yourself that punishment ICly. IC issues cannot be resolved via OOC means.

3. When dealing with other factions, members are expected to be courteous and respectful. If you're angry about an interaction, join the Discord chat and vent to someone privately. Get your anger out before it can be destructive for both yourself and the faction. Should issues arise with other writers that you cannot resolve on your own, we ask that you come to us before you hit the report button. Most of us are adults here, and those of us that are should try to be good examples for the younger folks.

4. This faction operates on an air of realism. Our credits, while not recorded, are finite. When our ships are destroyed, we will feel that loss ICly. From an IC perspective, the rebellion's resources are scarce. If something is destroyed, you likely won't be getting a replacement for months. Faction members are expected to take this into account with their writing. We do this to create a feeling of stakes in the story, and enforce consequences for one's actions from an IC perspective.

5. This is not a 'salty faction'. Many of us have far too much going on in our IRL lives to worry about drama on a Star Wars roleplaying forum. With this in mind, rude words and callous actions against other writers OOCly will be met with disciplinary action. If you can't be a constructive person, then at the very least keep your thoughts to yourself.

6. It is okay to lose here. Our faction runs entirely on our storyline. We have no OOC goals. If we lose a battle, a war, or even more, we will roll with the punches. This isn't so much a rule as the faction staff letting you all know that we value the story just as much as you do, and hold far and above the faction itself.

7. Characters that have come back to life more than once are not permitted within the Rebellion. Characters that do so while in the faction will be banned. Do not cheapen death from the emotional gunshot wound that it should be.

In summary, story is more important than the faction, IC decides all our decisions, and you shouldn't be an nerf herder just because you don't get your way.