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One with the Darkness (Open)

Malachor V, Ruins of the Trayus Academy

He had ventured down into what remained of the Trayus core as a man, but he would return as something more. His journey had finally come to end. Hunts for knowledge so ancient that most of the galaxy didn't even caught a glimpse of it. Metal forged into a shell for his power, an anchor that would bind him to this plane of existence once he would take the step above it. Here in the darkness of Malachor, the world he had ruled for quite a while before the fall, Darth Nihilus had been reborn into the Lord of Hunger, and here in the darkness of Malachor Darth Abyss would be reborn as the Mindeater, a name not longer just a title but a state of being deeply etched into his very nature.

The sith lord stood on a plateau, as close to the broken worlds core as possible, feeling the echoes of the many deaths that Malachor had caused, the immense darkness that had once made others into literal wounds in the force. In front of him stood the armor he had forged, lacking only a few key parts. First the crown on his head was lifted from below his hood, landing on the metal skull of his new body. Then followed the robe he was shrouded in, the same he wore since becoming a sith. He have his boney, pale and human hands a last look, before taking his mask of, placing it on the armor as well.

Almost naked he took a deep breath. This what he had waited for. Waited for so long, that he almost forget when it started. The path to transcendence had been walked to its end. But like any end it was a new beginning. With that thought, the soul, the spirit, the pure dark essence of Abyss, once called Atton, was ripped from his body, and clawed itself into the armor, while his flesh dropped to the ground.

For a second there was only darkness.

Then a slight echo in the force.

Then a dark awakening that would resound through the force far beyond the boarders of this world.

Many had been part of his quest. His master [member="Darth Ophidia"] stood besides him when he stepped into the nether the first time, [member="Aria Vale"] and [member="Connor Harrison"] had been with him when he uncovered long lost secrets about a altered version of essence transfer, [member="Darth Lykos"] had offered his skill when creating the armor. Others had stood besides him as well, not directly involved in his search but still a helping hand in his rise. People like [member="Krest"], or his apprentice [member="Serenity Loveheart"]. There was also [member="Miss Blonde"], the only one of those close to him that would be rather unhappy with his evolution. They all would feel the echo.

Soundless steps moved him through the ruins of the ancient academy, no longer flesh and bones, but only twisted metal and pure darkness. Past, present and future all sorted into a single vision, his sense sharper than anything before, the void of his mind wider and emptier than ever before. The abyss had opened a final time, and a being had emerged from it closer to a god than to a man. And whoever would try to stand against him now would suffer.
An all encompassing silence enveloped the Rattataki's form. She was afloat, beyond the influence of gravity and sealed far from the faintest touch of light. She perceived the great nothing; felt its lacking touch, breathed its phantom air, and read the text written on the dark side of every star. Through the great nothing, as mind un-tethered from body, she sensed far beyond her reach and felt the ripple of the Force. Her sight tither turned and was stabbed in sweet, searing agony by the consequence. Such dark radiance held that which she perceived, and she knew what had come to pass.

"The Mindeater is whole, the stars quiver."
D̰͓̼z̦͍̦̮͇͠i̳̞͍͇̺ͅs̴ ̱ḵá̟m̩̤̠̣̕ ̳q̝̲o̞̠̟̥̩͎̘r̛͇̤͈̞i͘t̰̖͙̼̺,̞͍ ͏͙S̨̱̻w̷͙i̦͇͙̳̤̻̲r̢̟͇̫͕̬a͞?͕̰̮͕̼ͅ ͏̼̺
A legacy of terror; an insatiable hunger to devour the light.

The nothingness dissipated around her, revealing the interior of a darkened ship floating in the emptiness of the void. So did she, as the artificial gravitation had been switched off. Her eyes adjusted to the low light as she propelled herself through the bloodied cargo-hold with a twist of her core and a mild burst of the Force. Bare hands and feet touched the chilled metal floor, and clung to it.

Ember-eyes shut as she once more reached inside herself. The spectral tendrils of her mind touched the cold fire of her lingering fury and followed the strand of experiences shared to the spirit of metal and hunger.

A sensation of approval permeated the connection and translated thought into word "And your rebirth is complete; how do you feel?"

Abyss' new existence made her curious. Though she had no desire for one such transformation, her scientific mind wished to know. Ever more did her thirst for information reach for the most strange and obscure.

[member="Darth Abyss"]
While the metal figure slowly traversed through the ancient ruins, with unseen eyes that could reach through space and time, the Mindeater felt a familiar darkness that touched his mind from afar. From far beyond the boarders of Malachor the voice of his master echoed through the force, reaching him through the twisted bond they had formed out of the strange mix of hate and admiration that an sith apprentice felt towards his master.

"Like I am both more and less than before. Like a veil has been lifted from my eyes, and yet all I can see is darkness."

It was hard to describe what he was now, even to himself. He didn't actually could see anymore in a physical, yet the force allowed him to see more of the world around him. The echoes of the past, the future and the present brought together into an all seeing eye. The hunger had grown as well, what once, at the start of his path, had been nothing more than a slight sensation in the back of his mind was now a force of nature that could consume everything in its path.

"All secrets not yet uncovered obey my command now. I am one with the darkness."

Even the mental voice of Abyss was unlike that was heard from him before. There was a slight hint of the man he had once been in the tone of it, but there was nothing human about it besides that. Each word was followed by an echo, words spoken with voices of the minds he had devoured.

[member="Darth Ophidia"]

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