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One ducky, two duckies...


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Hello all! I've already introduced myself on the faction's Discord, but decided to throw myself at this portal's tender mercies as well.

I'm playing a youngling about to become an initiate in the Order of Ren. Currently, she's stuck on Skye, but hopefully when I get caught up and gain my footing, I'll be able to approach more of you for a thread.

Please feel free to drop a reply here or message me and I'll do my best to get back to you soon-ish!

I look forward to causing trouble with you all.
A New Beginning
[member="Marriskcal Lati"]

Welcome! We have lots of faction threads upcoming so its a pretty exciting time to be entering the fray. Feel free to PM me here or @ Kirie on discord if you have any questions :)


ѕ т a r d υ ѕ т & g l ι т т e r
[member="Madelyn Lowe"]

Thank you for the warm welcome and your kind offer! And it definitely is, I'm looking forward to participating in them. :D