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Once More With Feeling

The Republic had tried to keep her there and rehabilitate her. They had given her counseling and had even retrained her a bit. Sophia took advantage of the extra hand to hand combat lessons and even private lessons but in the end it wasn't enough to keep her there. It wasn't the same since her father left and without Turin. The whole thing just didn't work so she left.

Sophia had for the last few months had been doing odd and end jobs. Anything to make ends meet as honestly the young woman had no idea where to go from here. Literally she was doing nothing but spinning her wheels and she had enough. She needed to face the facts and move forward.

This was the reason when she heard of Confederacy of Independent she was interested. She could stay with Omega Prye as her family was there but it was time to make it on her own. Sophia believed only by doing this could she truly move on.

Sighing Sophia took a sip of her Caf as she waited for the recruiter she was too speak with. She wasn't positive he was a recruiter as she hadn't gotten a name or anything but she was promised he could answer her questions and help her get set up if she wished to join.

Sophia had quite the resume which was probably why they had looked her up. She could offer them a lot but they could without knowing it could probably offer her a lot. That part she would let him tell her about.

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]
Combined Clans Building, Bothawui

What was originally a structure dedicated solely for the governing of Bothan Space had grown in scope and purpose since the birth of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Its present incarnation, a marvel of architecture augmented by the efforts of the coalition of worlds, was the literal heart of Confederate operations; both militant and civilian. It was here that the Grand Marshal of the Confederacy would most often be found, if he was not in the field contributing to the nation's war against Slavery in the south; and it was here that one Sophia Walsh would be called to begin the interview process.

In particular, she would have been guided through numerous winding hallways and flights of stairs in order to arrive outside a humble, wooden door. Behind this was the office of the Grand Marshal himself, who, despite his position, preferred to keep things as simplistic as possible. As such, his was not a grand space characterized by wonderful aesthetics, but instead one characterized by the essentials. It was upon one of his essential commodities, his desk to be exact, that the datapad containing the dossiere of the potential recruit was laid.

He, a clone born for service in the Republic Special Forces, made it a point to personally make time for one on one conversations with any and all potential personnel whom entered Confederate service while possessing history with the Republic. As such, Sophia Walsh was granted the rare opportunity to interact with the literal head of state of the entire nation...of course, this was not exactly a fact that would be aware of at this point in time. At this moment, she would have been under the impression that he appointment was with a simple recruiter of sorts.

Having carefully read over Sophia's credentials, the Grand Marshal found himself impressed. The woman awaiting him just outside his office door had a considerable sum of skill and would be an invaluable asset to the Confederacy's military forces. As such, the "man in the white armor" as he came to be known, rose from his seat and strode across his office to the door. Upon opening it, he stated simply, "Miss Walsh, shall we begin?" before returning back to his desk and motioning to the seat in front of him for her to sit in.

"Please, have a seat ma'am." he began, returning to his own seat and folding his hands upon the desk. "My name is Genesis Rostu, Grand Marshal of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It is an immense pleasure to meet you Miss Walsh." She was then met with a rare smile on the part of the clone and a hand extended to her to shake in greeting. "Shall we get started? Tell me about yourself."

Sure, there was information about her story on the dossiere, but it was always a better thing entirely to hear the tale from the mouth of the one who lived least, this was Genesis' outlook on it anyways.

@[member="Sophia Walsh"].
She had experience dealing with higher ups in the military not only because her father was an Admiral but because she too was in the military. Sophia knew they could be stringent and uptight at times. Everything was about following protocol, rules and of course respecting those ranked higher than you. There was only one person whom was able to get away with whatever it was he wanted under her. It was because they had worked well together and she had a crush on him. She was very good at putting on a front and conducting herself properly as the military expected her to. Most didn't believe her to be only 22 but Sophia was wise beyond her years. She had been though enough these last few months to last her a lifetime.

Even though she had met many Admirals and even the Grand Admiral and Grandmaster of the Jedi she still was nervous about making a good impression. If she wanted a new chance she had to prove her worth and not act idiotic in front of the head of the entire Confederacy. Sophia didn't even know why she was called in his office. Every time she had ever been called into someone's office it wasn't for a good reason. She was sure that it was just he had questions as there was no way she was in trouble already.

Before entering his office Sophia took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves. He certainly wasn't going to strap her to a chair and use Force Lighting on her. This was just an interview and thinking otherwise was just silly. "The pleasure is all mine, Grand Marshal Rostu." She smiled shaking his extended hand before taking the seat offered to her. She had know exactly whom he was before she arrived. Sophia always did her homework.

"As you know my name is Sophia Walsh. I'm 22 years old and I was a Captain of the Republic Navy but have since left. They said I was the youngest Captain they ever had. My father was an Admiral at the Republic but I received my position through hard work and dedication. I'm a book work and I would have done anything to keep my crew safe. Things happened and I went on leave for a time. During that time I actually took extra hand to hand combat training and through Specops training so I would be better prepared next time. I left after being cleared as it wasn't working out."

She paused for a second to catch her breath before continuing. She didn't really want to go into the specifics of everything. "Besides my military career I am also a mechanic and was building my own ship until it was blown up. I find working on ships very relaxing and can fix just about anything. My uncles were smugglers and they taught me everything they know. It was useful when on patrol."

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]
Military bearing was the sort of thing that made it difficult to gauge what an individual was thinking. The perpetual look of seriousness, almost in the form of a scowl, was something drilled into the skull of every military recruit across the Galaxy and became a second nature of sorts. As such, while the woman went about talking about herself, unknowingly impressing the clone with each and every word, his expression did not give off a single inclination of a positive or negative response. He listened, intently, and carefully regarded all that she said; as her experience would dictate the role she would play within the Confederacy.

When she had concluded, however, the Grand Marshal broke bearing by placing a smile upon his lips. It was genuine in nature, and after a few seconds of silence so that he may completely organize his thoughts, he began to address that which she had said. "Based upon what you have told me, and the additional details included in your file, I'd say you are more than qualified for a position of rank within the Confederate Navy. In light of your experience as a Captain, and your additional training under special operations, should you choose to accept...I would like to sign you on as a Captain of the Phantom Corps. What this entails is doing that which you have experience in: primarily the piloting of starfighters. To this end, you will preside over the members of the Phantom Corps, render flight lessons when necessary, and operate as a close-air-support or space-superiority individual. I do believe those roles are right up your alley."

"In addition, we of the Confederacy foster innovation like no other. As such, during your down time, I will be giving you access to the Research and Development Department. You will be free to resume your work as a mechanic of sorts to your heart's content; and if you so choose, you may customize your Jackal Interceptor...which comes standard with your position. All in all, I'd like you aboard Miss Walsh...or should I say, Captain Walsh?"

@[member="Sophia Walsh"].
Even though Sophia had carefully listened to what was offered to her she had to play it back in her mind a few times before it sunk in. The Republic had never offered her anything like that in all her years there. She had requested the chance to work on research and design there but had been denied each and every time. The closet thing she got was the beat up old ship that she found in a junkyard and had taken to her parent's garage. Now right off the bat she was being offered that chance which was wonderful. She could see herself spending many a nights there as Sophia was still having trouble sleeping. Doing what she loved helped take the nightmares away. On top of being given the opportunity of being a Captain again. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for and she would be stupid not to take it.

After almost being killed by two Sith Sophia had been looking for a change and a chance to do some good in the galaxy. The Confederacy was offering her that opportunity and the fresh start that she was looking for. Her she would be able to heal and move forward in her life. Finally she could make her father proud of her once again.

"I will happily accept the position Captain of the Phantom Corps. Thank you for the opportunity, I promise you won't be disappointed. Only one question when do I start?" Sophia was genuinely happy and wanted to jump around all excited but wouldn't for now. She needed to keep her composer while she was still in office at least. She was guessing that Phantom Corps was like Specops and went on specialized missions the Navy didn't. She could handle anything they threw at her. One thing being kidnapped taught her was that she was stronger than she had originally thought.

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]

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