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Offical Location Pictures and Info

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The Black Flame
Obcasus City (Capital City)

Obcasus is a city that was built up around Grevious's old castle and now serves as the Fel Imperium's "Capital City". The city is full of bars, parks, multiple districts and churches of both the Morning Star and of other religions. The city, unlike those found on Coruscant, is kept in neat order from the lowest districts to the highest and is generally seen as a clean and very sophisticated city.

Palace of the Sun

The mantel of Fel power, the Palace of the Sun serves as both the capital building and household of the Imperator and many other government officials. After expanding and redesigning the palace of General Grevious, the old Sith lapdog's castle was re-purposed to serve as the Fel Dynasty's capital. The banners of the Phoenix Era hand proudly outside the gates and a giant golden representation of the bird sits atop the highest building, forever watching over the lands of the Imperium.

The Imperator's quarters is found at the peek of the same building, right under the phoenix statue. Right below the Imperator's room, but above the next floor down, are the quarters for the highest ranking members of the Praetorian Guard. The floor directly below this tower is reserved for the Imperators family and below that for his top military and government leaders. Directly below that floor are the rooms of the standard ranking Praetorian and their training centers. The rest of the palace consists of meeting rooms, dining halls, a Imperial Knight barracks and vast numbers of guest rooms.

Locations Inside the Palace of the Sun

Throne Room
The throne room is located above the family quarters but below the Lead Praetorian and Imperator's quarters. The room is lined with busts of ancient Fel ancestors, with the Emporer's and Empresses busts being the largest. Statues of dragons and phoenix's also line the room with a massive replica of the fiery bird located directly behind the throne.

The window behind the Imperator's throne is made of blaster resistant, starship grade glass and the stairs lead directly to the quarters of the lead Praetorian. When the Imperator is present in the throne room, the highest ranking Imperial Knight Praetorian are positioned on either side of the throne with a line of Praetorian lining either side of the carpet which leads from the entrance to the throne.

Imperator's Chambers


The Imperator's Chambers is lined with marble flooring and fixtures with two "Guardian Dragon" statues on the stairs leading up to his bed. There is also a balcony that can be entered through a reinforced Ultrachrome door. On the balcony there is a garden and artificial waterfall.

Imperator's Meeting Room
The Imperator's meeting room is a secret chambers found in the ground under the palace. The room is lined with a touchscreen wall that is capable of displaying multiple programs, images and reports at once. There are also hard copies of all Imperial Order Records and general archives records so that no outside signals are needed to transport the information. It is also procedure that all information be downloaded directly from within the room, as to not compromise the rooms security by sending outside signals.

Medical Facilities


To keep the Imperator and his closest advisers and guards from being compromised or risking dangers at outside hospitals, the palace is fitted with its own medical centers that are staffed by only the most trusted and thoroughly investigated staff. There are a total of twenty four facilities within the palace and each is capable of seeing to any medical needs. There is also one single facility reserved for the Imperator.

Gardens of Roan
The actual garden within the barracks

Sparring Room

the hallways

The Gardens of Roan have a misleading name, as the gardens are actually a massive military style training facility. The facility is dedicated to the training of Imperial Knights and has an odd mix of nice rooms and industrialist hallways. The actual "Gardens of Roan" are but a room within the top of the facility that sponsors plant life from across the galaxy. Many rooms, such as the sparring room, are made to give a nice impression to the eye, but the hallways have not been renovated and still keep the look of ancient CIS industrialism. The quarters have also been kept in the same condition of the hallways which gives the facility a much more militaristic feeling and look than you find in either Jedi or Sith temples.
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