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Of My Blood, My Actaeon...



A few years after her travels with [member="Elpsis Elaris"] , she'd given birth to her son. To say the least, it had been the greatest thing to ever happen to her. She took a brief hiatus from her training to raise him. For now she stayed on Lynx with a noble family, serving as the handmaiden and confidant to the lady of the home. The woman had recently had a baby of her own around the same time as Paa'lee, the birth had weakened her even after a few years had gone by and it was Paa'lee who oversaw the healing process, and tended to her ailments. In the meantime, Sobaan would be raised along their own son.

However, in between time Paa'lee would take her little taronyu and teach him the way of her people. Surely, he'd make a fine lord one day but the hunt would surely be in his blood and she didn't want him to ever overlook his customs. Perhaps when he was older, she'd be able to return back to her own brief training with Elpsis, surely they'd be in contact. Paa'lee would have considered her, her only friend at this point.


In the forest, she had taken him with her. She came to gather herbs but to also practice with him. She gave him a bow she made, it was nothing more than something he could practice on and later discard. His small frame stood just in front of her as she kneeled down behind him.

"Try to focus Da'len... this is your tsko swizaw, your bow and arrow."

She slowly, and softly used her arms and hands to correct his form, and help him grasp the weapon as it was suppose to. Her skills with throwing objects had slightly degenerated over time; she was near-sighted, but she wasn't sure if her beloved had developed that or will but it was best he knew regardless.

"I carved a mark for you in the tree ahead...straighten up" she said softly, while she pressed her palm against his lower back. "Whenever you feel ready, release."

"Breath Actaeon..."

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

"Tsko swisaw," he said as he stood holding it in his hands.

His mother was teaching him so he sucked in a breath and focused. No time for games now, Sobaan. That was for later. She tilted his arms one way, moved his hands lightly another, until he was in what felt a more comfortable position to him. Strange how subtle movements could do that. He'd thought he felt fine, but now he really felt fine. Then she pressed lightly on his back and he nearly stumbled, not expecting it, but he kept himself straight and looked down the arrow at the mark she mentioned. When she told him to breath he realized he was still holding his breath in and let it out in an overly exaggerated manner.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Release.

Fingers let go of the arrow and it flew from the bow at the tree where she'd made the mark. It hit the tree, but didn't quite hit the mark, a little ways beneath it instead. Not too far, actually quite close, but he definitely still had work to do.

"How's that, Momma?"

Her head followed the motions of the arrow as if was launched at the tree just some feet away. He missed his mark, but he was close enough to warrant a chuckle and hug from his mother. She embraced her son by sweeping him up and showering him with affection before putting him down and kneeling before him again. This time she had her hands on his shoulders and had him face her.

"So close Da'len...with just a little more practice you'll be the greatest hunter!" she smiled at him, of course the process back home was more rigorous but this was her son. She wanted to push him but...she knew what it felt like to be pushed in a direction you didn't necessarily want. Sobaan was still young...well she supposed she shouldn't coddle him.

"Make sure you practice even when your not with me, go..." she nodded in the direction of the tree. "Go retrieve your arrow..."

She stood to her feet, gathered herself and trailed behind him. Of course she still needed to gather those herbs, but they could practice in different spots and as they go.

"Come...we must walk."

Of course when she saw him she saw his father. He was 10 years old now...and every day she wondered when would be the right time...she made it up in her mind that she would wait until Sobaan started asking questions. It was about him more so than her now...he was the center of her life.

She proceeded through the forest, twisting and maneuvering around trees. "How goes your other studies..." of course most of his education came from the instructors the family had hired. Sobaan wasn't forced to participate but Paa'lee insisted.

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

"Aww, Momma-"

He made a show of being grossed out by all the attention, but he surely did love it. She was the only one that mattered in the world to him. And considering they worked for a Lady, or, well, his mother did, there was also the Lady's son, though he wasn't the type to spend too much attention focused on him when he had his own mother to spend time with. And he wanted to learn how to hunt!

When she sent him to retrieve his arrow, he ran as fast as his legs would carry him, which, as always, was faster than anyone else on the world his age could run. He hopped up and plucked the arrow out of the tree before returning it to his quiver where it rightly belonged. Arrows always went back into their quiver so they would stay in good condition and din't get left behind where they didn't belong. Plus it kept them in a place where he could quickly reach for them when he needed them. He paid attention to what his Momma taught him. She was really smart, after all. Nobody was as smart as her.

He ran to catch up with her as she started walking, keeping his little bow in his hand as he did so. When she asked about his studies he sighed.

"The others are stuffy about it. They say that since I'm not noble born I can't be as smart as them."

Of course he got better grades than them so that was probably why, but since he didn't see his grades, he didn't really know that was the case. He was smart, but he preferred more to be out with his Momma than to be sitting inside of a room reading books and learning from strange people.

She noticed his sigh, paying more attention to all that he wasn't saying. She looked over at him as he walked just beside her, trying to find the words she looked forward and perched up before parting her lips to speak. Well...he certainly wanted to be a hunter but she sort of had other plans for him seeing as how she had gotten a glimpse of the wider galaxy, at least part of it. Was she turning into her father? Well, she had no intentions of keeping him from doing whatever he wanted but she wanted to assure that he was well-rounded.

"I know Da'len...I know you would rather be out here. It's in your blood after all, but please..." she turned to him and placed her hand on his shoulder before pulling him close. "Continue to do this for me...bare with me for a little while longer and then we will leave this place and explore the galaxy together huh?"

Of course he was smart, his parents both were, his father even more so. Though Paa'lee was still young when she had him, and so there was much she encountered later in life; she learned from experience but she was hoping Sobaan wouldn't have to learn from trial and error.

She continued on, "Sobaan, if there was one thing I should ever teach you, it is to see." she stopped and turned to him. "You must always see...not just with your eyes Da'len but spiritually...with your heart." He was still young, his spatial perception was still developing but when as he would grow he would come to view the world around him with more clarity than anyone else. But even then he could be blind..."I want you to always look at the bigger always ask understand the reasons behind everything."

"Can you do this for me?"

Speaking of his spatial perception, his montrals were growing in rather well and she wanted to test it.

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

When she stopped he stood there kicking his foot into the dirt. He knew what she was saying, of course, but he didn't really like being cooped up. There was so much to see out there! He'd seen bits and pieces, of course, heard about the various wars and things. Learned a little of the Jedi and Sith from his Momma. But all that did was make him want to go out there and experience it. At his age, though, he knew he couldn't do it alone. After all, he had no money and so no other way to leave. Not that he would if he could. He'd not leave with his Momma. It was scary out there, and as brave as he acted sometimes, he felt no small amount of fear and apprehension.

He huffed a little and kicked a big rock to send it skittering off into the woods. A bird made a terrible noise of startlement and flew off, but he ignored it. He wasn't trying to be quiet and hunt today, so it was alright to make a little noise.

"I guess," he said, resigned to his role.

Of course he would do what she asked him regardless of what it was. He had the utmost respect for his Momma. Nobody would ever be able to take that away from him. Speaking of questioning, things, though, now that he was older he kept wondering about his father. The other kids always asked him why his father was never around, and he didn't really have an answer for it. Maybe he should question.

"Momma? Why is Papa never around? Where is he? When will I meet him?"

His little mind couldn't even comprehend the possibility that his father was dead, so it wasn't a question worth asking. Not that he was, though.

She smiled at him, of course he was more like her at this age. So full of energy and life. So, she could understand his wants and needs. But, he was all she had. If anything were to happen to him...she wouldn't know what to do. She wanted him close, but she also wanted him to be prepared for such things. The galaxy was scarred, and she couldn't even figure out how to heal it. Of course their stay would be temporary, she hadn't intended on staying forever but it kept them secure for the time being and it was an option she wasn't sure she'd come across again. it was all for him in the end...

He asked of his father, and she was shook. Immediately, images of Leos began to replay in her head. It was the memories she struggled to hold back every single day. Nothing, could prepare her for this moment even if she thought something had. She sighed, and their was a brief moment of silence between them.

Her eye bounced around and then landed on the forest floor, she parted from him and kneeled down to gather up some herbs she had been searching for this entire time. Without looking at him, "Your dad is...out there fighting for us." thinking of the device she always carried on her because she couldn't bear being separated from it, "He's...close. Always..."

She inhaled, it was an attempt to hold back the emotions that were spilling out on the inside. She turned back to her son after she found the strength to straighten her face. "Is that your desire?...Do you wish to meet him?"

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

He tilted his head to the side at her reaction. Asking about his father had changed the way she looked. He didn't really understand it, but what he could see was that he'd somehow upset her in some way. Not the kind of upset where she was mad at him, or upset with him, but the kind of upset when you remembered something you'd forgotten to do. That happened to him a lot. Sometimes he could be quite forgetful, especially when there were trees begging to be climbed or animals to be chased. He, uh, had a tendency to get himself in trouble because of the things that he forgot to do.

She knelt to pick some plants and he walked over and wrapped his arms around her, trying not to poke her in the face with his bow.

"Don't be sad, Momma."

It was the first thing that came to his mind to say. He'd caught her right as she turned back to him and asked if he wanted to see his father. Of course he wanted to meet him sometime soon. What little boy wouldn't? He'd been spending all of his time with his mother, and his sort of friends who had both and he was a little bit jealous because even though he knew he had a father he'd never gotten to see him. But he didn't want to make his mother upset. Maybe she didn't like his father? Was that it? No, that couldn't be it. She'd said he'd was out there fighting for them and was always close. Maybe he was a great warrior and that was what scared her?

"Sometime I want to, if that's okay. I don't want you to cry, though."

Would Leos be angry with her...she bore his son and failed to tell him. 10 years went she still loved him like they were back on Shili. Did he feel the same? She pushed him away, would Sobaan resent her for this? Did she still feel used? These things overwhelmed her whenever she thought about she tried not to. But her heart was Sobaan, and she'd do anything for him. If he wanted to see him then she would allow such...

Settling into his embrace she wrapped her arms around him. "I promise you I'm not sad...I'm just so proud of you Da'len. You have a fire and courage like no other." of course she couldn't get herself to press the button or remove it form her person but perhaps now was the time.

"I will not cry, I promise. If it is your wish to see your father then I will make it happen."

She reached down in her satchel, pulled the device from within and activated it. Of course, he wouldn't appear right away. It would take some time before Leos reached them but at least then she knew he was coming.

"One day soon you will meet him..."

Now, she pulled herself away. She playfully covered his eyes, "I want you to tell me what you see around you without looking..." of course his montrals weren't fully mature but he could probably extend his senses well enough to give her a few answers about the things he could make out.

This was as much training as it was a way to get away from the conversation about his dad. It could be weeks, months before Leos found them, if he even still checked for her.

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

She pulled out a strange device and did something with it that he didn't quite understand, and then she put it away again. He tilted his head to look down at the bag, wondering what it was and what it had to do with his father coming. The fact that he was going to get to meet his father was exciting to him and he smiled, showing the difference between him and his mother, as his teeth were not sharp as hers were. He was only part Togruta. His mother had explained to him that he was different, but he didn't yet fully understand what different meant. He knew it was important, his different, but he didn't know why.

He smiled at her, though. Granted it was a short lived smile as she covered his eyes and he couldn't see. He dropped his bow and reached up to try and pull her hands away at first, though he stopped after a moment because she told him she wanted him to do something. At first he didn't really understand, but without his eyes showing him things, he felt something else come alive within him and his hands fidgeted as they held onto her arms.


What did he feel? His mothers hands. And she was right in front of him. And there were the trees, and a bug was going to land on a flower nearby, and another one was about to land on his Momma's nose, which made him giggle. It was a butterfly, so harmless, but it was still funny.

"A bug is gonna land on your nose!"

She giggled to herself at his reaction, jumping back only to find that he was right about a bug landing on her nose. A butterfly landed on the tip of her nose, and she softened up before wiggling her nose to force it to fly away. She loved nature, it was beyond anything they could comprehend and it meant everything in her culture. She hoped her son would come to appreciate it just as much and realize the extent of what he could do.

"Let's go Actaeon..." she said this after pulling her hands away completely and brushing her finger against his cheek. She rose to her feet a closed up her satchel.

Well, only her son could take her through the motions. Of course he didn't mean to, and she understood that; he was only a child. It was like...she saw Leos in him every day. She had no knowledge of how he might've been as a child but...she assumed it was like this. Extremely smart and aware...Sobaan was just a little more ambitious and wild, courtesy of his mother. He looked nothing like his father, but he looked everything like his father.

"I want you to keep practicing with your bow Da'len...your coming along so well, better than I was at your age."

Of course one day she wanted to bring Sobaan home to meet his grandfather, perhaps when he was older. She wasn't sure how to approach that just yet.

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

She pulled her hands away and he giggled when the butterfly landed on her nose.

"Told you!"

Then she said it was time to go and he bounded after her, playfully strumming his bow as if shooting invisible arrows. Pew pew. Some day he might actually be able to do something like that, but at the moment that was out of his grasp. He could pretend though. While he didn't know where they were going, he also didn't really care. Being in a good mood was making it so he didn't have to care. Now, if he'd been in a bad mood, well, he'd have been complaining every second of every minute that they were all running about. Oh, she wouldn't like that all that much, of that he was certain. She never did and it tended to make her a little cranky too.

"Am I? I can't ever seem to hit the mark, though. I'm always below it, or above it, or to the side of it. I can't ever HIT it."

He pouted a little bit and kicked a rock.

"I'll practice more though. Maybe when Papa comes I'll be able to hit the mark for him!"

She looked down at him while he spoke, "Yes you are...I'll tell you when I was your age I had to work very hard to even get my hands on a bow. To say the one took me serious. I kept practicing..." she said said as her voice got lower and she zeroed in on her son. "I got I know you will too. I'll be here to help you."

She looked forward only to do a double take as her son spoke of his dad again, she smiled. "Then your going to have to work very hard, then you could show him everything you can do." she nudged him.

Innocence, he was completely innocent. Just exactly where was Leos...she hoped he would come. She promised Sobaan, and knew it would crush him if he never got to see his father. But if she knew Leos like she thought she did, and believed in the feeling she had in her heart then he was likely on his way. How long that would take she wasn't sure...he could be on the other side of the galaxy right now.

"Your father would be proud of the hunter your becoming...he'll see the fire in your eyes. You can't be scared when you meet him..."

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

"But you're so good at it. How could you ever be bad at it?"

That made no sense to him. Between the two of them she was always perfect in everything she did, and he always seemed to goof up on something or other. No matter what it was he was trying to do, he always seemed to find a way to foil himself in doing it. Though, that was probably simply because he was young and not quite that patient with things yet. As he grew that would likely change.

She said his papa would be proud of him and he sniled, though when she said that he couldn't be afraid his smile faded a bit. Should he be afraid? Was that why she was telling him he couldn't be afraid? Was there more to his fmpapa than she'd told him? Maybe he shouldn't have asked, but now he had to ask further.

"Is there something about papa that scares you, momma?"

Of course he wasn't going to say he was scared unless she was scared. He was a little boy. He'd be brave as long as his momma was, and maybe a little longer.

"Everyone has to learn and hone their skills...I was pushed to pursue another path when I was your age. But I wanted to be a hunter...and so I practiced and practiced, then I met your father." she said smiling softly, recalling when she met Leos for the first time. He stared at her when their two groups first encountered each other. She never mentioned that he had caught her eye as well...

She reached out and placed her hand on her sons shoulder, pulling him close to her as they walked. He had taken to asking questions, and that was perfectly fine with her. His inquiring mind let her know he had the capacity to think beyond certain things. He wondered if she was scared of his father...

Honestly, she didn't know...part of her was reluctant. However, majority of her just wanted to see him and be in his presence. She figured the reluctance was the voice she should listen to but...

"No Da'len...I'm not scared of your father. I just..." she held her words for a moment, "I just want you to have an open mind and heart and hold nothing against him when you see him. Try not to be angry that he hasn't been present..."

She leaned down and kiss him on his premature montrals, "In time you will come to understand. I promise."

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

So she had been destined to be something else? But why? That didn't make any sense to him. Her skills as a huntress were so great that it didn't seem plausible for her to be anything other than what she was. Maybe the world that she came from was just really strange like that. He hadn't really asked much about Shili, his mothers homeworld, but then he hadn't really had a reason to since he'd never been there himself. Someday he was sure that he'd go, but for now it didn't seem to make sense to him, especially with his papa coming. He couldn't imagine her being any other way, though, and that was what mattered to him.

He reached his finger up to his mouth and bit gently on it until she reached out and took him by the shoulder. Then he allowed her to draw him closer to her as they walked, his other hand firmly holding onto his bow, as he was not going to drop it.

"Why should I be angry, momma? You said he was out fighting for us. Isn't that important?"

He had little to go on, and little reason to be angry at anyone. All she'd told him was that he was out fighting for them and that he'd come soon. His little mind figured that meant he was out there protecting them from harm, which made him proud more than anything. But there was still a curiosity there that wasn't satisfied with his momma's answer. The way she'd said she wasn't scared was less than convincing to him. Clearly there was more to this than he knew about, but he suspected that he would likely find out soon enough, as she said that he would.

"I'll be patient. I promise."

"It is...but when you get older you'll understand. That's why I want to soak up anything and everything you can here." she looked down at him while she spoke, watching him hold his bow and bite on his finger; it was precious. She didn't want him to grow up just yet...and he was growing extremely fast it seemed.

"We'll practice with your bow one more time before we head back home Actaeon. Seems like you don't want to part with it." she giggled. "I have to return and ready the medicine for The Lady."

"How does that sound?" of course she hoped she could get his mind off what they'd been discussing, she could tell he'd been trying to deconstruct it. She didn't want him to be overthinking.

[member="Sobaan Palle"]

Sobaan Palle

When he gets older he will understand. He wanted to understand now, but he could tell when his momma was going to be stubborn on a subject, so he let it go. Instead, he turned his eyes down to his bow when she mentioned it. More practice would be good. He wanted to be able to hit things the way that she could. She could even hit a moving target with precision. That always made him jealous when she showed him how she could do that.

"Okay," he said, smiling at her.

He stopped and reached to his quiver for an arrow at the same time as he came to a stop. Pulling it free, he knocked it and made sure the arrow was settled gently against his finger. Then he looked around him to try and figure out where he should shoot, but given how close they were to the Lady's home, he wasn't sure if anything was appropriate.

"Where should I aim for?"


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