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Of Blood, Steel, and Tears [Self - Makashi and Armor]

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Of Blood, Steel, and Tears
Naporar, Chiss Space
The Citadel of the Chosen
He was finally here, at the citadel. The one place where the "chosen ones" and fortold heroes of prophecy were said to hail from. A sect of Chiss Dark Jedi were said to have constructed and trained within these hallowed halls. However, they'd abandoned the palace for a mysterious an unknown reason and have never returned. Today, a Force sensitive of the Thrawn bloodline made his way across the wasteland towards the palace of the Chosen.

"Hello?!" His gruff voice resounded through the bottom floor, cocking his head inside with caution and a steady hand atop his lightsaber. Apparently no one is here. He grumbled to himself as he dusted off a smear from his greyish uniform and continued on. Soft sounds of creaking echoed as strong winds caressed the walls of the towering form, sending chills down the spine of the lone Chiss moving about the abandoned citadel.

TBC, basic plot.