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John Locke



  • Contains amalgamated tactical records of the SJO.

  • Able to slice into vulnerable systems to provide support to Asaraa while she’s in the field.

  • Is able to examine information from a variety of sources to provide a tactical and strategic analysis and provide and implement analysis and reactions.

  • Able to remote access systems, or be plugged in, to take over management of vehicles and armour systems she is uploaded into, providing an increased efficiency [SIZE=9pt]through micromanagement[/SIZE] of electronic systems. (OOC: this doesn’t make anything more powerful, just allows for a system to run a peak efficiency)

  • Unlike droids Odin as an AI is able to develop and learn, expanding its capabilities and resources past those it was originally programmed with.

AI is the ultimate evolution of the computing and droid brain, and the ultimate version of the slicer, capable of operating faster than the organic mind is able to comprehend, collecting, analyzing and acting on information gathered. Odin was Locke and Key mechanic’s first foray into the field of artificial intelligence. A personal tactical AI designed to provide a single operative support on missions. The processing power of an AI was commonly seen as a means of enhancing system defences or communications but Locke and Key wanted something more versatile. An AI which could be plugged into any system to enhance it but to primarily support an individual.

The AI was stored on a [SIZE=9pt]Gabonna[/SIZE] Memory Crystal based storage device which could be plugged into most electronic systems to allow Odin access to their systems. In the case of friendly systems he could take over their management, ensuring an optimal distribution of resources to keep the system operating at peak performance. In the case of enemy systems a direct connection help to make slicing into them easier. Odin comes into his own though when part of a larger system, able to use the system’s resources to extend his own capabilities.


When projection an image of himself through holographic projector's or on view screens Odin takes the form of armoured knight. (x)


  • Portable: Odin is designed to be a portable AI, able to slot into any armour or vehicle to provide localised support when needed. In order to maintain a minimal level of capability when being transported Odin’s core programming can be transported in a device based around a [SIZE=9pt]Gabonna[/SIZE] memory crystal. However the more capable the system Odin is plugged into, the more resources he has to use. This means that when plugged into a suit of armour Odin is less capable of hacking than if he is plugged into a ship.

  • AI: Contrary to a droid, ODIN has a wider range of sentience and can think outside of the box when it comes to its area of expertise.

  • Ion me up: As with any set of electronics an ion or EMP attack is a major weakness for Odin. If the attack is on a system he has remote access [SIZE=9pt]of[/SIZE] it will knock him out of the system, even after it reboots he will have to slice in again. If the central unit is hit by an ionic based attack Odin is himself shut down until he reboots entirely. And information or growth acquired since his last backup (normally performed nightly) will be lost.

  • Virtual Reality: Unlike a [SIZE=9pt]droid[/SIZE] Odin is unable to interact with the outside world beyond the confines of its ability to interact with electronic systems.

  • Comms limitations: Odin has the ability to [SIZE=9pt]remote-access[/SIZE] system which are vulnerable, but this access is limited by normal comms laws, jamming or security systems can seriously impede or even block his ability to slice into systems and provide remote support.

  • Counterhack: Unlike an organic slicer Odin is vulnerable to counterhacking, a sufficiently skilled and capable opponent can slice back along the vector of Odin’s attack. Unlike a slicer who simple using electronics to hack into a system, a counter hack has the potential of opening Odin up to serious damage which can corrupt him or take him off[SIZE=9pt]line[/SIZE].
John Locke said:
Not a god: an AI is a powerful slicer, a powerful support tool, but it is not the be all and end all of hacking. It is a capable hacker, but no slicer is a guaranteed
This isn't a weakness, this is something that would be required of any submission.

John Locke said:
Not a droid: An AI is in effect another person, one who is able to think for themselves, who has their own sense of preservation. Another person who doesn’t always do what you ask, thinkin that their way might be better, or simply because they don’t like you. The use of an AI such as this is a partnership, but one which can turn sour as easily as any friendship can, through natural or outside means.
Droids aren't robots, they can think for themselves and make their own decisions (although this mostly varies depending on the droid itself). You don't necessarily need to remove this, but I am explaining this anyways so this doesn't become a trend.

John Locke

[member="Lily Kuhn"]

I was trying to cover every eventuality and might have gotten a little carried away. I'll remember that for next time thanks :)

I've deleted to two weaknesses you've highlighted.
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