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Oda Vakhtang

Baifa Monü Zhuan

Image Source: Adam

Name: Oda Vakhtang
  • Intent: [State why you are making this submission. Is the character there to assist with faction roleplays, to help train your character, or provide an antagonist for dominions or something else entirely?]
  • ​Image Credit: How to properly ource your images
  • Role: [Is she your character's daughter? Is he your squad's sniper, the man you trust on overwatch? Is she your longtime pilot and occasional lover? Is he the Force ghost who appears to give you cryptic guidance? Is he your mortal enemy? Did she put a bounty on your head?]
  • Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here.]
  • Age: [Please keep it sensible.]
  • Force Sensitivity: [Choose from: Non-Force User, Force-Sensitive/Untrained, Apprentice/Padawan, Knight, Master]
  • Species: [Remember to consult the Banned Species List, and be very careful about how you use banned species which may be NPC'ed.]
  • Appearance: [Please describe the NPC in at least one paragraph. Any distinguishing marks? Do they show their age? What do they usually wear? For droid characters, link to their production model, either on Wookieepedia or as an approved tech submission.]
  • Name: Oda Vakhtang
  • Loyalties: [Faction affiliation? Is he an NPC companion for a certain character? Is she part of a specific military unit?]
  • Wealth: [Please keep this reasonable, or be prepared to have a very good reason for exceptions. How wealthy are they? Where does that wealth come from? Are they stakeholders in existing corporations? If so, link to them.]
  • Notable Possessions: [Again, please be reasonable. No holocrons of Force Storm, no private Super Star Destroyers, no canon items unless you've worked for them.]
  • Skills: [For Force users if they have any special abilities that are rare list them here. If they are skilled with a blade, for Non Force users have they been trained by special groups?]
  • Personality: [Please describe the NPC with at least one paragraph. Acerbic? Friendly? Ditzy? Annoyingly calm and superior? What about mannerisms?]
  • Weapon of Choice: [Military blaster rifle? Toy lightsabre? Bioweapons? Wits? The Force?]
  • Combat Function: [Combat is difficult to avoid -- after all, this is Chaos. Should your NPC wind up in combat, what would they be good at? How would they work alongside you, or would they be a liability? Please include relevant strengths and weaknesses. The Combat Function line also helps assure us that you won't be abusing this NPC. For very powerful NPCs, please keep it reasonable, and remember that an NPC Force Master or elite soldier cannot be assumed to be equal to a PC Force Master or elite soldier in power, skill, or functional immortality.]
  • [ Provide, in list format, some strengths of this submission. 2 recommended. ]
  • [ Provide, in list format, some weaknesses of this submission. 2 recommended. ]
[Please include at least one paragraph on the NPC's history.]