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Character Octavius Bellator

Octavius Bellator

Name: Octavius Bellator

Alias: Darth Vespasian

Age: 24

Homeworld: Byss

Faction: Agents of Chaos Affiliated

Height: 6'1

Weight: 174 Lbs

Force Sensitive: Yes

Biography: WIP

Personality: Cold, detached, charming, potentially insane, many of these things and more can be used to describe Octavius. On a first meeting, someone might see Octavius as a welcoming and happy individual, willing to work with others and form strong bonds. However, as people spend more time with him, they will come to see the charming, outgoing exterior is nothing but a facade for the truth hidden below. Cruel, sadistic, and with a desire to see all who oppose him, or even simply don't help him enough suffer and fall before him. When he sets himself to a task, he will rarely break from the course it has taken him on unless he honestly grows bored with the potential outcomes. He hates predictability, seeing chaos and uncertainty as to the only way for the galaxy, and himself, to develop and grow.


  • Warrior: Octavius was raised from a young age to be a warrior, first as a member of his tribe's defense force. Eventually becoming a Jedi with the Galactic Alliance and then Silver Jedi Order, Octavius has been trained in numerous different forms of combat across the galaxy, all blending together to create a singular, aggressive and adaptive combat technique he uses to great effect.
  • Calculating: Octavius takes the time to think out every outcome put before him, creating fall back plans and contingencies for what might happen. He dislikes being taken by surprise in most situations and makes sure he is as ready as he can be for everything that comes his way.
  • Adaptive: Octavius rarely looks at things as being impossible to achieve, rather, they are simply obstacles for growth. whatever is thrown at him, he will work to adapt to and learn from, rather than simply trying to destroy or avoid. The troubles in life are growing stages, no matter what shape or form they come in.

  • Insane: Through the many changes in his life, trials he has faced, and losses he has suffered, Octavius has come to lose part of himself. At times, his cool and charming facade will crack, and the insanity held within can be seen. At these times, Octavius becomes a wild unpredictable individual, doing whatever comes to his mind first and following the simplest whims. He throws himself into whatever is before him, no matter the threat to himself it might pose.
  • Sick: Since childhood, Octavius has suffered from regular, crippling illnesses. When a new bout of the sickness strikes him, Octavius becomes bedridden for weeks at a time, unable to move more than a few feet before completely collapsing. Despite the efforts of numerous doctors and healers, no source has been found for this illness, and while he recovers from each illness, the frequency of them has begun to increase, much to Octavius's personal concern.
  • Hemophilia: Octavius has a blood condition that when he is cut, his blood will not clot as effectively as it does for others. Even a minor cut could lead to a serious loss of blood, forcing him to be exceedingly cautious in a fight and avoid injuries others might shrug off.
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