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Kardal watched as the starship touched down on the landing pad in front of him, a searchlight piercing through the twilight shadows, lingering over him for no longer than a split-second before moving on. The Sith Lord owed this reaction to his mastery of cloak. The thrust from the ship caused the old man's hair to flap about wildly, mirroring the movement of his tailored trenchcoat. He braced himself against the metal cane currently in his possession, waiting for the arrival of his mark.

The Emperor watched as the landing ramp descended, impacting against the durasteel floor with a soft thud. He knew full well that Kay would disapprove of his method, but it was now or never. Once he was sure that the young man he was looking for was disembarking, he dropped his cloak and made his presence known, both visually and through the Force. He let out a single word in his trademark voice, a tinge of ruefulness apparent.


[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron was finally returning to Commenor. Lately it seemed his duties were taking him to reaches of the galaxy he never even thought he'd explore. Yet, as the new Minister of War for The Confederacy he took personal interest in a of their conflicts, especially ones of a unique nature. As the starship touched down on the landing pad, Adron stifled the threat of a yawn, the thought of his bed growing more and more welcome. He rose from his seat as the light to the passenger bay came alive, illuminating the man and his guard.

His movement must have triggered the optic sensors to his guards because as he rose, the two IG-100’s eyes came to life. The deep red optics scanned the room before each of them made their way to the off-loading ramp. At the peak of the ramp, they turned inward, awaiting Adron so they could fall in tow flawlessly.

Adjusting the pristine white tie that was fastened around his neck, he made his way for the ramp. He stepped out of the ship, taking a deep inhale as he allowed the fresh air to take him from his worries. Another step down the ramp and his eyes readjusted, the figure awaiting him at the end of the ramp pulling all of his attention.


The voice was all too familiar. As was that graveled, rueful tone. Even standing here before him, Adron refused to believe the Emperor stood before him. It should have been impossible, of course he knew better, he knew who [member="Reginald Kardal"] was and just what he was capable of. Silence took the place of words as Adron’s hand fluttered to his belt, pulling his lightsaber from its place on his waist.

The IG droids must have taken notice to this action, because in a near perfect sync, they stepped in front of Adron. They both scanned the Emperor before a loud crack of electricity occurred. Their staffs came to life and they gave them a brief spin, testing their rotary joints, apparently ready for combat.

“I have already foreseen the fall of your Empire. I have no intention of serving a dying nation.” His words were strong and well founded, yet for all his strength a bead of sweat bled from his temple.
The Emperor's brow furrowed as Adron procured his lightsaber, his guardians moving forward to defend their master. He frowned, raising a wrinkled hand from its place over the metal cane, vaguely waving it in the general direction of his foe. An ear-splitting crunch resonated across the pad as the IG-100's chassis were forced to compress on themselves, both of the droids being crushed into medium-sized balls with their electrostaffs wrapped around them.

"I do not care what you have seen about our Empire. I am not here to attempt to bring you back with a silver tongue, I am here to ensure that you do not continue blabbing about me." Kardal spoke, a measure of truth in his words, "Granted, this is all a massive overreaction on your part. Believing that I hid my nature from you specifically because of you, not caring to realize that you were the second person in this century alone to find out, only after Tanomas."

Reginald's frown remained, but even through the dim twilight, Adron could likely see that his brown eyes were no longer present, replaced with glowing yellow eyes like that of a Sith. "Adron, you are one of the most powerful Force users at your magnitude, but like others on both sides of the spectrum, you have proven to be arrogant and hypocritical in your ways." The Emperor proclaimed, gazing at his lost friend, "You plant lies of my intentions into the minds of others: Inquisitor De Couteau, Queen Arenais, Miss Talon..."

His anger was beginning to swell up, but he quickly swallowed the emotion and remained calm before finally saying what he needed to say.

"...If you do not relent, then I will do what I must..."

[member="Adron Malvern"]
The loud crunch and the ragged symphony of bending metal caused Adron to step back. His guards had been ably destroyed, leaving nothing but large masses of durasteel in their place. Glaring down at the heaps of metal, he let out a soft curse.

“Damn pieces of junk.” He said, before turning his attention back to The Emperor. Adron would be lying if he said he did not respect the man before him, perhaps even so more than respect, admiration. However, it did not change the reality that surrounded them. Adron had felt betrayed, and in turned he elected to betray The Emperor. “My path has taken me from the Empire and I will become more powerful than I ever was under you.”

With his free hand, Adron freed his neck of his tie, tossing it over the side of the loading ramp before his hand went to his waist. Perhaps the Emperor would know, or perhaps it would come as a surprise. There was a snap-hiss and then another, as the violet and golden blades sprang from their emitters. Adron had been growing skilled with two lightsabers, and this would be his test.

“You will try.” He said, calling the Force to his legs. A powerful jump left Adron flying in the air, bringing both of his lightsabers bearing down on The Emperor in a powerful vertical slice.

[member="Reginald Kardal"]
The Emperor's perception of time slowed considerably as he observed his former guard captain leap at him. He elected to ignore the many shatter points appearing around him, like cracks in a mirror. Kardal raised the metal cane in his grasp, a pure crimson blade springing from it in a slow motion. Perhaps Adron had thought he would surprise the Emperor with his twin blades, well Kardal now thought the same about the latter producing a lightsaber pike.

One of young Malvern's sabres impacted against the opposing sword, generating a powerfully bright clash. The other collided with the metal hilt of the saberpike, being repelled off of it instead of slicing through the metal, signifying the properties of phrik. The Emperor's strategy was simple, at least to him; He would use his mastery of Soresu to outlast his adversary, who had thus far focused his energy into powerful strikes in an attempt to break through Kardal.

Swift angling of the saberpike and precise placement of the phrik hilt defended the old man from becoming victim to the ancient weapon. For now, he would see just how proficient [member="Adron Malvern"] had become.