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Approved Tech O.R.B. Repair Unit

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Judah Dashiell

Salvage Empire

Image Credit : vesner 'Scouts'

Intent: To create a new type of small, cheaper repair droids. Also, as a submission for the upcoming Tech Expo.

Development Thread: None

Manufacturer: Kesh-Rimma Droidworks & Salvage

Model: O.R.B. Repair Unit

Affiliation: Open to all buyers/Independent

Modularity: None

Production: Mass Produced

Material: Durasteel


The Orbital Repair Bot or O.R.B. serves one function to its owner : to repair vessels of multiple types. Roughly the size of a large ball, O.R.B. has two highly manuverable manipulator arms located outside its body and relies on repulsorlift technology to move around. Not as personable or advanced as an astromech unit, O.R.B. fits a market for inexpensive repair droids. Perfect for the average citizen or smuggler on a budget.

With one large central photoreceptor, O.R.B. makes room for standard repair compontents to be stored internally or along its two manipulator arms. Programming is quite basic, with the droid communicating matter of factly and two the point. Regular updates, provided at low cost, will keep O.R.B. up to date on the newest technology on the market.

With a low cost comes a few trade offs. The O.R.B. unit is only capable of minor to moderate repairs and minor maintence. Less equipment also limits the abilities(cutting,large welding,etc), with O.R.B. possibly requiring assistance in such cases.

Classification: Second Degree

Weight: 9.07 kilos

Height: 0.254m

Circumference : 0.762m

Movement: Repulsorlift

Armaments: None, arc welder could be used in a pinch.

Misc. Equipment: Fusioncutter, arc welder, hydrospanner,scomp-link arm,manipulator arm(x2)
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