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Approved Tech NS-7 Cybernetic Arms

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The White Wolf

Dog of the Sith
(((This will require a very long and detailed Dev thread regarding the Beskar and other things in this.))


Name: NS-7 Prototype

Intent: To give 13 a suitable and powerful replacement for both his arms when they are cut off and give him a little more power than other cybernetic arms.

Development Thread: Yes. And a long one at that.

Manufacturer: Baktoid in affiliation to a clinic.

Model: Limb Replacement (Prototype)

Affiliation: Subject 13

Modularity: Minor, mostly just to fix things or glitches. Or minor redesign in build.

Production: Unique


Synthennet Neural Interface connecting it to the stump of the former limb



Description: A new prototype model created from materials that would ultimately become extremely useful. The NS-7 is not covered in synth-flesh or synth-skin, unlike most limb replacements. Unlike Anakin's Mechno-arm, the NS-7 is not connected to the remainder of the user's arm with a synthennet neural interface. The arm does not have sensors to simulate touch due to its model. A major weakness of the arm is electricity. A EMP or Force Lighting attack to the arms could disable them until the arms battery recharges itself. Depending on the power of the shock the arms may be only temporarily disabled or locked up. Preventing them from moving for making them going limp. However if the lighting was extremely powerful it could shored out the arms completely, rendering them useless until repaired.

From Shoulder to Elbow: The arm itself if fortified with two inch Beskar Plating, beneath that is a thin layer of Durasteel protecting the wires and other sensitive marital. The Shoulder it noticeably round and robust meant to add more depth to for the rest of the arm. With bolts in place to keep the arm together correctly. The Biceps are shaped to look like an actual arm. The skeleton in this area have hydraulics working next to the joints and wires for increased strength. Allowing him to punch through some materials with ease. Below the elbow shows the Durasteel that allows the designs to take the arm apart to repair it. When repaired a plating of Beskar is placed over it and bolted back into place.

From Elbow to wrist: From here the design becomes much more simple. The hydraulics connected to the upper shoulder area all come into play in this part of the arm. There are many screws and bolts that hold each piece of Beskar in its place almost like a gun. How everything fits together perfectly like a glove. Due to the slickness of the design and smooth metals it is capable of moving rather quickly, if not faster than a human arm. Hydraulics help with this and allow him to move a little bit faster than when he had his regular arms.

Hands: The hands are fitted in mostly beskar in the palms and fingers while the rest is Durasteel underneath it. There are small hydrolics about as thin as straws placed just about his knuckles and even smaller ones going up each knuckle. When the hydraulics in the shoulder are pushed along with bending his hands this creates a massive crushing force allowing him to smash things with his bare hands.


Classification: Limb Replacement

Size: Lower arm. Replaces 13's whole arm past the shoulder.

Length: 5ft

Weight: 7KG

Other Features:
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