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NPC Organization

The Spacepiress of Chaos


OOC Objectives
Create additional content for Commenor
Defend/Support Commenor
Defend/Support Allies of Commenor
Minor Training of Force Users

IC Objectives

IC Hierarchy
As it is a Military Order with the Signifer Corps - the Force Users - being a supporting role; it is run more akin to a strict order down tree as expected of a military order.

De Facto Leader
The current Inperantike is Amelia von Thrune

The Right Hand of the Inperantike
Assists the Inperantike in the overall administration

The Field Marshals
There are 3 Mistress and 3 Masters of Blades

The Field Marshal of the Inperantike's Detachment

The Commander of the Naval Forces

The Commander of the Units that protect Lady Kay, Jairdain and the Royal Family
Specifically the 112th and 114th Line Centuries

The Core Rank and File members of the Knights and Signifers respectively

Knights or Signifers in Training

Residing Territory

The Signifer Corps
The Signifer Corps are an internal formation within the Guard whose members are all force Sensitive - however - they are not trained in a singular aspect of the Force. Rather they are focused on the collection of knowledge of the Force - both the Ashla and Bogan - as well as knowledge of various other force sects and practices. They're meant to be more like the Imperial Knights of old - in that they seek a balance between the two sides of the Force and often their members know a mixture of Force Powers that are considered to be Dark Side Powers or Light Side Powers. Some may lean more towards the Dark Side and others more towards the Light Side - though they are unified in their capacity and focus on the defense of Commenor and its people.

Members of the Signifer Corps may serve in any unit within the <__________> that they desire - as their skills and capabilities are just as varied as the units themselves. As they are more akin in terms to the Imperial Knights than any other Force group, there is no individual with a role akin to the Jedi Grand Master or the Dark Lord of the Sith - this is due to the de facto leader of the Signifer Corps being the Inperantike themselves. Otherwise a Signifer's direct superior is any individual with a rank higher than their own.
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The Knights of Commenor/The Order of Commenor was set to be larger than it is today though it never gained a decent amount of traction and stands now as an NPC order that can offer more to people that wish to train with them. That said, the CSA doesn't really have a main Force Order these days.

The Order of the Seven Flames is a Sub-Faction of the CSA, but does not represent the interests of the CSA's politics where the Force or Military actions are concerned.