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Novorian Asha, Wayward Son of Dathomir

Ru Tetsuya


NAME: Novorian "Nova" Asha
FACTION: Witches of Dathomir
RANK: Initiate
SPECIES: Thyrsian
AGE: 27
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Bald
SKIN: Dark


  • +Multilingual: Paecean; Basic; Mando'a
  • +/-Unrelenting: A warrior to his core, Nova will fight to his last breath if the time demands it.
  • -Brooding: Nova often has a sort of scowl on his face, making him slightly unapproachable, but this isn't because you are a scum bag, though you may very well be, he is simply lost in deep thought often.
  • +Strong
  • -Awe: Not awe in general, but awe for the incredibly powerful witches he serves. However, behind this awe lies fear of women, and because he has left Dathomir very few times he respects non-Dathomiri women.
  • +/-Insatiable Hunger For Bread: A carb lover, he devours bread continuously, leaving him hungry often, since he also often runs out of bread.


Born and raised on Dathomir Nova was raised as a warrior slave, trained in combat by both his father, a powerful Jai, and his mother a Witch of Dathomir. Once he was of suitable mating age his mother sold him to another Witch in the Red Hills Clan. This new owner continued his training, teaching him the ways of the hunter. He became a proficient rider and hunter of Verne, a pack animal that his tribe used when traversing the large hills and plains around their home. However, when the Mandalorians gained dominion over the planet a sort of exchange occurred and many witches, and some men, were taught the warrior ways of the Mandalorians. Here, Nova became compitent in the use of a beskade and slugthrower.

Unfortunately in a skirmish with the Nightsisters, his master was killed by her own Rancor which had been thrown into a rage by a Nightsister spell, leaving Nova with no master, he was forced to choose. Either prove he could be trusted as a Jai, a powerful Male Witch, or have a Witch claim him. In a spur of indipendence he decided to train in order to become a Jai, and so he was sent out into the wilderness to find his strength.