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"Nova" Thermal Cannon

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Made by: Brygelsmack

Tenloss Corporation's "Nova" Thermal Cannon

Intent: To allow interested parties the ability to deter and eliminate heavily armored adversaries or “tough to kill” opponents in armed conflict and defensive scenarios.
Development Thread: Pending per FJ instruction
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Open Market
Modularity: Due to the weapon's volatile nature, weapon attachments are not manufactured and are strongly discouraged to prevent accidental injuries, maiming, and death.
Production: Limited Production
Material: Durasteel, Thermal resistant ceramic alloys on hand grips.
Description: After reviewing reports during the growing Galactic conflicts where armed forces found difficulty eliminating heavily armored opponents or encountering powerful Force users, Tenloss decided to manufacture a weapon such difficulties.

Enter the "Nova" cannon. The weapon uses thermal energy in a regulated cone projected from the muzzle of the weapon. A ten shot, drum shaped power pack mounts forward of the rear pistol grip and powers the rifle using controlled and limited fusion technology. This powers the weapon and emits a powerful thermal blast a few meters from the barrel. The subsequent blast has been known to cook targets and even bypass all but the heaviest armor. The thermal cone reaches about one and a half meters in diameter at the maximum effective range and the closer to the weapon muzzle you are, the more intense the heat. The heat blast is hot enough to melt weaker metal alloys and drastically heat up stronger metals, causing burns of varying degrees to those inside armor without thermal protection.

The weapon has weaknesses, however. The blast only extends to ten meters with a 1.5 meter diameter at the maximum effective range. Beyond that, the weapon suffers a massive loss in damage potential. The magazine and weapon are bulky and heavy, with the magazine holding only ten “shots” per power pack. Also, using thermal armor or protective gear is highly encouraged and generally recommended as close range shots (under five meters) can burn and/or incapacitate the user if unprotected. The Nova Cannon also tends to heat up with prolonged use leaving an unprotected user to receive burns from the weapon's durasteel frame if unprotected. The weapon is also generally ineffective against thermally protected targets. Finally, should the weapon or magazine take enough damage, the thermal gun has a chance of catastrophic failure should the fusion chambers rupture. The resulting explosion is rather large and, generally speaking, will kill the user and those nearby.

Technical Data:
- Against armored bulkheads the weapon can burn through with a sustained blast. Against thin bulkheads or concrete, it will create a basketball sized hole. Against thicker armored bulkheads, the weapon will burn a hold the size of the muzzle or smaller, if at all, depending on the thickness. This weapon will not penetrate starship hulls. Point blank shots will potentially damage the weapon/injure the user.
- Against body armor rated 7-10, the weapon will potentially burn a hole of varying size (depending on range) in the weaker points of the armor, but will essentially just heat up the armor, possibly warping the plating and/or causing the outer shell of the plates to "run" a bit from the heat.
- Against people wearing armor rated 7-10, the weapon will cause second to third degree burns on the targeted area depending on the range. Thermally protected armor lessens the effect drastically and will reduce the damage to a first degree burn on the weaker joints or areas, if that.
- Against body armor wearing armor rated below class 7, the armor can potentially melt or burn away, causing second and third degree burns to the target. Again, thermally protected armor can and will drastically lessen the effects of the weapon.
- Against exposed/unprotected flesh, the weapon can cause severe and lethal third degree burns and/or explosive vaporization to the target.

Similar Canon Weapons:
- FWG-5 Flechette Pistol
- Incinerator Rifle


  • Powerful thermal blast cone up to 10m and 1.5m diameter at maximum effective range

  • Can bypass thermally unprotected armor to cause varying degrees of burns and cooks unprotected targets

  • The closer the shot, the more damage potential to the target.


  • Heavy, bulky, and cumbersome to use.

  • Limited range of 10m maximum

  • Power Pack only holds ten shots total

  • Weapon heats up to dangerous levels with continued use.

  • User requires thermal protection to prevent burns from the weapon and the weapon's shots.

  • Damage to the weapon can cause the weapon to fail and explode with catastrophic results

Classification: Thermal Weapon
Size: Hand Held
Status: Restricted, Illegal in some systems.
Length: 1.3m
Weight: 14kg
Ammunition Type: Thermal Power Pack
Ammunition Capacity: Ten Shots per Power Pack
Effective Range: 10m maximum

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1) Please provide source material on canon thermal weapons
2) This will require a development thread
3) Please elaborate on the effect this weapon has on armored bulkheads/concrete
4) Please elaborate on the effect this weapon has on body armor value 7-10
5) Please elaborate on the effect this weapon has on people wearing body armor value 7-10
6) Please elaborate on the effect this weapon has on exposed flesh



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