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Notice Me, Not

[member="Lady Kay"]

[SIZE=11pt]The shuttle that carried Vraukt and his Master Drakash came from the sky. They were two Purebloods, beings born with a natural affinity to the Dark Side of the Force. Powerful beings, and where Drakash’s appeared to be more wild, raw, an outgoing nature that also tied in with his personality, Vraukt’s remained calm and composed, as if there were a dam built up around his emotions and thoughts.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]A dam that very much seemed as if it were impenetrable. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The meeting that Drakash and Vraukt had with the Queen of Commenor was planned. Drakash may have been a lowly Sith Lord, but he was ambitious, and hungry for recognition in the eyes of the Dark Council that the Resurgent Empire sported. If he hadn't thought this was a plausible idea, they wouldn't be there now. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]"[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]My Lord,[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" Vraukt said, the orange glow of his orbs shining from the black hood he wore. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]"[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Vraukt,[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" he said. "[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Speak.[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" He said with a nod. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]There was a bow of his head. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]"[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Why Commenor?[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" In the presence of other Purebloods, Vraukt only spoke High Sith, or whatever iteration of it that Tantorus had. Drakash was a Sith from Athiss, but they had come together almost as soon as Vraukt had joined the ranks of other Purebloods who left Tantorus.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]"[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]It is a trade planet.[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" He said. "[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]I do not speak for the Council,[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" Drakash explained as he rose from his seat, deeming it unworthy of supporting his derrier anymore. "[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]But if I were able to better the relations, no, create relations between our two people... I will be a prime candidate for a position on the Council,[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" he proclaimed. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Vraukt nodded, thinking it best to not give his opinion unless otherwise asked. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]"[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]We will be on a landing pad in moments, My Lord,[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" their human pilot said, a slave from Drakash's own household, Vraukt had learned on the trip there. An excellent pilot, and a man that could take a beating. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]"[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Good. Vraukt, come.[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]" And he arose as the ship began landing procedures at the predesignated coordinates, chances were, at her palace or whatever position of power the planet's sovereign ruler chose to oversee her people from.[/SIZE]


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
The Royal Palace in the outskirts of Chasin City had it's own landing pad nearby, reserved for private meetings with those that were well known to Kay and the Commenori. But those were not the coordinated given to [member="Vraukt"] and Lord Drakash. Instead their pilot was given the location of a landing pad at the space port a dozen kilometers away. A shuttle would be provided for them of course, to take them directly to the Palace.


Although the Royal Palace was white on the outside, it's domes capturing and reflecting the light like a beacon of hope in the oceanside valley, the interior was full of dark carved stones and wood. Only recently did Kay realize that the Palace was a reflection of herself after her captivity.


The two guests would be greeted by a host of guards. After a weapons and security check, they'd be escorted to the throne room.

Kay sat in the near empty chamber on her throne, her Force signature shrunk down to that of a small tree nut, giving her very little by way of detection. Contacts covered the yellow speckles of coruption in her eyes, further ensuring that her secret was kept. Her gown was black, laced with silver, and rather than a crown, she just wore a small tiara bearing chrysopaz crystala.

She didn't know either of the two, but knew full well that there were Sith keeping tabs on her, spying on her, trying to keep control over her. But she was stubborn and defiant, having her own motivations for her decisions. She was left by her Master with no direction, so she chose to pursue her own path.

None were the wiser to what she was up to, even those that were closest to her. Hopefully no one will discover her plans until it was too late for anything to be done about it.
Drakash and Vraukt had forfeited their weapons over effortlessly. They may have both been Warriors of the Sith, bred for the Massassi Caste, but the Force was always a tool that they would both have at their disposal. They hadn't bothered to conceal their appearances as True Sith, but Vraukt hadn't pulled his hood down from his head, he much rather preferred to keep his exact features in shadow.

When they came before [member="Lady Kay"], they didn't sense that she bore the power of the Force.

They didn't bow.

She was no Sith Lord, or Dark Lord of the Sith to them.

At most, they bowed their heads, respectfully, for she was hosting them, and not much else.

"Queen Kay," Drakash said. "I come as the head of the House Drakash of Athiss." Vraukt knew that Drakash doubted she knew anything of Athiss. Vraukt imagined that that thinking was sound anyway. "An extension of the Resurgent Empire in the Stygian Caldera." The call for the Sith Empire had spanned that of the entire Galaxy. Everyone knew where they were, it was all a matter of getting into the Caldera, which meant, assaulting Korriban, which was... Unlikely.

His introduction was short, but both Vraukt and Drakash sought to see how she would react.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay bowed her head in return, folding her hands on her lap. She was right to be cautious. Lord Drakash and [member="Vraukt"] didn't seem to hide the fact that they were Sith Lords, which put a different spin on this meeting.

A brow was raised, followed by a slight tilt of the head. Resurgent Empire? That wasn't one that she knew very well. Athiss she had heard of, however, having come across another recently that had called that world home.

"Welcome to Commenor. What brings the head of a house on Athiss and by extention, the Resurgent Empire, to this part of the Galaxy? What's your interest here?"
"Commenor is a trade world, arguably one of the strongest ones in the Galaxy, and it is embedded within the Core worlds, much closer than Athiss," Drakash said. He may have been a bloodthirsty savage outside of typical conversation, but he was anything but. In his crimson orbs there was a lingering appearance of danger, as if he were a predator, waiting to strike as he solely had eyes for the Queen upon the Throne. What it meant however, Vraukt couldn't say.

He merely observed.

And watched the other occupants within the throne room.

"House Drakash seeks to purchase, or, rent territory, or infrastructure to sell products we can manufacture." He shot a glance at Vraukt to his side and a little behind him. "You will of course, tax the profits that we make," he said.

It was likely a common request. Many trade worlds had likely received the same request by others, and Drakash figured [member="Lady Kay"] had as well.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay nodded as Lord Drakash mentioned Commenor being a strong trade world. Was it one of the strongest? That was debateable. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be noted as such. It could draw too much attention, and too much attention was never good. She didn't even like too much attention on herself. Politics had taught her the art of deflection and she's used it on many different occasions.

Her brows furrowed as she noted the look in Lord Drakash's eyes. They weren't the look of someone trying to butter her up for a deal. No, this was different. He was after something else it seemed and the location in the Galaxy that Commenor held was one of the top reasons that brought them here today. So what were the other reasons?

Kay looked to [member="Vraukt"] as he seemed to almost take a count of the others in the room with them. There were four guards stationed at their posts, but that was all. No aids, no other staff.

She turned her attention back to Lord Drakash while he spoke, folding her hands on her lap. Let them make their assumptions about here. She'll play along for as long as she needed to.

"And what products would these be? We have strict laws on contraband and illegal goods."
[member="Lady Kay"]

Drakash nodded his head, waving over to Vraukt, his apprentice who was scanning the room without moving his head. His orange hued orbs were sweeping it, inconspicuously. He sought to keep his hood on, still, angled slightly downwards so that the lighting wouldn't show too much of his face. At most, it was solely his jawline that was revealed.

As strong as it appeared, the rest of Vraukt's form was powerful, and growing ever stronger and more built in his training with the would be Warlord Drakash.

"All our products are perfectly legal." Vraukt said. The meaningful look Drakash was giving him was urging him on to speak. Vraukt had steadily become more literate in the Galactic Basic language, words, reading, writing, communicating with it - all of it. Drakash's tutelage made him a better version of himself beyond the physical aspect. "We do intend to expand into security systems." Alarms, surveillance cameras, vaults, those types.

"Commenor could be the first to prototype our technology, if you choose to give us the necessary resources." Infrastructure and the like.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay nodded, more intrigued now than cautious. More advanced security systems could be utilized well in the mines and other places, however she wouldn't even think of putting them in her Palace. It was enough that she had guards and security personnel. She didn't need to give others another avenue to spy on her. Privacy for her own personal life was very important to her.

Her gaze went from [member="Vraukt"] to Lord Drakash. "That would be acceptable. Any staff that you bring would live under our laws. Breaking them wouldn't spare them from punishment. I don't play favourites. Everyone is on equal footing. There are various businesses and representatives from various governments in the Galaxy here. Differences between them must be forgotten and ignored."

There was no war on Commenor yet. But if it came to their doorstep, they were prepared for it.
Vraukt continued on since Drakash didn't seem to feel the need to talk anymore.

"That is to be expected," Vraukt said. "We aim to respect your laws and traditions here while also conducting our own business in peace. Our workers bare no hostilities, for anyone," he'd go on to say, which was likely a lie, but when they set up shop on the planet, they'd be bringing in the least likely to cause problems.

That group of Sith being Zuguruks, for the most part.

For the benefit of [member="Lady Kay"], they'd likely be sporting holographic disguises as well. Or hoods, the latter seemed to be the Sith's traditional way of keeping their identities hidden, hence Vraukt.

"Is there any other warning you wish to deliver unto us?"


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay tilted her head to the side a bit as she thought it over. Were there any other warnings? It wasn't as though she treated Lord Drakash and [member="Vraukt"] any differently than any others. She had her neutrality to maintain as well as her sovereignty and this was the best way to do it.

She got to her feet and stepped down from her throne, soon approaching them so that she may see them eye to eye. "No. No other warnings. We are in agreement. How large of a warehouse do you need? I have some that are unoccupied in a few of the districts."
Vraukt looked back and forth from [member="Lady Kay"] and then back to his Master as his Master spoke to him, telepathically.

A large one. We can afford it.

Vraukt hadn't an idea as to what scale warehouses went up to, how they were measured, but he did know units of measurement, at least enough to be not be considered totally inept. Drakash as mentioned sometime earlier in his short existence, had been teaching Vraukt much more than how to use a lightsabre and how to use his abilities in the Dark Side of the Force.

Unlike others, Drakash was teaching Vraukt how to be a Leader.

To what end, the younger Pureblood hadn't a clue, but since meeting his Master, Vraukt had a strange urge to do things whilst in the presence of Drakash.

"Forty-five thousand feet."

Drakash blinked. Likely, he hadn't met that high, but he didn't question it.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay nodded as [member="Vraukt"] gave her his answer. It was a standard size, given how much trade took place on Commenor. "I have a few in mind that could be suitable. Would you care to see them now? Or later? Either way is fine with me. A contract will be drawn up for you regardless, and you'll have it before you leave Commenor."

Some people were funny. They preferred to tour places on their own, without anyone looking over their shoulder. While others would be lost without some help. They needed guidence.

These two seemed to be the type to go about on their own. But assumptions weren't always right.
Vraukt spared a glance for Drakash as [member="Lady Kay"] offered to let them see the warehouse now, or later. In Vraukt's mind there was no issue with them seeing it now, they hadn't planned for any equipment to be shipped to the planet yet, and none was ready. It'd take them a week, perhaps less depending on the work of the slaves as to how fast they made it to Commenor.

"Will you be showing us the warehouse personally?" Vraukt was curious. It was rare that he went and inquired on his own without being urged on by his Master, but the Pureblood sought to break the shell that he had found himself in since he had been born. His personality had been locked away for too long, he realized in those movements.

Business ventures tended to unleash the inner being that was Vraukt. The same had occurred when he had made a deal with [member="Vitor Avendahl"] and to some degree back on Kuat.

"Regardless," he said a moment later, "We are ready to view it now."


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay tilted her head to the side a bit. Should she go? Well, it had been a while since she had ventured out that way. The last time was to see to the arrest of a smuggler and the death of a crimelord along with some of his men. It was a good operation that stemmed illegal activities for a while. The Underground markets were growing smaller by the day.

"I can accompany you, if you'd like." If anything it would help her to get a better read on them. Though she kept her Force signature small, hiding her abilities well, there were subtle hints that she could pick up on just by the way that they spoke and moved.

She gestured for the two to follow her and led them out of the throne room. Four guards followed along, two that kept in between Kay, Lord Drakash and [member="Vraukt"] , while the remaining two followed in behind the guests. Transportation was made ready by the time they had exited the Palace. "It's not a long journey, about twenty minutes." She stepped inside the shuttle and sat down in one of the chairs. Instead of sticking to the streets, this shuttle was going up. It was much faster that way.

"What other governments do you have contracts with?"
Drakash made a hissing sound as he glanced around to Vraukt before they had boarded the shuttles. Drakash's hood came up to cover his crimson features as he said, "Pardon me. But I must depart. My apprentice will inspect the warehouse in my stead," the Sith Lord said before he stepped away from the group to which he was soon likely escorted off of the Palace grounds and back to the speeder that had brought him from the spaceport.

Twenty minutes. That's... Some time.

Vraukt thought to himself before he nodded along.

And then, [member="Lady Kay"] had asked if they had business with other governments, to which he replied with a shake of his head.

"No. You are our first stop." His words remained guttural, deep, evidence of him being unused to the Basic tongue. He grunted to clear his throat.

"...Are you rich?" Orange hued orbs ventured over to the Queen.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay raised a brow as Lord Drakash needed to suddenly depart. She didn't hear a commlink beep or anything, so there must have been a communication by some other means. But she bowed her head in any case. "Good journey Lord Drakash."

Her attention was then turned to [member="Vraukt"] . Her instincts were right about coming along. The Apprentice would have been on his own and might have gotten lost.

Kay folded her hands on her lap as the doors shut and the ride above the city began. Commenor was their first stop? That was interesting. They weren't near any Sith territory that she was aware. Yet perhaps they were here for more than just a business contract. It wouldn't be the first time that she was spied on, afterall.

His question caught her off guard. She had to give him a double-take. "Am I rich?....That's an odd question. And one that I don't need to be specific in answering. You've seen the Palace. What do you think the answer to your question is?" Was she berating him? Maybe a little. Yet it deffinately made her wonder what his motives were.
Vraukt continued to peer at the Queen from underneath his hood. Instead of directly answering the question she sought to ignore it, or better yet, 'not to give specifics,' he thought to himself. Though there was no annoyance or even irritation in that regard. He merely thought it... Curious that she would then turn the question back on to him instead of answering it for himself.

What did he think?

Well, if he thought something, he wouldn't be asking.

He decided he'd be honest as he closed those orange orbs.

"I don't think anything." Perhaps there was a shrug. Who could tell underneath those robes who bore? "I do as told."

[member="Lady Kay"]


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Kay blinked as she looked to [member="Vraukt"] . That wasn't quite the answer that she was expecting. "You don't think? You only do as your told?" She hadn't come across anyone like that before. Some soldiers were like that, she knew, but she couldn't be anything like that, herself. She was too willfull and stubborn. That was why it took so many months of ongoing torture ro break her. Sure she would hide all of her emotions when her Master was around, but she would defy him in what little ways she could if she didn't like what he was making her do.

"Why would you ask me such a question anyways? Is it just an attempt at smalltalk?"
When she repeated the words in her evident surprise to him, he didn't bother to make a vocal confirmation, or even a physical one, he just remained unmoving as their transport brought them closer to the warehouse district, and to their new workplace. The workplace that Vraukt was evidently heading.

Small talk.

His mind raced, searching for the words. Short speech? He suppose it was, given it was a to the point inquiry. Gods how he should've kept his mouth shut.

"Yes," he said, though inwardly he said, I suppose. Blinking his eyes open, they became focused on [member="Lady Kay"] in a few moments. "I'm meant to serve and not lead. Lord Drakash seeks to show me otherwise."


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
Silence. For a while [member="Vraukt"] gave her nothing but silence. He didn't seem to move either. That would make some people uncomfortable, but at this moment, she was fine. It wasn't as though he was making any moves against her, nor did he threaten her, so she was a bit more relaxed.

Vraukt spoke up again and he was looking at her this time. What he said reminded her of another. "Some of the best leaders are those that have never intended to lead in the first place. At least in my experience..." Did Kay ever expect to rule over a planet? Not at all. She was happy to just do her own thing. But the ones with greater power thought otherwise as to what path she should be on.

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