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Nothing but Pain and Sadness

Real World
In the ruins of the Morte Clan’s Stronghold within Morte Mountains, a pack of Mandalorians wandered the large halls. Everything was made with Rancors in mind to move through the stronghold as they were once viewed as citizens and members of the clan. The men lights swap across the walls and floors as they looked around. “Can you believe these backwater spear throwers could do this?”

Yeah brother, the scanners even say we are just meters from the main chamber and it…” Another was replying but his words faded as they all saw the central hub. “Daaammnn...”

The central ‘hall’ of the stronghold was massive. Craved into the walls from the floor to the start of the dome were massive building like they were from the central planets. Of course, they were large since each floor had to allow Rancors to move freely. Everywhere had curved into the stones the oldest of Dathomirian spells from shaman and spirits ways to
theAllyan age. It was like art on the building. The men explore the rim of the circle hall.

Before any knew it, one yelled as he stepped on the edge of the inner part of the rim to cause his fall. Shouting out for the guys to come and see there were inner circles in the middle of the hall. They found the second level of the hall where the shops once existed. They spent hours exploring the hall. They heard of rumors of such a stronghold but never believed it.

“Dude, we could take this over and make it our clans base.” One spoke up.

“He is right… we did land on what I bet was a landing pad for a port at the top of the mountain.” Second, added to the discussion.

“No, we can’t. This is Dathomir and our Mand’alor made a deal to leave this world alone to the primitives.” Their leader had decided to say to the idea.

The first one that suggested the idea, spoke up again. “Sir, this is so far from the other clans that they wouldn’t know we were here.”

Some added their ‘true’ remarks before their leader spoke, “Don’t care… Let’s find some artifacts to sell and get out.”

Many went back up to the highest circle where the buildings were and they entered from. Two moved to the lowest area of the hall. Four massive archways greeted them. They were so large that they were two rancors high and three rancors wide. Two doorways were easy to explore for them. They sent scout droids to discover they were tunnels that traveled far north and south like escape routes for the stronghold. The room they did explore was the large and long auditorium. No exits but the one they came through. They let the others know and they set up camp for the night there. It was easy to watch while their noises and lights were hidden just in case someone else came exploring.

Petra’s mind
Darkness…Only two stood in the darkness. The absence of light did not hinder the people to know they were not alone. The sound was intensified through the emptiness of the space they were existing. One paced back and forth on a three-meter path. Her feet against the floor sounded like sandpaper caressing a ceramic tile. The other’s breathing was hard and short like forcing the air out of her lungs,
buther inhales were quiet and long.

The silence was broken from the woman that was pacing. Young, soft, and innocently voice with a hint of uneasiness filled the space. “Where am I? And who are you?"

“Oh child, you know where we are and who we are.” Replied a dark, crackling, dry voice came back from the darkness between the hard forced exhales.

“Not true… I know who I am. I am Petra Cavataio, I am Dathomir and the magic flows through the lands that all Dathomirian use. So who are you?”

“I am who handles all your sins, child... and it is clear we are the same, one person.”

“Shut it, liar. I am the one and only,

Hand reached out through the darkness. As if the other’s movement was the switch, light flooded over the two woman. The one that reached out was revealed to be a husk, rotting flesh of what Petra currently looked like. She was more decay body that wore all the sins from thousands of lives. Bony fingers squeezed the other to silence her. “Get this straight brat… We are Petra, we are nothing but failures and endless regret from all the sins and crimes we have committed.”

Real World
The men all woke from the mountain shaking and clap of thunder that seemed to come from below them. Looking puzzled at each other, then commands came. The orders sent two up, two down the escape routes so the four could check if others were here with them. The leader walked out into the hall where the four archways greeted him. He looked across and notice the same writing on the buildings. However, something stood out. There was Mandalorian writing among the Dathomirian words.

Calling the men back, one was posted at the archway and other entered. The words they read was ‘City of the Dead’ and ‘Rest now sisters and brothers, our Goddess Petra will call upon you one day to serve again.’ Made them a little unease but did not stop them traveling meters down the tunnel. What they saw changed their minds. A small size stronghold which was the first Morte Clan’s stronghold was now tombs for all clan members Dathomirian and Rancor alike. They had to travel deep into the tomb to grab some artifacts from some bodies.

The deeper they went the more it got stranger for them. Old, ancient bodies wrapped up for thousands of years, then changed to frozen in carbonite. Rows and rows of carbonite blocks with similar faces. They walked among each other of what they walked into. It had naturally changed from stone path to a metal bridge with blocks hanging serval floors down. Same time they notice the change, they saw black tar spots.

Agreeing to move to the end, they moved on. It was believed these were just art on display like statue guardians for whoever was at the end. However, they were quickly disappointed. A dead-end greeted them about ten meters past the blocks. Black tar dripped from the ceiling and ran down the walls to a pool of the stuff.

Petra’s Mind with Real Mixed In
The soft innocent voice was from a much younger Petra that existed before her days in the Sith Empire. With the new light and who she was seeing with her, eyes closed to avoid the sight before her and to deny what she saw. The old woman commanded, “Look at me… see what you have become and bare-witness to your sins, child.”

The young woman did not obey. There was no way this could be happening to her. She was just with her mother. Running through memories of the last few days, there could not be a way for this. Then it hit her. The shaman her mother spoke of could do this. She started to believe that she made a journey to him; however, that idea stopped as rancors were hunting in the area she would have gone to see him.

“If you won’t look… then look at these.” The rotting woman said in a booming voice. Every experience, feelings, moments that existed in Petra’s life was shared between the two. This caused the younger one to scream in pain. The hold with the older’s hand was broken because of the new weight of the young one collapsing to her knees while screaming and crying.

Among the Mandalorians, the ground shook again and thunder rolled over them. Unable to hear as the clap of the thunder was right in front of them, they looked around in a panic to see what could have caused it. All the while they were shouting at each other but did not hear a thing.

“See the truth, we are one. We compartmentalized everything and this is why we are here. The others couldn’t handle this truth and they are us.” A moment of silence was given before the old voice continued. “And to be honest, I am tired and too old to keep on carrying all of this. I think we need to be one person again. So I decided it will be you.”

“I don’t want this.” Cried the young woman. The pain of all her memories kept breaking her heart.

The ground shook even more, and it caused the old blast doors to fall and cut them off from the bridge. The leader resorted to hand signal to get his commands issued. Three began to work on getting the door open. However, they were stunned again by loud thunder again. This time, they noticed the tar pit was bubbling in one spot. The others not working on the door had their blasters pointed at the pit.

You don’t want this? Child, you caused all this. You were the beginning and now you’ll be the end. You spent all this time enjoying the pleasures of our life.” Snapped right back at the young one from the older. “Look at this…”

The empty dark space changed to the red glow of Korriban. Ship’s loading ramp was behind them and next to them were poorly cared for people with large collars resting around their necks. In front of them were heavily armored soldiers and Sith instructors. “This is the day you made me… the day you started to truly break and became the unattached, drug addict, alcoholic whore.”

Around them, the instructors were handing the slaves knives with the command to kill another slave. The two that disobey and tried to take on the Sith were stroke down in a flash. Petra had decided to kill a slave. The first time she had killed any person. Hunting for food had rituals and meaning, but just killing someone and watching the soldiers kick the dead off the edge was shocking. She was even beating for showing remorse from the killing. Then the Sith told the four remaining slaves of the ten how it was going to be.

The two Petra continue their exchange while the memory played out. The young one cried out, “Not fair… I was forced. Kill them or never get to go home again. I just wanted to go home and be with my friends and family.”

The crack of flesh filled the air as the older one slapped the younger one across the face. “Friends and family were that important? Got to be kidding me…” The scene changed to Petra training with others to be Sith as the Empire need them against the Republic and Jedi. “Look… these people you called friends and what happened to them? Oh let me you tell you, I killed them all… their weakness and lack of strength had to be removed. I had to do this ‘cuz you couldn’t handle it. And you know what… When we left Korriban, killed our way to the top and you enjoyed it. So don’t give me this ‘with my friends and family’ crap.”

“Noooo… I had to kill them because they would do the same towards me.”

“Lying to yourself about yourself is just stupid. We know the truth.” Older one shouted back. Taking a moment, she softened her tone to bring up another moment. “Let’s talk about your true love, your husband Ra.”

“Hey, I did nothing mean to him. He is still alive.” Proudly the younger Petra boosted.

“You are such an idiot. You wanted to live forever and suckered in this Sith in to use him. Oh good for you not killing him but where is he now?” Older Petra paused for a moment. “That’s right… frozen and left to go insane in his own mind all these thousands of years. You couldn’t kill him because of the spell would break but you did worse for power.”

“I… I didn’t want him to leave me.” Soft voice whimpered.

“Ugh… this is dumb. You anchored the spell onto your son so all future kids would benefit from it. Then slept with him more than once and you didn’t want your husband to leave. What the hell is wrong with you… Really? Is this how you justify everything?” Older Petra was growing annoyed with her counterpart. She could not believe the range of stupidity there was.

“Stop this… It wasn’t me.” The young Petra cried out to deny the crimes. The poor Mandos were hit with a blast of air while the earth shook violently. Tar began to run down the walls as the pit bubbled even more. Some the men were bleeding from their ears, noses, and eyes. Panic started to consume them so all of them started to work on the doors to get out.

“Stop? We are just starting… remember S’it? You manipulated him and his daughter, Ammit, into killing everyone. All because you saw the size of the family
being too big in your eyes. Oh and that manipulation didn’t end with them. You killed your son’s wife to pin it on S’it and his daughter. For what? So you can sit back and watch your son kill his blood while drinking wine. Then you spent years shunning him as he felt nothing but pain and loneliness. He wanted his mother’s support and you did nothing but drowned it with drugs and alcohol.”

“Nooo, that’s how it was planned. He had a job and he fulfilled it. He knew all of this.” Crying out her words, she held herself. “This was all planned.”

“Dear child, he was never told that you killed his wife. Even now as he is imprisoned like his father, he doesn’t know the levels of your sin.” Tone soften a little more but the words were still sharp. “You failed him and his bloodline.”

Young Petra rocked on her knees as she balled her eyes out. As she spoke, each word was paused for her crying, “I loved him. He was my loyal son… my sweet boy… He never messed up one bit. I’m sorry Nox.”

“Sweetie, you have a long ways to go… Let’s list this out. You killed Angelo because he thought you killed Nox. Could have saved that life with words, but you didn’t. Then you ended Tony, Evilina, Precious, Ava, Serva, Lauda, Siena, Envy, Lugh, Loki, Leto, Ancilla, Veritas, and everyone from their bloodlines. Yes, a few survived your rampage…” Pausing, looking down at the young woman. Reaching down, she forced the girl to look up at the rotting woman. “But there were three that could have lived through it all…”

“Don’t say their names… never… please don’t.” Petra interrupted and cried out to have some mercy; however, it fell on deaf ears.

“Kris, Fabula, and Anna… not only did you killed them. You took pleasure in watching Anna break completely apart as you killed her daughters in front of her. That is awful but do it such a way… the slow, meticulous, drawn-out deaths those two girls had, then follow it with Anna’s death. You know there aren’t words for you, and this is why we are here today.”

“Sorry… I’m sorry.” It was all young Petra could say as she collapsed into a ball just repeating her words over and over. No tears being shed as she cried herself dry.

“Such a failure… weak and pathetic. Another drugged up drunk waste of space. The entire life of wasted lives to amount to nothing. Could’ve had it all but ruined it cause you couldn’t handle your attachments, booze, and drug abuse. Now we are stuck here because you drank until you were close to passing out and then had to take enough death sticks to bring down a herd of rancors.”

“NO!” Petra screamed at the corpse version of herself.

Real World
Tar began to spray from the walls and ceiling to fill the ground with a pool of it. The ground continued to shake more like an earthquake. Steam rose from the bubbling tar before a person began to crawl out of it. The men not waiting to see what was coming just open fire at the person. Some shots pass through holes in the body that person had. The corpse took slow steps towards them. Her right hand in the air and the steam turned to purple mist and flowed in front to stop the blaster shots from her body.

On the other side of the door, their lookout was searching a way to open the doors. He had to listen to blaster fire and screams of terror. When the silence fell, he hit on the door several times and asked if they were alright. There was no response. In a few moments later, there was scratching on the door. Then a voice followed, “Deschide Acum!” The Mando did not hear it all as the door blasted out and forced him across the bridge.

Purple mist spilled from the opening and flowed across the bridge. Stepping out too, a tar-covered woman that resembled a fifty-one-year-old Petra. The one eye that was not covered by tar hair stared at the man slowly getting to his feet. There was no emotion from her. She was running on instinct for the moment.

Moving close to him, he started to move back. As he turned to run, there was a loud growl and he was taken to the ground. She began draining the life and force out of him. He screamed for mercy and help as the slow painful death was delivered. It was loud enough for the last man to hear it. Gun pulled up, he moved inwards to assist his friends.

Petra stood up and looked forward. She was sensing one other out there. Hands rosed up and drew symbols in the air as she spoke, “Eu
sunt magia, eu curg prin tot.” Then she disappeared into the mist while it moved towards the last Mando. She had left nothing but a puddle of tar and broken, rusted armor from the one she just drained. It was how the others were left too.

It was silent. A pin being dropped would sound like a bomb going off as how quiet it was. The mist rolled in around the man. It grew thicker so he shouted his friends’ names but now reply. Petra took shape behind and whisper his name. Shock to hear his name spoken so close and never seeing anyone. He could have dropped a brick at that moment. Then blink of an eye, Petra was taking him to the floor. Screams filled the air again as she drained him.

Fully restored from the corpse body she had, Petra began to wander through the stronghold to get out. While she moved through the place, the voice of the old hag returned. “Going to get more drugs? Waste your skills for booze to drown out your pity party?” Petra covered her hears and kept moving forward. Yet, she could still hear the voice. “Hurting and killing everything just so you can hide your own pain… how pathetic can you be, and add in you see yourself as some great deity person. Ha, what
f’ing joke.”

“Shut up!” Petra snapped back at, but no one was round.

“You want this to stop?” Questioned the formless voice.

“Yes… stop now.” Petra commanded while moving closer to leaving the stronghold.

“It’s easy...” Started the voice to the corpse version of Petra, “Kill yourself. You are already weak and nothing. No one will care and those that you killed have closure as their deaths led you to off yourself. Oh, and don’t think people try to stop you. The ones still alive have given up on so long ago.”

Stepping out of the stronghold as the old Petra finished speaking, the Petra in the world fell to her knees. “Your pathetic butt can’t mess up killing yourself. Know how to kill already so just take your life.” Petra began crying. She softly began saying to each family member she killed. Once she reached the end, she only started over as she cried even more. Ending this round on Anna, Petra screamed in pain with all her strength. The forest outside of the mountain shook and continue sway side to side. The ground also slipt in front of her to the tree line.

Petra curled up on the ground as the day continued to move forward. The weeping not ending with no end in sight too. The pain of drug withdrawals had begun while thinking of everything she ruined plagued her. The voice was right, she had pushed to the extreme (via death) everyone away from her. There was no one left so why continue. Everything had been ruined so no point to try again to just fail.