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Not Your Typical Taungsday


Zealots on holovision...

Does it get any weirder...? Well, let's find out.

Boethiah arrived at the Tion Trade Nexus, and even if no one knew who -she- happened to be, they certainly knew who the Primeval were. Yet what self-respecting talkshow host didn't want a controversial interview? Think about the ratings! The producers probably raved. You. Have. To. Take. This. Interview! They likely said.

And here it was.

The young witch spun around just to take in the sights, having absolutely no familiarity being in front of cameras, audiences, or following the make up department procedure. Of course several of those very same producers spoken of earlier had already been taken away for saying the wrong things in the presence of the woman's guards.

Likely unknown to the Host himself.

She walked over to where guests usually sat and took a seat before it was time to let the cameras roll.


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