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Not Everything Is As It Seems


Voss was a tranquil world. Beautiful in its entirety, with sprawling forests and wide planes. The Jedi were smart in picking this as their home. They would have a beautiful burial ground when the time came. Alone in one of these such forests a cloaked man sat by a campfire, a smooth black cane in his hands. His blue eyes stared down into the flame as he simply waited. The Force had whispered to him of a chance, one that he was more than willing to take.

Krest did not know who was on their way, only that the Force willed it to be so. Soon enough, he would meet this person who he assumed was a Jedi, and he would see what was to be done next.

[member="Eli Koreve"]
Another bright day had dawned on Voss.

Eli had not been here too long; he had come with a splinter group from the Galactic Republic, during their decline, and though it had taken some time he finally saw the forested world as his home. He was free to come and go as he pleased, though rarely did he leave the safety of the Temple or its surrounding areas.

Not being much of a pilot, having only just begun his flight simulation classes, it wasn't as if he could simply jet off to different parts of the Galaxy. He wasn't so sure that he wanted to, either. Exploration was not a commodity. He still had much to learn, especially given that he tended to his own lessons. He had to seek out specific Jedi when the Archives were not adequate enough. It was tough, because he didn't always know what it was he needed to know. There wasn't an instruction manual that came with being a Jedi Apprentice.

He had left the safety of the Temple Grounds behind two days ago. An excursion through the forests, a test of his survival capabilities. He had but one light pack on his shoulder, his training saber upon the utility belt at his waist - alongside a commlink - and barely enough food to last the trip. Rations, nothing more. Anything else he wanted on top of that he would have to source independently.

Though Voss was a temperate world, the arduous days had cast a thin sheen to his skin. Sweat beaded upon his brow and at the back of his neck where the recently trimmed hairline ended. Eli was in peak physical condition, he spent much of his free time working out, training, meditating in the most taxing way possible. But out here it was different.

There were other factors he hadn't really taken into consideration. The flies which sought to bite at exposed skin, soil which gave way to thick mud that threatened to swallow him whole, temperatures that did not stay regulated.

Although he knew it to be daytime, he had reached a spot in the forest where the trees were so tightly packed, and their leaves woven overhead, that it was practically impossible to see. Cold, too. He pressed on, welcoming the unexpected trial, and heard in the distance a sound unakin to those he had heard thus far. No bird call or strong winds... But a crackling.

How odd.

He pressed on toward the sound, until the trees gave way to a clearing that remained densely canopied. No glimmer of the sky peeked through. On the edge he halted, taking in the odd sight which had greeted him.

A man sat, cloaked and hunched before a fire. The cane in his grasp spoke of age, and Eli wondered what so apparently old an individual was doing this far from civilization.

Another trial from the Force? Something else to test him on this journey of survival?

"Ah, so you're the one I've been waiting for. Come, sit!" The Zabrak had his back to [member="Eli Koreve"] , but he had heard the boy in his approach. With a casual wave of his hand Krest would motion to a spot on the log he was sitting on. "I've been resting my old bones here in the tranquil of the forest. I had forgotten how calm the forest here can be. Though, what brings you this far away from the temple? There's not much to see that you already haven't on your way here!" He let out a lighthearted laugh before tending to the fire. Despite being a Sith, nothing about him gave such a terrible thing away. Even his very presence in the force was almost calming.
Before he had a chance to say anything in greeting the aged man spoke up, as though he had known the Mirialan was present on the edge of the clearing though he had made nary a sound in his approach.

"Forgive me, Sir, I did not mean to intrude."

With the wave of a hand Eli found himself encouraged toward the fire, and though he remained astute and on guard the young boy took enough steps so that he could walk around the stranger and stand across the flames to get a better look at him. Once there he dipped his head into a low bow of respect.

The man made mention of Eli's origins, of the Temple, and confusion tugged within his mind though his expression remained pleasant enough.

"It is not the destination that matters, Sir, nor what is seen along the way. The journey is important in and of itself."

He knelt down, not wishing to take up the man's space by sitting on the log. Besides from here he had a better view of the clearing.

"My friend you are not intruding. The Force had asked me here, and I assume it was to meet you." A smile was on the Zabrak's lips as he pulled down his hood. He was tattooless, rare for his species, but the red skin and horns cropping up through his hair was enough to show what species he was. "You're correct though. What happens along point a to point b is what makes us who we are. What changes and shapes us into who we are destined to become. Young Jedi, who are you destined to become?" [member="Eli Koreve"] would find the kind blue eyes of Krest focused on him now that the fire was roaring again. The phrik rod he called his walking stick was once again placed at his side.
The hood was lowered, and Eli was surprised to find a tattooless Zabrak... Not at all what he had imagined. An interesting species, two hearts if he recalled correctly. He hadn't encountered one with tattoos before much less without.

"The Force works in mysterious ways" he said, glancing toward the flames with intrigue. What was this man doing out here all alone? It was daylight on the other side of the canopy, yet he had chosen to sit within the darkness. That worried him slightly, but he kept his doubts to himself.

"You presume me a Jedi without ever asking" he said. He wasn't in his Jedi attire, his lightsaber wasn't on show, and Voss was home to more than just the Order. So why was he so quick to presume?

Force Sensitive. He speaks of the Force as though he knows it.

"I am not destined for anything, my path will make itself known in due time. Even the Unifying Force acknowledges that nothing is set in stone."

"Who else would be on Voss these days? Perhaps a grey, if they still exist. But I presume you a Jedi simply because you did not deny coming from the temple!" He let out another light hearted laugh as he shook his head. It was a simple deduction really, though a lie on how the elder man knew of [member="Eli Koreve"] 's allegiance. He could feel the light in the boy that only a Jedi could have.

It sickened him.

"The Force wills what it wants, and there is no escaping it's laid out path without going against it's will. But! I doubt the Force brought us together to talk about it. What is your name?"

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