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Not a Common Lady, But a Good One


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Olivia was finding herself seeped in plenty of tasks. Not only did she have run of the House with Godfrey, but she had to see to Kay's secretarial needs, as well as some personal ones like being an ear to her son, [member="Bradshaw Ku"] . And there were times when she was Kay's confidant as well.

But she wasn't getting any younger. And with all of her tasks adding up, Olivia was at risk of falling behind and that just certainly wouldn't do. So she chose to deligate and hire someone that could be there more for Kay than she could.

A number of applications had come to her desk, but one stood out from the others. It was sent by [member="Effie Duanna"] , a young lady that was both bright and eager to see how government worked. She wanted to learn, not to change or influence. That was a good way to start.

Right away Olivia sent for her, without informing Kay first. She had her own way of breaking the news to her, softening any chance for a hard blow or a refusal. Kay didn't have a lot of lady friends, nor any that lived at the Palace. She needed it. She needed to be reminded that there were other gentle and innocent people in the Galaxy. Like [member="Veiere Arenais"] , not all had a thirst for power.

Hopefully Effie would show her that.
Today marked the start of a new adventure for Effie. Normally confined to Naboo, Effie stepped way out of her comfort zone and accepted a job far away from her homeworld. Eager to become more involved in the political world, Effie had travelled all the way to Commenor to work with the Monarchy fully believing that the job would give her the experience she required and desired. Effie had never even worked with high end politicians before let alone royalty. To say she was nervous would be monumental understatement.

Effie was currently standing in a large entrance hall. Staff had been notified of her arrival and she was told she would be soon to shortly. Effie took this time to try and collect her thoughts and see if she could put her nerves to ease, this was a task which was proving difficult. This time alone did more harm than good as she began to reminisce about the green flowery fields of Naboo and the beautiful city of Theed. Daydreams about her childhood followed causing a smile to grow over her lips. Her daydreaming was soon caught short when a voice addressed her.

"Good Afternoon Miss Duanna. How are you today?"

Effie turned to face a very smiley man dressed in a very smart suit.

"Oh hello...I am doing okay thanks. I am here to see Olivia?" Effie said nervously.

"Yes of course. If you would follow me please and i will take you to Olivia. You will meet [member="Lady Kay"] in a little bit" The man replied to her.

The man who had greeted her then began to make his way down a beautiful hallway and Effie followed closely. The place she was currently in amazed her. It was so beautiful. After a couple of minutes Effie was led to a small office looking room and was told to take a seat as Olivia would be here soon. Effie sat down waiting for Olivia, she was now feeling a mixture of excitement and fear.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
It was Godfrey that had greeted [member="Effie Duanna"] and brought her to Olivia's office. He was the Head of the House, and given that Effie was going to be working both under him as well as Olivia, well he nearly lept at the chance to be the first to greet her. First impressions were important and he had wanted this to all work out for them.

After Godfrey had left, Olivia had entered soon after. The old woman looked Effie over, studying her appearance, but doing so with a warm smile. "Afternoon Effie. I'll take you to see Lady Kay in a moment, but first I wanted to go over a few things with you. Formalities aren't quite her thing. Only while in the company of others. So don't be surprised if she tells you to quit bowing, to call her by name and to joi her for tea. That's another thing. She loves her Sapir tea. So get used to that. And finally, she had gone through quite an ordeal, having been captured by an evil man and tortured for months on end. Don't ask her about it, let her talk to you. She still suffers from nightmares and the occasional flashback. When those happen, you must keep all the doors open. If there are some closed, then open them slowly. That's very important." Olivia rubbed her left temple a bit. "Hopefully those will go away in time. It doesn't help to point it out. She's already aware. You'll have your own chambers nearby. She'll fill you in on her routine, as well as the lists of various officials in and around the Palace....Do you have any questions?"

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