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Character Nora Lithos




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Sacred Lotus Business Attended:
Total Threads: 4 | Total Completed: 2
1. Peace is a Process
Nora finds her way to Monastery and learns to adapt to life on the other side of the galaxy.
2. The Galactic Alliance
Nora attends a meeting, as a spectator, between a group of Mandalorians as well as other parties.
3. Rebirth
A day passes since her betrayal, but Nora isn't ready to give up yet. She takes the reins of the Order of the Sacred Lotus.
4. There Be Monsters
The Confederacy is called to Monastery to help with an overwhelming problem. As a result the Confederacy brings a presence to the planet that the Sacred Lotus has to handle.

Expeditions Performed:
Total Threads: 2 | Total Completed: 1
1. Ancient Circles
Nora gets herself involved with the Order and goes on a trip to explore a temple on Monastery.
2. Boat Behind
Nora goes to Dagobah to find sprigleaves with Nylea Apollodor.

Personal Threads and Errands:
Total Threads: 5 | Total Completed: 3
1. Golden Cage
Experiencing a case of homesickness, Nora seeks out her friend Hazel Zanteres to feel better.
2. Handshake
Nora meets Elisea Korrado by luck in the Sacred Lotus' library.
3. Natural Light
After suffering a nervous breakdown from seeing the force in use for the first time, Nora asks Nylea to explain it all to her. It wasn't as easy as one would think.
4. A Deadly Farewell
Unknowingly stepping in front of Hazel Zanteres on her way to abandon the Sacred Lotus, Nora finds herself at the brink of death as things go from worse to worst.
5. Immunize
Nora gets approached by a man looking to work with her. There were no clear indication what that meant but the Order made her go anyway as a sort of vacation.

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