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Noire Vanya Tal

Arceneau Trade Company Galactic Alliance Rep

NAME: Noire Vanya Tal
FACTION: South Systems Syndicate
RANK: Knight
AGE: Adult
GENDER: Female
EYES: Black
HAIR: Black


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Empathy -
+ Psychometry affinity -
+ Companion Cafarel training.

- Not trained to be involved in sustain fights.
- Wears no armor besides that of her Companion Glistaweb attire.
- Only knows the art of fencing and heavy blaster pistol.



Noire is a Kiffar Orian Companion that wanders the Mara Corridor. She was trained at the Oiran House on Ryloth under Danger's guidance, culturally well-educated with training in a number of areas, including psychology, music, fencing, and languages, as well as unarmed martial arts.

Contracting with a Companion earns the client 'an evening of pleasure' that goes far beyond the sexual encounter. A Companion is trained to listen, to entertain, to soothe, and even to offer advice, for they are well-versed on any variety of subjects from politics to the economy. A Companion knows traditional and contemporary dance. They are skilled musicians, schooled in literature, and stay current with all significant newsworthy events. They have a high degree of empathy and are trained in psychology, so they can understand their client's needs.

The beauty, elegance, and skills of the Companions have earned them the highest respect in social circles. There is no stigma to bringing a Companion to a party, as doing so proves you have both money and the ability to impress the Houses, whose members set very high standards. However, few Companions marry the wealthy prince and go off to live in the glittering castle. While of the social elite, Companions still exist outside society. Though a Companion is welcomed as an escort at a party, a Companion would not be so well-received as husband or wife. A Companion might commit to an exclusive, long-term contract, but that would still be a business arrangement. A Companion is encouraged to enjoy the work, but is taught to stay emotionally detached from the clientele.