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Serah Oricion

Name: Noctis

Designation: Sentient​

Homeworld: Iferetis​

Language: Telepathic​

Average height and Wingspan of adults: Body, 18 to 25 in (46 to 63 cm); Wingspan, 3.3 to 4.8 ft (1 to 1.5 m)​

Average Weight of Adults: 2 to 5.5 lbs (1 to 2.5 kg)​

Skin color: Grey​

Hair color: Feather Color is Brown or Grey or White​

Breathes: Type 1 and 2

Digestive System - These birds have an incredible digestive system. They sometimes swallow their prey whole and later regurgitate pellets composed of bone, fur, and the other unwanted parts of their meal.​
Low light Vision and Head - Their eyes are well adapted to both night and day time light thus allowing for them to be both Nocturnal and day time hunters. This as well as the ability to turn their head a full one hundred 180 degrees allows for them to scan over the area without turning their body.​

Sensitive hearing - Though they have a strong sense of hearing, strong sonic emitters and other such could cause massive brain damage from over exposure to stimulation and brain hemorrhaging.

No hands - Having no hands of any kind these creatures find innovation and advancement impossible and can hold no weapon, forcing them to use their talons and beak as weapons if needed.

Distinctions: Horned tufts atop its head along with its sense of high low light vision allowing for it to be a nocturnal predator thus giving it its name Noctis.​

Average Lifespan: 20 years​

Races: None​

Diet: Small Animals and plants​

Communication: Telepathy

Culture: These bird of Iferetes, unlike the Hirion, have been able to create a culture and society of their own, builting vast networks of nests and communities in the high and dense treetops of the Iferetes wilderness. This allows for safe reproduction and an actual philosophical and cultural species who makes up for their inability to create physical crafts with song and poems. They even have massive debates on the natures of all things and are much easier to contact that the Hirion as they are not seen as threatening to hunters and even aid them for a share of the catch.

Technology level: As wit the Hirion species, lacking the use of hands they are virtually unable to use any sort of tool what so ever and other than a nest has no form of technology at all.

General behavior: Highly cooperative, these avian creatures work with hunters to increase their catch as well as provide stimulating conversations telepathically about the world around them. Even revered for their knowledge, they are occasionally welcomed by nobles of Infereti Society, the only caste being able to have the free time to actually talk with them.

History: Having no form of writing or government it is suspected that these creatures lived on Iferetes lang before the Infereti's arrival to the planet, and are probably the oldest species on the planet, though such is unknown. Otherwise than that there is no actual history for this creature culturally, socially or politically in any sense.

Notable Player-Characters: Hydrian​

Intent: To provide yet another race for the Iferetes System and to make it an ever expansive ecosystem in its own right and allowing for a diverse world.​
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