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Kneel Before Zod
No Poodoos given

It was a sturdy Thursday night on the brand new planet of horde. Some might say they were all quite bored. But the supreme overlord had something in store. A rap battle, what was there left to ask for? They would throw down on the mike and possibly even more. So let's see where this adventure begins, why in humble night club called the Beast Pins. There would be a duel between kin, much laughs would be had along with shots of gin. But this wasn't a duel with swords or blades. This was a rap battle that was going to be totally Cra. Stepping up to the mike was no other then dredge himself, a Vong who often worried about his own health. And so it began taking a dive the Vong let his lyrics fly. And to what more towards a little droid and rob zombie looking guy.

"Uh, here it goes. Long awaited. But still dedicated." as the beat dropped the crowd went silent, all watched to see if this would get violent

"Mic breaka, life taka, more hype than any galactic faka. Been there done that, but my rhymes is still fat now up to bat still killing kats like no tit for tat smashing that stat for stat." a strong opening indeed, but we have yet to see if our hero can keep it hard like a knight on his steed. "Aint no one who can stand to me like intergalactic planetary But Frak that it's intergalactic mortuary and you two just showed up in the obituaries. For the horde straight slaying bodies and getting hotties as if they were coming straight at like naughty... By Nature straight ripping it like cyclone opening up interstellar windows and slapping you two hoes, so hit me back when you are ready for mo" A solid burn for realz, so let us see if it can heal. @[member="Break"] and everyone else

Chupa La'Roi

Chupa La'Roi, the High Emperor himself, a tall giant of a man, not some small little elf, strode up to the Vong and grabbed at the mike, an action he loved but the Vong, "he no like". His breath from the speaker arose cross the crowd, their cheers for the Vong slowly dying down. He knew it was time, with his voice he did raise, to speak lyrical rhymes to surely amaze.

"The Vong just came back from the depths of the galaxy,
Superior technology is certainly a fallacy,
If you think you've won then you've done so callously,
So sit down, shut up, and come back to reality.

The Vong and the House, we set up in peace,
No Jedi to control us, no Galactic Police,
Their territory grows but soon will decrease,
When we knock down their door and they're forced to release

So don't think you're better, we're but one and the same,
Being a Vong and a raider aint just for the fame,
We be crashing down houses, pickin up dames,
Now let's fight together, Vong and House will reclaim!"

Darth Torment

Walking into the cantina she smirked and walked up to the mic and stole it from the rest.

Taking the name up from the same
turmoil and nigtmare
given us all a scare
the generalist, Menace
Taken yo souls
stealin yo scrolls, and crons
the small time con
republic shattered
and this all doesnt matter
because we got the darkside
up yo lightside arses


Kneel Before Zod
The zombie guy's rhymes were fresh, like he was coming out of Bangladesh. However the droid and the girl was a hot mess, and they needed to put to rest. So here came dredge to show he was the best.

"If you're the law you might as well Cop out. Since you're looking like the little tea pot so short and stout. So why don't you go to your corner and go pout. What are you ten, a hen, a feather weight lighter than a pen? So i'l send my army, since you're about as threatening as barny." The pain was brought, it was hard fast and hot. So it was time dredge and his general fought

"Nightmare? You about as evil as my back hair. So don't give me that glare or even an upset stare. In fact how about you try and step to me cause and that's a dare. I've seen hares that could bring it with more flare. So I don't care since you are going up against someone with more strength than a bear." Oooooh, dredge had straight served that Doe. But when it came to Chupa, that man was a real troopa and he would team up with him as if he was king Koopa. @[member="Chupa La'Roi"] @[member="Isis Fontana"] @[member="Break"]


System Reboot
Break took the stage, His raps were so bad no one could ignore.
he took the mic shakily and slowly fell into the beat.

"Respect the law and fall to the floor.
look around dredge,you got one of two choices.
Spread cheek to Rasu, or head for the door.
You cant fight my Wub, You cant stop the voices...
You called out the Rancor, now hear me roar.
Schooled on Shaddaa.
Gemma taught me well, but rhymes are a chore.
Im goin back to my seat
Pick that mic up when your rear drive aint so sore."

@[member="Supreme Overlord Dredge"] @[member="Isis Fontana"] @[member="Chupa La'Roi"]