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Approved Tech Ninjarmor v1

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Src: Ichitakaseto of Deviantart

Intent: To create Zaiden a set of Armor really usable for his skillset
Development Thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18743-mining-on-apatros/
Manufacturer: J.A.C
Model: Ninjarmor 1
Affiliation: @[member="Penumbra"]
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Torso - Laminanium/Pyronium/Durasteel
Gauntlet - Durasteel
Bracers - Durasteel
The suit was designed and created specifically by Zaiden, with the intent to allow for a energy defense via a layer of Pyronium along the torso, as well as self repairing metals beneath.

Torso wise is where the majority of the focus went. Layers of metal allow severe defense, probably as a direct result of the fear brought from having his lower body severed and death itself. Firstly, close to the body lays a layer of Laminanium, next Durasteel followed by a coating of Pyronium. The armor is capable of repairing itself if damaged to extensively, but only as a last resort. It cannot bring back the outer layers after they're gone. As well, in many cases it will take far to long to matter; extensive damage would require multiple minutes of repair. Alongside that comes no resistance towards energy weapons, and more then one shot from a melee weapon - slug throwers etc - in any general area will destroy it beyond self repair.

Each leg bracer is a simple Durasteel coated boot, capable of stopping minor melle damage. No energy resistance to be noted.

Classification: Anti-Slugthrower, Anti-Ballistic, Self-Repairable
Weight: 41 kg
Quality: 8
Other Feature(s):
-Holonet connectable HUD

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I see that you worked the requirements of both restricted metals into the 18 post dev thread. However, we like to avoid multiple restricted materials in a single submission. The general consensus is that you would typically require two separate dev threads for such a submission. However, this could have also been broken into two or three submissions. One for the gloves, one for the bottom layer of armor, and one for the armor itself. Since the dev thread would likely have been accepted for two 'unrelated' products, I'll approve this.

Next time though, break up such a complicated submission or be prepared to do two separate development threads. And keep in mind that the self-repairing layer of armor is thin, easily punctured, and does not effect the rest of the armor.

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Yes, that does bring up the next uncomfortable point. This armor does have two restricted items. That's explicitly not allowed. And if I may offer my opinion, a lightsaber is a better anti-lightsaber material than cortosis. I'll formally request that at least one of the restricted materials - laminanium or cortosis - be removed from this armor. I'll informally suggest it be the cortosis, because there's really no point in having anti-lightsaber protection when you're going to carry a lightsaber anyway.
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Alright then. This is camo armor that can repair itself to a limited extent in combat. We've had worse things on the site, and this has already been edited to hell and back, so I'm going to approve it. However, be very careful using the fake "stealth" from this armor. If you get reported for powergaming, this submission will be pulled and revised.
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