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Approved Tech Night Saber

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-Intent: to provide a personal weapon for Arctorius
-Image Source: NA
-Cannon Link: NA
-Restricted Missons: None Needed
-Primary Source: None
Production Information:
-Manufacturer: Mandalorian Blacksmiths, Jedi, Sith Alchemy Experts,
-Model: Night Blade
-Affiliation: Arctorius
-Modularity: No
-Production: Unique
-Material: Force Imbued Alchemized Beskar, Dragite Gem,
Technical Specifications:
-Classification: Sword
-Size: Two Handed
-Length: 1.905 Meters
-Weight: 77.1 Kilograms
-Special Features:
--Lightsaber Resistent
--User can store and release pain and hatred
--Force Imbued for greater Sharpness and Lighter Weight
--Lightsaber Encased Blade
--Can Cut Through Most Materials
-Detailed Special Features: The Night Saber is a large double handed sword made entirerly out of Beskar melted down from suits of Mandalorian Armor by its Mandalorian makers. Sith Alchemy was used to make the blade even more lightsaber resistant, along with lther standard Sith Sword Abilities, and to allow the wielder to store up his hatred, and his pain and unleash them in a devestating blow filled with the power of the Darkside. Force imbument made it sharper and lighter than it would have been without it. Its Jedi makers took a lightsaber crystal and put it into the predesigned hilt, allowing the wielder to activate a plasma blade to encase the normal one, as such it can cut through most materials, as well as to allow the wielder to focus the Force through.
--Force Imbued
--Cannot be cut by Lightsabers
--Can deal blows even to enemies using lightsaber resistent materials due to its normal blade
--Darkside Prrescence: Due to Sith Alchemy used on the blade on light side force users can sense its presence
--Lightside Energy: Concentrated bursts of Lightside energy can damage or break the sword
--Due to its size, the Night Saber is almost imposible to conceal
--While it can be used with one hand if needed, it will be almost impossible to use effectively.
-Description: The Night Saber was forged during the Mandalorian Wars by a group of people stuck on the planet of Spintir. It was made as a test to se who their next leader would be, by placing it in a stone that only allowed he who should be its true owner to remove it. Arctorius was that man, and in the years since he acquired it he has put it to good use in uniting his lands. The massive blade is hard for ayone else to lift, but it is his preffered weapon due to its versatillity. The blade was made from Beskar that had been Alchemized by a Sith that had been with them, the Force Imbuement by some of their Jedi prisoners, realsing by that time that a strong leader was their best chance at escaping the planet. When its solid blade is encased in its plasma field, generated by the Dragite Gem inside its hilt, it serves as a heavier lightsaber with a solid center.
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Arctorius said:
-Length: 6 feet 4 Inches -Weight: 170 Lbs.
Could you put this in metric, please?

Other than that, very nicely made sub! Fix that and I can stamp it right away.

- [member="Arctorius"] -
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