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Nick Phoenix

Kyla Foy

Name: Nick Phoenix
Faction: One Sith
Rank: Sith Knight
Class: Sith Sorcerer
Species: Human
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7 Feet
Weight: Light enough
Eyes: Left eye is orange, right eye is blue
Hair: Short brown spiked hair
Skin: Pale
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Rank: Knight
Force Usage: Dark-side (Tainted)
Dark-Side State: Temptation (Stage 1)
High willpower: This character doesn't give up that easily, after he gets struck down he stands back up with still the same or higher will to win.
Puzzle Expert: This character is an expert in solving puzzles.
Tactician: This character is a well leveled tactician. He knows his way around the battlefield and tries to utilize it to his full potential.
A self-healer: This character has the ability to heal himself.
Experimentation for power: Within his life, the force is not his power source, creating an army does and he surely had learned along his acolyte years on how to do such a thing. Even if he like it or not.
Redeemable: Unlike the other Sith he's still redeemable to the light. It can be seen as a bad or a good thing depending on the people their eyes.

Physically Weak: This character is not a lightsaber combatant, he utilizes the force in order to fight. He does know though how to wield it, but being efficient in it is another matter.
Pacifist: This character is not a killer, he does not like killing people till he is completely corrupted by the dark-side. He can do it though since he's a great actor.
Dog Low-Class: His masters might have been a high class Sith, that does not mean there student becomes a high class as well, whenever he gets struck down, he does stand up only to get quicker struck back down to the ground.
Redeemable: Unlike the other Sith he's still redeemable to the light. It can be seen as a bad or a good thing depending on the people their eyes.

Previous master: [member="Kära Vi'dreya"] , [member="Darth Malificete"] & [member="Darth Praelior"]
Current Master: None
Test Subjects:


Name: Chantique
Age: 8
Race: Zeltron
Test Subject for: Sithspawn & Apprentice

4x Vornskr

The Trandoshan Slave
Name: Graagoo
Age: 27
Race: Trandoshan
Test Subject for: Sithspawn
Description Self-Note: This one will die for the Zeltron

Inventory Sith Alchemy

A dead Vornskr body with specially made poison claws.

Age 7 to early 13 years old

Late 13 to 17 years old

Age 18+ Real looks

Age 18+ with his sith mask everytime he disguises himself


ABY 828; The beginning

Nick Phoenix a young boy born onto the planet of Tatooine. He was born within a family, which was extremely poor. They were working for a rich family on the planet at all times, which meant that the young boy did not have a lot of time actually with his parents helping him growing up. The task was given to someone else for some time. He was at the stages when he was a baby already sensitive of the force. His weaknesses off his eyesight were helped with the force. He was together with many babies, future slaves all for the same family.

They had a certain learning process and Nick was actually the first half year far behind it. He was born far too early. It meant that he became way to small the moment he was born. The doctors had thought the boy would never survive in such a critical state, but he surely did. He was getting very sick for a long time and they thought surgery might be the best after a while. The moment the surgery wanted to be taken place, his temperature lowered. He was a few days later all better. The baby was brought home, he was so small that he had to wear doll clothes. It didn't take to long though till he already started to walk, after only two months home. The babies were not even close to it. The moment he was starting to talk, they were starting to walk.

After time he was showing in his growth that he did not become insanely tall. He stayed pretty short compared to his fellow people his age. After a while when he was four he was able to do small amounts of labor. He had to work hard for two hours, a day. There was a single thing off. The owner of the house felt a threatening in the boy. Nick was getting smarter way quicker than his sons. So the man decided to put him on a double amount of labour, a day. This caused him to work more and study less. Through out the years, he was showing some great progress in his studies. He was progressing way quicker. He was trying advance puzzles over and over again.

The moment he turned seven, a package was delivered it was for a Nick. In the package were a whole load of cards. Different creatures were on them, attached to them was a letter, "Destiny awaits", That very night there happened something strange, the owner of the house got payed to release the boy, which went in favor of the owner. He instantly took it and the boy was taken away. Nothing but the cards and his average day cloth was taken up to the planet where he would be training.
ABY 829; A sudden turn in life from slave to sith?
I have been bought by a woman called Lady Kyros. She was very nice and gave me new handmade clothes of the finest quality. She wants me to join the Sith academy. She told me to meet the day after in her dungeon near the prisons. That was the first and final day I saw her... I was relocated to another facility.
ABY 830; Soo much reading! I got a new master!
I got brought over towards Dromund Kaas, I am placed under the general roster of students and am forced to read many books. They are all too easy for me. I may not touch the Sith Knight books or I will be punished.
Dromund Kaas academy was being attacked by the Mandalorians. It was so scary. Who are those people? They were so strong and scary looking in their armor. We were sent off towards a new location.
I have gotten a new master! My new master was the apprentice of my first master! How much fun! She seems to be pretty kind but, also I think she's dead? Is that a strange thing to say about a master?
We started to train and I learned about the meaning of the code in her perspective, when I told mine, she seemed to be impressed.
My master seemed to show a high interest in my natural force ability to heal. I didn't show her at the end...
ABY 831; My first holocron!
Should I show it to my master? I have actually made my first Holocron on different discovery I did about the Sith and Jedi code. They are actually linked to each other. What if she would hate it?
ABY 832; A future sorcerer?
I have learned how to make a rock levitate in the air! I think I did well! I was so happy for that I got hit.
Saber training is starting and I keep on losing. I am no good at this.
ABY 833; The path is chosen, Sith Sorcery
I have seen lessons on the board for Sith Sorcery lessons, I have accepted the task and brought in the creatures. I have found myself now under the constant instructions of Darth Praelior. She took interest in me and took me under her wing in both Sith Alchemy and Sith Sorcery. She has an apprentice around my age. She keeps on watching me...Does she like me or is she scared of me?
The lightning lessons are very gruesome. I have yet to understand the true dark-side concept Lord Praelior told me.
What had she done to me? I felt powerful, but I was also completely gone...What had she done with me? I got an outstanding on my Force Lightning test, but my hands were utterly burned and the wall destroyed. I don't remember it at all...isn't that strange?
ABY 835; Life is all but an illusion
I have had a dream...Darth Kyros will return, but when I do not know, the force will tell me.
I have had another task and learned the use of Sith Illusions, finally a technique that I wanted.
I have helped with Darth Praelior with a Sithspawn, disgusting creature. There was also this Light alignment girl, Ophelia. What did that woman think off? She should be with the Jedi, not the Sith. Let her remain within the light.
ABY 834 The gruesome year of training
Constant training within Telekinesis within the forest allowed me to become more powerful and design my own battle style
I have obtained my first group of Vornskr, they will be used in order to practice Sith Illusions and will act as my allies, if necessary I will experiment on them.
ABY 836 An Acolyte has an apprentice? I got to protect Chantique
The Sith Academy is going well. I have been allowed to do more tasks which would allow me to gain more knowledge into becoming a Sith Sorcerer. I have gotten my hands onto a potential Acolyte, the biggest problem is Darth Praelior wants to have her now.

The battle of Manaan had gone pretty wrong...I am starting to feel strange...I want this suffering...This fear to stop. Many acolytes were once again promoted, but I stayed in the pit.
The feeling of Darth Praelior showing interest into my student makes me angered...I need to promote quickly.
The Acolyte tournament is coming and practice has to be done. I have contacted certain Marauder type Sith's in order to practice with them. One of them had seemed to be completely crazy. he wouldn't stop till he was killed. I made sure, he was unconscious otherwise it would've been a single way to death row. The other seemed far more concentrated and hard and had basic force abilities
I have joined the Acolyte Tournament, the first battle I have won, yet the battle made me feel weird. My opponent had been elected into a Sith Knight while I beat her in her own game. The tournament seemed to have been canceled after. Once again a failure.
ABY 837; The ending of the Acolyte rankings
The Sith Acolyte training is nearing the ending stages. I have been practicing in the arts of Sith Alchemy, only to protect my own student from Darth Praelior grasp. She has yet to figure out about the symbol of light placed within the tattoo of Chantique. The latest experiment was project Vornskr which had failed drastically, though I have produced a new type of poison which could be far harder to smell or recognize.
Finally gone under her grasp, I have been promoted...Time to pull out the big guns...Puzzles of the galaxy here I come!

Force list:

Force TK ■■■■■
Force Sense [SIZE=13.63636302948px]■[/SIZE][SIZE=13.63636302948px]■■[/SIZE]■■
Force Illusions [SIZE=13.63636302948px]■[/SIZE][SIZE=13.63636302948px]■[/SIZE]■■
[SIZE=13.63636302948px]Force Lightning [/SIZE][SIZE=13.63636302948px]■[/SIZE][SIZE=13.63636302948px]■■[/SIZE]■■
Sith Alchemy [SIZE=13.63636302948px]■[/SIZE][SIZE=13.63636302948px]■■[/SIZE]■■
Force Heal [SIZE=13.63636302948px]■[/SIZE][SIZE=13.63636302948px]■[/SIZE]■■



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Kara Avoyos

Princess of Kirima
Sadly Kara is tied up at the moment as far as being about to teach (and the palace is about to become less than safe), but she would help the Jedi recover a child from the Sith if asked.

Kyla Foy

Uhm I might make a new characters for all the factions based on young cuties xD
The princess, ofcourse gets the cutest character... SHE'S A PRINCESS, Like come..on!
Jedi's get -put a random freak funny name here-
The sith gets a little puzzle genius


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@[member="Kara Avoyos"] All along the WATCH TOWER, eh? Miss Sulliven ;)
@[member="Yasuo"] He was not sent to a random planet, he was sent to Yarth...though your species pronounces it wrong by calling it, Urth. My son Kal-El, will be a god amongst the Yarth-lings, he will also bring controversial nerd rants to the box office, especially with his future BFF...Benjamin Afflek! o_O

Also that would be a fun rp, play hot potato/capture the flag with the youngling xD