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Nicholas Synder

Nicholas Synder

Name: Nicholas (or Nick) Synder
Faction: N/A
Rank: N/A
Species: Human
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 178lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: White
Force Sensitive: No

Strengths and weaknesses:
As might be expected because of his upbringing, in a monastery, Nick is physically capable. He's quick on his feet, able to take physical punishment, and can dish it out in turn. He has also been taught how to defend himself, and has a keen eye for detail when it comes to the martial arts. He is also great at foraging, sewing, and hunting.

Unexpected, given his life as a monk, he has a hard time focusing. This is one of the things that he has tried to work on, but it simply hasn't come to him a s it has his brethren. Another problem comes from his life as a student at the monastery, and that revokes around technology. It isn't that he doesn't trust it, he simply doesn't go near it if he thinks he can find another way around it. This comes from a teaching that he should try to be self sufficient. As such, when attacked he is less likely to pick up a weapon from around him (with a few exceptions, mostly things that he could make himself). Another factor is that he sees the money to buy something else as money that could be spent helping those around him. As such, he is also practically perpetually poor.

Nick is a muscular man approximately five feet and nine inches tall. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. There isn't a sign of much body fat on him, mostly due to his strenuous training in the monastery. His outfits are always modest, generally cheap looking, and always something that he has made himself. His hair isn't well maintained, but always clean. He prefers to keep a good appearance, despite the fact that his clothes don't show this. Nick generally keeps a smile on his face at all times, or at least he tries to. If he can get around without shoes, he will. To him, it is just more comfortable that way. Usually, he will be seen with a pack on his back, which carries the possessions that he has. This includes material to repair his clothes

Nick's life has been relatively boring. He was found as a baby in front of a monastery, and the monks within became his family. His entire life, so far, has been based around that. He was taught their lifestyle, and taught in general by this group. The lessons that they taught were about helping others, defending those who couldn't defend themselves. To him, these seemed like the basic principles that everyone should live by. It didn't make any sense to him that there was an apparent need to teach somebody these things. He picked up on most of the things easily, though there were plenty of times when he was given extra chores because he wouldn't be paying attention to a lesson.

Of course, that never happened when it came to his defense training. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was physical effort, but he took to it quickly. Not only that, but it helped to focus his mind.

Long years passed, up until he turned twenty one. This was the time when he had to make the choice. Nick could either stay there, teaching and helping to ensure that the people who came there were alright, or he could go out on his own journey. If he left, his mission would be to spread what he had learned to a galaxy that he was told was unforgiving. He knew little about it, but he felt that it was time for him to try to spread the message. As much good as he could do there, something told him that he needed to be out and helping anyone that he could.

Seven years later, his goals haven't changed. Nick has learned a lot about the galaxy around him, learned that there were those who didn't want to listen to his message, but that only fueled him even more. He knew that it was going to be a difficult task, but he was more than willing to put in the effort.


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