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New Light Escort WIP


Intent: To phase out the Freedom-class Frigate.
Development Thread: N/A. This is an Sacheen-class light escort with slightly adjusted stats and tight look to reflect a Nebulon-B escort frigate.

Model: Balmorra-class Light Escort
Classification: Frigate
Role: Light escort, patrol, screening
Affiliation: The Galactic Republic

Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation
Modularity: None
Production: Mass-production
Material: Durasteel

Height: 90 meters
Width: 175 meters
Length: 375 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Ion turbine engines
Hyperdrive Rating:
  • Class 0.9
  • Backup Class 10
Minimum Crew:
  • 22 crew
Optimal Crew:
  • 64 crew
  • 46 gunners
  • Heavy turbolaser cannons (10)
  • Laser cannons (8)
  • Ion cannons (8)
  • 12 small starfighters
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Advanced Navcomputer equipped
  • Shield generator dome
  • Targeting systems
  • Life support systems
  • Communication systems with military-grade encryption/decryption for subspace, Holonet, and realspace transmissions
  • Sufficient amounts of escape pods
  • Sensor systems
Passenger Capacity:
  • 6
Cargo Capacity:
  • 4,0000 metric tons
  • 5 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 5

As part of a new effort to attain technological superiority in the galaxy, the Galactic Republic launched the Hope Program in 836 ABY.

The Balmorra-class light escort was the first ship created of the Hope Program. Its name came from the planet Balmorra. Ships of this class were frequently named after planets within the Colonies region.

The ship was designed by the government owned Republic Engineering Corporation. Just as with any other major project, the Republic Engineering Corporation outsourced certain parts of the ship to other companies to expedite its design and production. Kuat Drive Yards helped with the engines while other companies helped with weapon, communication, and other systems.

The ships of the Balmorra-class were the smallest ships of the Hope Program capable of extended independent operations.

While operating alone, or with only starfighter support, these ships were often used for patrol duty. When operating within a battle group, Balmorra-class ships were usually assigned to screening duty for larger capital ships, or to escort convoys of fleet tenders.

While considered a light escort, the Balmorra-class was capable of engaging other capital ships with its heavy turbolaser cannons. Yet, it normally could not sustain extended fire from a ship larger than a Heavy Cruiser without another ship absorbing its fire.


The Galactic Republic will not be offended if an individual or Minor Faction procures this ship if the following conditions are met:
  • The ship was introduced in a thread open to the entire Republic by a Galactic Republic character in a situation that would reasonably require the ship's presence.
  • The individual or Minor Faction successfully gains control of the ship in that situation, and also allows for adequate chance for Republic characters to impede their progress.
  • The ship was not, in-character, freely given or sold by a Republic character unless the Writer of such character understands just the attempts of such actions will result in their character being arrested, executed, or banished from the Republic.
If the Galactic Republic feels that any party has unfairly acquired this ship, a Role-Play Judge will be contacted.

Any Republic character is free to reasonably use this ship. Understand that this type of ship is owned strictly by the Galactic Republic's military. Attempts by Republic characters to go rogue with this ship will end with the Republic attempting to forcibly reclaim or destroy the ship.