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New Kid on the Block/Retaliation (Red Devil Cartel:OPEN)


Red Draft Cantina
Nar Shaada

[member="Zai Avery"] [member="Kitty"] [member="Marcus Collier"] @B'kik [member="Jim Pehico"]

Where was she? She didn't quite know except that she felt a pain in her side and her eyes flickered. Light surfaced past her eyelids and she grunted, pushing her palm against the slick floor. Something had happened, something wasn't right. She felt pain lancing her left side, something she'd never felt so acute before.

When she glanced down there was a red ichor flowing from the wound, no more trickling. Hala glanced around, her head awash with static and the situation began to dawn on her all over again. There had been an explosion out front, so massive it had taken out sections of the wall.

Burning speeder bikes out front were knocked over like domino and their spires of smoke rose into the dim night, mixing with the reflections of the dim orange streetlamps. Beggars Row. It was the street they were on and then she remembered it was her bar that had been under attack.


She pulled herself up onto the bar and pulled a scatter gun from beneath the bar top, locking a shell into the breach. There were bodies everywhere, some living and some dead. Some of them wore the Black Vest with the Red Devil on the back, but the ones farther out the door sported a blue spiral.

Vortex. Their oh beloved rivals.

Smoke choked her lungs as she started to pack whatever she could in napkins and cloth into the wound, jamming it deep to staunch the bleeding. When she was satisfied Hala grunted and staggered out the door to survey the damage. Ten of her guys were dead, and about twelve dead of theirs lay in the street.

The walls were pocked with bullet holes and the street littered with debris.

"Grrrrrr Kark it!"

This was a hit. Most likely done by the remnants of the Hutt Cartel on this world. They hadn’t taken kindly to the Red Devils taking the bar.

A body stirred, she glanced down, and raised an eyebrow.

A vortex patched member tried to crawl away.

"Well the Hutt's didn't like us taking the Red Draft and Beggars row eh? Then they definitely wont like like this shit."

Hala pressed the shotgun to his back, growled and pressed the trigger.

She pressed a button on her arm data pad. Comms whirled to life, recalling friends and Chapter Members alike. Before the night was out the Red Devils would exact a terrible vengeance...
Jim was inside the bar, at his reserved seat when there was a sudden explosion, Jim woke up to the sound of crackling. as he woke up, around him was a wall of fire. Luckily for himself, he hadn't gone and got himself completely drunk yet or he'd be in real trouble. after assessing the situation he was in deep trouble. he took out his comlink out of the pocket and sent a transmission to Hala.

"Yea boss-lady, I'm trapped in the bar. the roof caved and I see no immediate exit." Jim said. He wasn't panicked at all, This wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened to him. Plus he had a pretty strong buzz going to say the least.


The Attention Seeker
It wasn't as bad as Coruscant but this confounded planet did take second place as far a sensory overload was concerned. It had been a long time since she had an incident but Kitty stressed she may break the streak soon. The one fortunate benefit to the stimulus everywhere was nobody noticed the feline behind one of many bill board displays. Kitty peered through the scope of her JS-01 observing from a distance the start up bank. She felt sorry for the poor folks staking their hopes on the place. They had become Kitty's target to experiment with for Hala's new toy. On a planet where all the banks laundered the money or otherwise weren't very reputable these folks were hoping to make an honest one. Unfortunately for them their security was small enough for the Red Devil's to handle without too much issue. Kitty could handle a much larger operation alone but the goal here wasn't to assassinate people or just steal stuff it was to test stuff and that wasn't something Kitty could do alone. With the exception of her secret project she wasn't too keen on technology.

As she was analyzing the security shifts her data pad to her side lit up. Happy for an excuse to spare a glance from this tedious job she took a look. Apparently their cantina had been hit. Anger built within the Felecatian and it brought her over the tipping point. Her clothing tore as she changed shape her size dramatically increasing and taking on the form of a giant cat. She leapt to the ground on her new quadruped form her weight putting a dent and some cracks in the street she landed on. Quickly she rushed to the rendezvous. When arriving the only way one would recognize her in her new 3,000 pound 4 legged appearance would be by her similar fur color and pattern. That and art of the small was out of the question. Even those who weren't force sensitive would be able to feel the dark side of the force radiating from her like a sun, a glaring contrast from her usual hidden force presence. She was out for blood and could barely control herself as she waited for Hala to explain how they were to retaliate.

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[member="Marcus Collier"]
[member="Jim Pehico"]
[member="Hala Jast"]


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik was trying to have a nice nap when the explosion happened
He fell off the bench he was sleeping on and got up
He looked outside to see dead bodies everywhere
He looked at [member="Hala Jast"]
Just before he could say something he saw a huge cat like creature gogowa towards him
"Nekkel juuvar obwegadada"
[SIZE=11.666666030883789px]he readied his ion disruper and aimed it towards the creature [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11.666666030883789px]he hoped this would be good enough to atleast stun the beast[/SIZE]
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
Zai was arguing with a Twi'lek merchant along a seedy dock not far from The Red Draft. "Look, all I want is the shipment of blasters. You've already been paid, your shipment is 10 days late". The Twi'lek shrugged. The datapad attached to inside of Zai wrist started buzzing but he ignored it for now. "You have three more days to get us the shipment, or you can say goodbye to your precious business altogether" he said in what he hoped sounded like a menacing way. Next time he was to meet the Twi'lek he would make sure Marcus was with him.

He ducked into a nearby alley and gasped at the message. The bar had been hit by a rival gang and Hala had called all the members back to meet up. Zai unslinged a EE-4 blaster rifle from his back and ran off.

He ducked and weaved through alleys, taking the shortest route possible which involved passing through 4 different storefronts and knocking several people over. Leaving a trail of angry muttering behind him Zai arrived to Beggar's row, just outside The Red Draft.

A massive section of the front had been taken out, rubble strewn across the inside of the bar. Zai winced as he thought of the amount of work and money needed to repair that breach.

A massive cat prowled near the breach, a low growl issuing from deep in her throat. She seemed to radiate danger and doom; Zai shrinked down instinctively. The cat had a familiar look to it however, as well as a familiar grace to its walk. The cat looked over at Zai and recognition burned in her intelligent eyes.

B'kik was crouched down by a section of rubble, pointing his gun at the great feline. Zai strolled over and give the little Jawa a pat on the head, knowing it would annoy him. "Don't fire, that's Kitty and I don't think you wanna piss her off" he said nonchalantly. "Hala will be expecting us inside and I'd rather not make her wait".

Zai walked past Kitty and strolled into the wrecked bar.

~ [member="Hala Jast"] - [member="Jim Pehico"] - [member="Kitty"] - @B'kik ~


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik realised zai was right and put down his gun
He turned to zai
"Zai if baa look baa can see hala is above that body with its head seemingly everywhere"
Pointing to where hala was
"Ikee assume it was an attack by the hutts. Anyway quick question did baa get the shipment of blasters un the twi'lek"
[member="Kitty"] [member="Marcus Collier"] [member="b'kik"] [member="Ash"] [member="Zai Avery"]

They had all arrived. Hala was already waiting for them as were a small contingent of bikers nearby. She did notice Marcus was absent, and it irked her a bit. He must have had a very good reason not to be there. When Kitty rolled up her scattergun snapped to her shoulder and she roared, about to dispatch her until Zai came running up and explained the situation.

"Kark, she can do that!" Hala exclaimed. Then her attention turned towards the door. The weapons rack was just inside and she stepped past the shattered frame, hefting Disruptor Rifles and Pistols and passing them out amongst the riders. She still hadn't spoken much because she was seething so hard her body was trembling.

They had come at her, but most importantly, the folks they called her family.

When the riders closed into a circle she staunched her wound by pressing the blood soaked rags deeper in and packing it tighter.

"You all know Vortex our Rival gang works for the Hutts! You all know that we'v been neck and neck trying to control the streets adjacent to Beggars row these last few weeks. First they stole our shipments, then they killed two of our riders. Now they hit our bar and our home!"

The riders roared, whipped into a frenzy.

"I can see how some people don't want to trifle with the Hutts. Oh yes they can be scary, but not as scary as a hundred pissed off and angry Red Devils! If you are coward, nows your chance to walk. Cuz when tonight goes down, the Hutt's are gonna be scared for their lives. This war has just kicked off. Because tonight..."

"We're gonna wipe Vortex of the godkarked map!"

The Riders roared again and Hala opened her data pad with one hand, showing them two routes.

"These are their two outposts on Jade Street and Terryian Way. Both of serve as the eraly listening posts. Nothing more than some businesses. Before we we mop this lot up, we need to burn these to the ground. Group A is Kitty and I, Group B B'kik and Zai. Pick your men and roll out. When I give the signal, we launch a coordinated raid. Signal will be a flare."

She mounted her bike, pitted and beat up, sliding her scattergun into the leather sheath and pulling her flare gun loose from another holster.

"Hit em hard Devils, make them rue the day they ever crossed us!"

Her own contingent fell in behind her. Shal'Bacca the warhammer wielding Wookie, and Drexal the Rodian gunslinger. With Kitty running alongside them she was sure they'd flatten the outpost. Her amber eyes took once last glance at the devastation and her teeth gritted, turning her face into a mockery of the punisher skull.

"Ride out!"

Then they gunned it, group A taking off and swerving down side streets to hit their target. Once they reached the West edge of town, she'd shoot the flare and they'd level the outposts.


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
Something wasn't right
Why would the hutts send vortex members on such a useless mission
It was a trick to get rid of most of the red devil members who were to blind with rage to see the trick
Chances are the hutts planned loo and have already moved most assets from the vortex base and may be sending some vortex members to attack The Red Draft while most of the Red Devils are heading to Vortex base
As the Red Devils left to attack the Vortex gang B'kik yelled
"All Baa Cowards Block Off Beggers Lane. Ikee Want Baa To Setup Turret Emplacements Un Shoot Anyone Who Enters Beggers Lane Without Permission "
Sometimes having cowards is a good thing
From quite a bit a far Abyss had eyes set upon the bar, the crew and the incident and the fight that followed. Not his own, but that of one of his many agents of the smuggler moon, looking down from the rooftops through electronic binoculars. The Tainted Chorus had been monitoring the movements of the Red Devils for roughly a week now, and they had doubled their efforts since the Syndicate official went silent, leaving Nar Shaddaa without someone on top for the time. Abyss wasn't one for taking over himself, to much work for to little in return. Instead he kept his eyes and ears open to keep updated over anyone that had a chance to do so, giving him leverage should he ever be forced to make a deal, be it for war or alliance.

Calling the Red Devils important was a bit of a stretch, but his agents had noted their strong drive from the start. They still spend their time with petty little business compared to what was possible, but it was easy to see them rise to something more in the near future. The Hutts had returned pretty fast after the former power structures of the Syndicate went offline, their dirty hands reaching for whatever little piece of power they could grab. In his own slums they didn't got far, but instead of starting some stupid open street war there he had surgical removed every small bit of Hutt cancer that made the mistake of entering his turf, without taking away his option to side with them should they return to full force.

"My lord it seems that the Red Devils are about to hit several Hutt Outposts.'

Somewhere deep below Nar Shaddaa, below the glamour and elegance of the highest level, below the dirt of the slums, even below the remnants of vong infection and pre historic railroads sat a hollow metal figure, obscured by a cloak, by darkness and tons over tons of stones, steel and concrete. Darth Abyss, commonly known as the Prophet in the circles of the underworld, watched the screens in his bunker, showing a lifefeed send to him by his agent. This was most interesting, a first sign that it would be smarter to bet on the Devils then on the Hutts in this street war for the smuggler moon.

"I want two Legion battalions moved to strike distance. Reinforce the front with my acolytes. All available Inner Eye sharpshooters shall take position on vantage points around the target area. Call the Emissary to lead the charge. Wait for them to be locked in battle, then strike. Prophet out."

The husk of a man leaned back in his chair of his command center, and while his fixed expression had no muscles to reveal his feelings, his body language hinted that he was quite pleased with himself. While he rested far away from such petty fights his forces began to move to their position. The simple thugs of the Tainted Legion, indistinguishable from any random goons, his dark acolytes, young men and women with limited potential in the force shrouded in black robes, and his agents of the Inner Eye, elite soldiers that had remained at his side since the days of the One Sith. His Emissary, droid bounty hunter and chief for any diplomatic matters of the Chorus, was on his way as well to lead the attack. The plan was simple: Wait until the Hutts and the Red Devils were locked in combat, so his forces could strike from the back to erase the Hutt threat with little effort.

@B'kik [member="Hala Jast"] [member="Zai Avery"] [member="Kitty"] [member="Jim Pehico"]
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B'kik said:
"All Baa Cowards Block Off Beggers Lane. Ikee Want Baa To Setup Turret Emplacements Un Shoot Anyone Who Enters Beggers Lane Without Permission "

Zai addressed the Jawa."If you think that is necessary. I can handle one of the outposts, but keep in radio contact in case I need back up."

Most of the other crews picked the big, tough members who had a good handle on weaponry. Zai, however, had something different in mind. He gathered up 4 of the fastest thieves in the gang and moved out into his workshop in the back. While he was rummaging through his locker he contacted Hala on the comms. "Boss, this is Zai. B'kik is staying back at the base just in case Vortex come back, I'm heading on the take out the the post at Terryian Way. Zai out".

He gave a grunt of satisfaction as he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a bag full of 6 modified detonation packs (or detpacks) out from the back of the locker. Modified was an understatement; Zai had packed 5 times the regular amount of explosive into the small frame of each device.

His crew consisted of human twins named 'Alex' and 'Allie', a rodian named 'Spoon' (he had a poor grasp of Galactic Basic) and a Twilek named Koth'a. He chucked a detpack to each of the twins and motioned them to pick up scatter guns. Spoon equipped himself with a automatic blaster pistol while Koth'a readied a sniper blaster.

"The Boss has a job for us, we're to take out a Vortex listening post on Terryian way. We'll move out now, but we have one stop to make before we can cause hell". Zai Grinned mischievously.

Nikki's swoop shop was a short distance from the bar. It was in that crucial period that would determine its survival, the Bith had to figure out which of the local gangs to support and how much to give to satisfy them. Fortunately for the Devils, Nikki had decided that that he would swing his support towards the gang. Unfortunately for Nikki, he had yet to pay up.

"Nikki old pal, so good to see you again! I've come to ask you for help. " Zai said nonchalantly as his heavily armed crew strolled through the doors. The Bith was sitting behind the counter, shaking in trepidation at the sudden intrusion. "You see, I need two speeders and I need them now, no questions asked". He placed a small case onto the the counter. "I was thinking of buying the speeders from a friend of the Devils, a person who'd sell them to me at a third of the price. Know anyone who'd do that Nikki?" the Bith stared blankly at him.

Zai leaned in closer to the Bith and whispered: "They send me when they don't want blood spilled, Nikki. If you send me away now I won't be back, and I guarantee you won't like who comes next". Nikki slumped down in his seat, defeated. He motioned to the workshop out back. Zai left the case on the bench and followed the others through the double doors.

He didn't like extortion, it made him feel unclean. But it was far better than some of the bloodier methods they had to sometimes employ and Nikki would truly be better off with the Devils.

The four gang members were already working on the speeders, locking the steering system and placing two detpacks deep in the machinery of each speeder bike. Zai sent Alex and Spoon to scout out the way while he and others moved the bikes along the streets.

Shortly later, they were in position outside the listening post. "Allie, Alex, you have the speeders. Koth'a I want you up there in that apartment that shadows the post. Spoon you cover our backs".

Zai clicked on his comms unit. "Boss, it's Zai. We're in position. There are no complications and we are ready to move when the give the signal. Zai out". Now all he could do was wait.

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[member="Kitty"] [member="Zai Avery"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="B'kik"]

Outpost A, Jade Street.

Their small group stopped, just outside of range of the main shack where the Vortex members had their bikes lined up. It would be a quick pitched battle, Hala knew that much. She raised the flare gun as Zai's confirmation came into her headset and opened fire. A single lone flare ripped up into the the heavens, illuminating the rooftops and low hanging cables with a hellish orange glow.

Hala had to say nothing. The group simply opened fire. From their spots in the alleys, and some moved to rooftops. Heavy rain smashed down on the post, ripping bikers to shreds, exploding swoop bikes. Hala opened fire with her scattergun, ramming it deep into the pocket of her shoulder and using her handlebars to stabilize the thing.

Flechete rounds, white hot shredded a Voretx gang member, sending the Aqaulish down to the pavement in a spray of blood and bone.

"Heavy guns! Let 'em have it!"

Somewhere from the balcony a repeater opened up, stitching the ground as the lances of crimson energy walked in and began to obliterate sections of the structure. The steady whump whumpf of repeaters firing and disintegrating fist sized holes all around the target was heard as well. They had struck first and fast.

Surprise was a mother karker.
Now comes the counter...

"Look out Pres!"

A hand snatched Hala off her bike, throwing her to the ground. She felt air displacement, and a crackling sensation. Red hot droplets flecked her face. Then she realized she was looking at Drexal, whom had pulled her off her bike just as he took a sniper round to the chest. He slumped over, pinning her in place with his dead weight.

Other snipers opened up and the Vortex gang that were left fanned out, crawling through trash and alley ways, returning fire.

"Support! I need a hand!" Hala screamed, trying to push the three hundred pound Rodian corpse off her as tears welled up in her eyes. Drexal was her second for a long time. Now they'd really pay.


The Attention Seeker
Kitty paid little mind to her comrades pointing their guns at her. If she had noticed em and wasn't pissed off she was actually capable of speech however right now she had no words. She had tunnel vision impatient waiting for where they were to attack. She got so impatient she was about to just take off on her own and attack the location she did know of solo. Just as she was about to though Hala came out with it. Their target was some Vortex outposts. Zai was taking Terryian Way and since Kitty was apparently in group A, she'd be taking Jade street with Hala. Hala and the men she chose took off towards upon speeder bikes and Kitty followed along running with em. It they went faster than her impressive natural speed for her size she'd use the force to speed up and keep up.

Upon arrival to their target Kitty didn't just dive into the first group she saw. Her training as an assassin had her picking out priority targets on instinct but she did charge at the first priority target she saw, which came in the shape of a watch tower that likely has a few sharp shooters in it. Being the first to charge in she had the greatest advantage in the element of surprise. With massive unsheathed claws she shredded all those in her way to the tower before anyone even realized they were under attack. Pouncing onto the side of the tower her claws sunk into the durasteel and she began climbing up the thing. Blaster fire began to fly past her and by the time she had almost reached the top one hit her side. Kitty let out a deafening roar. If the whole outpost wasn't aware something was going on before they all were now. The hit wasn't enough to knock her off though and she tossed herself into the tower, the building shielding herself from the blaster fire still headed her way. Sure enough there were some sharp shooters up there. They didn't know Kitty was heading up their building though and were aiming their sights at her fellow devils. She clawed one into pieces and bit into the other one with her teeth and crushing his bones with her jaw. She'd then work her way down the tower taking out anyone in her path and upon reaching the base she would start shredding the foundation in a circle with her powerful claws. One done all it needed was a push. The giant cat headed back outside and located the largest enemy group within range of the tower. With a running start she'd launch herself into the tower her one ton and half weight being just enough to get it to start tipping. It started slowly at first but quickly picked up speed and plummeted towards the ground.

With some anger worked out Kitty's head was getting clearer and clearer. She looked back at her group to see how things were going and to evaluate where she needed to be now. Just as she located them another blaster shot hit her and again she roared. This time she had the presence of mind to put up a force shield. It took a lot out of her to put up one around her that would block all the blaster fire but she just needed it to protect her till she found her next target.

[member="Zai Avery"]
[member="Darth Abyss"]
[member="Hala Jast"]
The Prophet called, and the Emissary answered. Like his employer had command, he and the two strike teams of Abyss personal army had taken position in nearby alleyways around the outposts. The Droid had taken command over the 120 soldiers, plus additional 10 dark acolytes, that would assist the red devils in taking over the outpost in Jade Street. Strike team two would follow the same tactic, only that their assault would be lead by one of Abyss loyal elite agents of the Inner Eye. His sensors constantly kept him posted about the ongoing battle, the sharpshooters watching it begin from their vantage points above. All the members of the legion tried to keep updated on how the fight was going, and Emissary could already see them grow impatient. The Droid, for this special event dressed in the gold and black ceremonial robe given to him by the Prophet, raised his metal right.


The acolytes stood on the front, ready to be the shield of their brothers in arms. Behind them followed the Legion, the first line armed with light handguns and riotshields, the ones after them armed with simple blaster rifles. Among the first line of legion members stood a single man without a shield or weapon, in his hands the black flag, a banner showing the notorious insignia of their shadowy leader.


All of a sudden death would rain down on the vortex gang, the elite sharpshooters of the inner eye picking of anyone dumb enough to hold his head out to fire at the red devils. Mere moments later a battlecry could be heard as the Prophet's twisted army charged the enemy structure from behind, red blades and the black banner the first and last thing recognised by any thug in their way.

The Emissary himself had taken position on the back of his team, both to coordinate them and to make use of his own sniper rifle. Every shoot fired by the heavily altered war Droid was a direct hit, clearing the way for the shield of blades formed by the acolytes.

[member="Hala Jast"] [member="Kitty"] [member="Zai Avery"] @B'kik
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
Zai could see the flare arcing up into the night sky. He nodded grimly. "It's time" he said to the others. Spoon and Alex fired up the speeder bikes, leaving the engines to idle. He waited for the signal from Koth'a, to know that they hadn't been spotted. "Clear" Koth'a responded.

Zai turned the accelerator on the first speeder up to maximum and released the brake. The vehicle soared along the broken road and crashed into the storefront, just as a Vortex member opened the door. The was an almighty explosion, large enough for the shockwave to rock Zai. The store seemed to be still standing but the was a large breach in the front. Wasting no more time, Zai sent the second speeder into the building itself, this time detonating it the second it crossed the threshold. A huge ball of flame issued out of the breach of the store, but the buidling yet stood.

Zai and his team stood ready for the counter-attack, spread out along the street with blasters at the ready. But nothing moved. Zai frowned, an expression he had used far to often recently. They had definitely hit the right building, and there were definitely Vortex members inside. He could see the bodies. After several tense moments Koth'a responded over the radio "Looks clear"

Zai released a breath he didn't realise he'd even been holding, and smiled. Allie cheered while Alex shouted: "That's karma for you! You Karkers!". The two twins high-fived each other. Zai gathered up the ground team, leaving Koth'a in his position. "Looks like they are licking their wounds, but there may be some alive. We're going in". The four fanned out as they approached the breach.

"Zai, look out!" There was a large cracking sound as a huge man covered in durasteel armour ploughed through one of the weakened walls. He collided with Alex, picking up the much smaller man and throwing him to the ground. The rest of the crew opened fire, but it had no effect and the big Vortex member ignored it. He grabbed Alex's head and smashed it against the pavement.

Groaning and thrashing wildly, Alex managed to move his scatter gun up and fire. The gun was in a poor firing position however and most of the shot ricocheted off his armour. The force of the blast ripped the Vortex's helmet off and gave him a long, bloodied scratch along his cheek. The man bellowed with rage and smashed Alex's head over and over again on the ground until the smaller man no longer struggled.

Hefting the body, he swung it into Zai, who went down in a tumble. The Vortex juggernaut then charged Spoon.

~[member="Hala Jast"] - [member="Kitty"] - @B'kik - [member="Emissary"] ~


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
"This is red devil spoon requesting assistance at Terryian way. We have multiple casualties its just me and Nar Shaddaa original Zai. Why won't my blasters hurt him."
The sound of bone craking can be heard on the comms
B'kik looked at the Red Devils defending the bar
"Get m'bwa a speeda with a blaster cannon attached to it un ikee want ko grunts with m'bwa"
Once everything was ready B'kik un co went to save zai if he wasn't dead already
[member="Zai Avery"]
The second of the Prophet's strike teams had gotten into position as well. Over all the composition of the small military force was almost identical to that lead by the Emissary. The most obvious difference, besides the lack of a Droid as a leader, was the attire of the ten dark acolytes gathered at the front line. Instead of Black robes these young men and woman were shrouded mainly in tribal garments of the Nightsisters, and some even in grey or brown robes with a jedi origin. Dark jedi and witches served the Prophet as well, their blades blue, green, and yellow. Instead of a bannerman there was a zabrak warrior, a gigantic specimen standing even before the dark acolytes, his right wrapped around an axe, his left holding a shield with the insignia of the Prophet painted on the black steal. The last difference was found in the first line of the legion, two men in slightly heavier armor then their fellow soldiers, each of them wielding a Ghostmaker. These highly experimental weapons combined artificial gravity with an acidic gas into a focused stream, which could erode bones, armor and even walls.

In the ranks of the legion stood a man that had made an effort to blend in perfectly with Abyss forces. Pale Hand, at least that was his codename inside the Inner Eye, was not a sharpshooter by trait as many of his colleagues, but the Prophet's most skilled conman and infiltrator. He was neither the most skilled warrior nor tactician in the service of Abyss, but the attack had to be quickly planned and executed, so he had to fill in the role of leader for today. Through his comm he was linked to a constant stream of Intel, waiting until the Red Devils had entered into the outpost.

"Well then gentleman. Lock and Load."

The strike force moved forward, ther two warriors armed with the ghostmakers taking the lead. Behind them the rest got into formation, colorful blades coming to live while two controlled blasts of gas were launched at he wall on the back. In mere seconds a hole, large enough for the troops to enter, formed in the metal. With a loud battlecry the Zabrak warrior stormed in, the acolytes following close behind.

Hopefully the moment of surprise would be enough to help the red devils to kill the remaining vortex members. If not then the soldiers of the Prophet had a lot of cleaning up to do.

@B'kik [member="Zai Avery"] [member="Kitty"] [member="Hala Jast"]
Outpost A, Jade Street.

[member=Kitty] [member="Zai Avery"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member=B'kik]

There was a brief moment where she felt her gut sink and then two of her comrades ripped the corpse off her. The fall had reopened her wound,but Hala had no time for that. She grunted, shoving the towels she had packed in even deeper and getting the blood flow to trickle. One gloved hand latched onto her lifting her up as a legion of dark cloaked figures stormed the outpost.

Most of the shop was in shambles, and the sniper were falling from buildings thanks to [member=Emissary] 's nice handiwork. What confused her was the actual symbol they carried. were they Vortex? Or were they something else? She didn't know, but she did know that they weren't killing her guys.

Well this should be good.

She looked down, and then kicked a scattergun up into the air. It flipped end over end, rising until she snatched it, pumped it and levelled it to her shoulder.

"Kitty!" She roared, charging towards the hulking feline.

"I'm coming up!"

Then she jumped, scooped her hand around some fur and mounted Kitty's back in a daring move. Would she freak out? She didn't know, but she did know that being on her back and covering her with the scattergun was the safest of options. Especially with that force shield she had put up.

"Lead the way! I got you!"

Since they were almost finished she would mop them up, letting Kitty pick the clusters and providing support. Her bike was too smashed up to be any good now. A goon charged, Hala's scattergun levelled and she pulled the trigger. A shotgun blast of white hot shrapnel shredded his face off.

"Kill them all!"
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Zai groaned underneath Alex's limp body. The impact with the man had left Zai gasping for breath, but a quick inspection revealed that nothing was broken. He pushed the body off him, looking around for the Vortex Juggernaut.

The huge, brute of a man was crushing the Spoon's radio in his hand. This was made more unfortunate by the fact that Spoon was still holding the radio when the larger man crushed it. Spoon screamed loudly. The man left him go and the Rodian curled up into a foetal position. A blaster bolt narrowly missed the Juggernaut's exposed head. Koth'a, trying to take him out.

The juggernaut spun around, looking for the shooter and spotted Zai, who was now standing up. The man charged the younger boy, screaming in rage.

Zai took a deep breath and drew his blaster pistol. The man was 20 meters away; Zai could see a sadistic grin on the mans face. 15 meters, Zai aimed his pistol. He could hear the man's thunderous footsteps on the pavement. 10 meters; Zai could see the veins bulging from his neck. 5 meters;

Zai fired.

The man's momentum kept him plummeting towards Zai. Zai grunted as the man slammed him into a nearby wall. There was an audible cracking sound and pain lanced across Zai's body.

He laid there, breathing hard. His collarbone was broken, and he didn't have the strength to push the massive man off. Allie and Koth'a rushed over and hauled the man off him. They dragged him away from the burning building.

Minutes, or perhaps hours, passed by. Zai noticed little through the haze of pain. Allie was crying over the body of her brother, and Spoon was wailing a short distance away. Koth'a was talking to B'kik. The Jawa glanced his way and Zai thought he detected a hint of concern, but it was probably his imagination.

Another white-hot stab of pain rippled its way though Zai's shoulder and he passed out.

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